Your Local Thief David Jacob Kimberly Is Out On Bond!!! BEWARE!!!

Remember last week we brought to you SNITCH ALERT – David Kimberly ???

The emails came pilling in on this man so lets talk about Mr. Kimberly a little.

Mr. Kimberly has been booked into the Sangamon County Jail over 20 times on charges like Reckless Driving, Illegal Consumption of Alcohol, Retail Theft, Burglary, Criminal Damage To Property, Driving Under The Influence, Failure to Comply With An Order, Domestic Battery, Possession of Drugs, Retail Theft, Violation of an Order of Protection, Theft from a building, Escape, Theft of Labor/Services, Theft, and several other charges. Most of those he also was arrested for more than one time!

David was also featured in Snitch Alert Love Circle Or Robbery Scheme?, he was accused of being a male escort in that story.

We also featured David with a blast into the future mugshot in Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Predicting The Future?

There has been a ton of emails referring to David as a “snitch”. One person alleged that even in the county jail that his snitch ass isn’t safe that’s why they keep in on the second floor as a trustee or in work release to keep him safe.

What is this mans story? Is it drugs? Is He just a criminal for life? On September 28th 2015 the state released David from jail to report to rehab. David never even showed up to rehab and they ended up revoking his bond and putting him back in jail a few days later. He then posted his $25,000 bond on 11/18/2015 and is currently out on bond.

Hey David its the holiday time security is beefed up the stores, don’t be an idiot please.

Beware of this man guys!

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7 Comments on "Your Local Thief David Jacob Kimberly Is Out On Bond!!! BEWARE!!!"

  1. He ratted out 3 of my buddies instead of doing his own time and he will get what he’s got coming to him.

  2. Mugshots get worse cause of usin

  3. I was in jail with due he’s a straight clown. Bragged about all the dope he was on and how he robbed a cab driver.

  4. N yea I was a trustee doin 45 days only made it as a trustee before I was fired and that’s exactly where David is he’s a regular there. Everyone says he’s police and the guards are all buddy buddy with him.

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