Your Local Facebook Crazy Man Is At It Again!


Hardcore real old gee, internet Ganasta Jasen Manuele is at it again!


Jasen believes he has “exposed” us… What he doesn’t realize there is multiple people behind “Springfield Exposed”

JasenManueleThreats JasenManueleThreats1

I feel sorry for this Randy guy… But to let everyone know, even if Jasen kills Randy Springfield Exposed will still be around!

You know Jasen isn’t the first to try and say we are this “Randy guy”. One of our admins here does know Randy though, as they both went to college together for criminal justice. It seems Randy went one path while our Admin went another.

Well good luck Randy hope Jasen doesn’t kill you! LMFAO. Oh and Jasen ill help you out a little, it seems Randy lives in Missouri you dumb ass take a look at his cases in Sangamon County.

You know Jasen probably loves the fame he gets off these posts, but hey atleast everyone knows how much of a creep he really is.

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3 Comments on "Your Local Facebook Crazy Man Is At It Again!"

  1. These guy Jasen has way too much time on his hands.

  2. That’s an understatement!!!

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