YOUR Tax Dollars At Work Helping Secretary Of State Employee Find “Tricks” On The Internet For “Rape Fantasies” – Sharice K. Odom

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Working In The Public Eye? Porn Stars, Sex Addicts,BDSM, Drugs, & Much More… Why Are They Different?


Meet Sharice Odom (Right), she was sent in to us before and after we ran our original story.

Ms. Odom is currently employed by the State of Illinois in Madison County under the Secretary of State making $38,444.22.

An interesting reader wrote in a good story on her that makes you wonder what is the $38,000 each year really paying her to do…

According to sources Ms. Odom in recent time has utilized State Owned Computer Systems to search State Owned Restricted Databases to “look up” men that she meets online.

One man wrote in and stated “I started talking to Sharice on Plenty of Fish and she wanted me to do some rape fantasy with her. She gave me her address and told me come over she would be in the bedroom naked face down”. “She later told me she used Secretary of State Records to look my name up to make sure she wasn’t being catfished”.

Catfish is defined as “lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.”

It appears Ms. Odom has had some sexual problems for years.

On June 13th, 2009 she was charged with Trespassing on Railroad Property (Class C Misdemeanor) & Public Indecency  (720 5/11-9(a)(1) Class A Misdemeanor).

Illinois Statue Defines 720 5/11-9(a)(1) now know as 720 5/11-30(a)(1) as “Any person of the age of 17 years and upwards who performs an act of sexual penetration or sexual conduct.”

Madison County States Attorney’s Office later dismissed the Public Indecency Charge and she plead guilty to the Trespassing and received a fine and court supervision.

Ms. Odom is a graduate for Springfield High School, she later attended St Louis University but never obtained any degree. She is currently employed at the Bethalto Illinois Secretary of States Drivers Services Facility.

We reached out to the Secretary of State for Comment and did not receive a reply as of time of publishing.

The Secretary of State did reply to our FOIA and stated Ms. Odom has nothing eligible for release in her personnel file. This would mean no discipline has occurred for any violations of any policy as of current time.

We attempted to reach Ms. Odom for comment, and our efforts ended with no result.

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  1. What previous article

  2. Update? Pictures ? Her contact info 🙂

    • I read both articles and i hope the best for her. My above post was a poor attempt at humor to get an update to this article.

  3. This chick gives awesome head. She twirled her tongue around the head of my stiff cock and literally begged me to squirt hot cum into her moist mouth.

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