Your Sangamon County Tax Dollars Hard At Work – Above The Law Eh?

Jerry Cronister  writes In today with this picture and quote…

So this cop is shopping while in uniform and parks in fire lane while doing so… Ridiculous!

Abuse of power eh? Guess the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Employees just do as they want, but hey we already knew that. From Shoplifting, to buying hookers, stealing plants, selling steroids, doing steroids, sleeping with inmates, raping drunk victims who call for the departments help, boy the list just goes on and on.

#Keep It Classy Springfield

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27 Comments on "Your Sangamon County Tax Dollars Hard At Work – Above The Law Eh?"

  1. John durham | July 4, 2017 at 1:30 pm | Reply

    How do they know he was shopping and not there for a shoplifter?

  2. Haha. Those lawless rebels…

  3. Did you delete the other guy’s comments because he disagreed with you?

  4. Even if the officer was shopping who cares?! The officer has the right to have a break/lunch. And good thing he is a first responder and would be allowed to park right there anyway if there was any kind of emergency in the store and has easy access to his vehicle if there was an emergency call elsewhere. Thank you to this officer for using my tax dollars to work on the 4th of July.

  5. How do you know that he’s not responding to a call?

  6. How do you know he was on his shift? Also, people who are NOT cops park in those spots all the time… where are those pictures??

  7. My husband posted a user submission about an area sex offender last week…your site says submissions go up in 24 hours…where is it? Who even runs this site? Do you not abide by your own submission standards?

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