Women & Young Gay Men Be Warned! – Jeff Ishmael

Meet Jeff Ishmael.

Okay so we have received several emails on this man going all the way back to when we first started our website. This story is compilation of those emails, more or less a warning to save someone some future headache.

What would you do if on the first date with a man they told you “not to get the wrong impression of him just because he takes care of his appearance and grooming, cries at movies, he likes to go shopping and wears nice clothes, and he appreciates fine wine and restaurants.”?

As a woman I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions, but one woman told us “thats when the manipulation began on our very first date…. He wanted to plant that seed so if I heard any rumors about him being gay I would dispel them because small-minded people were just feeding into a stereotype since he wasn’t your typical, Menard County guy.”  RUT ROH!!!

One woman also told us she was very frank to him and told him “I was not looking for a serious relationship “.  Well she went further on to tell us “the opposite happened and our relationship moved vey quickly, He called me his soulmate!”.

Sounds great right? That’s what I thought here… Nope it gets deeper….

Apparently during an argument one day the woman told us “I grabbed his phone and verbatim the last message was “You have a piece of my heart like no other, I can’t have you so I had to go straight.” WOAH!!! She further went on that When she asked Jeff why a straight man who has a girlfriend would send something like that to another man, he said that is just how they talk to each other and that they also call each other “asshole” and “dickhead” as well. Umm something sounds a little fishy here….

It gets better though according to the woman…

“While I have access to Jeff’s phone I go to his text messages and click on the first one with a man’s name. I am bombarded with graphic pics and texts that were of a sexual nature that indicated they were hooking up, the second mans name I click on also includes pictures and this guy calls Jeff “daddy” and referenced the last time they had sex, the third man was enough- I could not look any further and saw everything I needed to see after I read- “Lol, I hope you don’t have to hide me in your closet like the last time your son came home.”

Oh shit….

Naturally the woman was lost and without Jeff knowing what she had seen  she tried to leave. According to her he tried to prevent her from leaving his house. He denied everything. He stood in front of her car door and would not let her in. She slapped him in the face and told him she knew everything and was able to finally leave.

But Mr. Jeff played the normal I’m lost without you card according to the woman begging for her back. According to the woman he sent her a text asking if they could get past this. She told him that she didn’t care if he is gay, straight, or a unicorn that he had lied and cheated on her and she could never trust him again… BUT several days later really wanting to know what happened so she could have closure she agreed to meet him to talk.

Here is the woman’s description of what happened at that “talk”..
“He told me he does not like men, he was curious and lonely after I left him for business and he started a friendship with a guy at a bar and invited him over for beers. They sat in the garage and “jacked off” and that was all they did. When I asked him about the man that had to hide in his closet which clearly indicated he was in our bed and he said it was the same thing- they just jacked off but they did not touch each other. I questioned that and said I found it hard to believe a 45 year old man that went to all the trouble of sneaking a 22 year old in his bed would not do more. He said he did not like it and kicked “the creep” out of his bed after he tried to give him oral. I asked him if he participated in high risk behaviors such as oral or anal sex because I needed to know what kind of risk I had been exposed to. He said he never touched a man and besides “he asked them all for papers (std test results).” When I asked why supposedly straight men would have papers especially if he had no intentions of having sex with them he said it was because he did not want anyone dirty in his house.”

I am so lost… This is definitely very very different…

She went on to tell us “that one of the guys was a married cop in our town”… Oh really now? This is getting even more interesting….

Now according to one woman “Jeff is very homophobic (ironic)”… What the hell? Can someone call Jerry this is too much for us here!

Ready for the real twist!?

One woman wrote “I found out Jeff had been seeking out young men in their early to mid 20’s online for years and was using Adam4Adam, Grindr, and Craigslist Casual Encounters. He was using the profile name Guinness70.”

The woman was able to make contact with one of the partners and told us,  “The most upsetting thing this guy asked me was if Jeff was really married to a woman that was dying of cancer. Jeff was a widower. It was confirmed that Jeff had been cheating on his previous wife the last 3 years of her life and used her cancer diagnosis to get sympathy from the men he hooked up with online. ” OMG….

We were told “Summing this up, lying and manipulation come as natural to this man as breathing. Jeff is a sociopath- he portrays himself as a victim, he has no guilt, he has no remorse, he was willing to risk everything to selfishly take care of his sexual needs including my health and his sons safety. He had strangers in and out of his house that he knew nothing about while his son was living with him.”.

One woman went on to tell us, “This man is vey charming and comes across as the perfect partner. Women are disposable to him and he used them as a cover to take the attention away from who he really is. I could care less if someone is gay or not. Jeff being gay is not the issue. Jeff using women and risking their health under false pretenses is what I take issue with. If what he did to me was not horrible enough, he then did his best to try and discredit me. I have never in my life had to defend my character until this nightmare called Jeff entered in my life. He had to make sure when the truth emerged about him that people would not believe it. He has been successful in some cases because he has been so creative with his lies. He has the ability to look someone unwavering in the eye and concoct a lie on the spot.”


You may know Mr. Ishmael from his position at CWLP at a Relief Operating Engineer making $85,477.81 from the City of Springfield.

Stories like this are very interesting, and hard to decide upon. It takes SEVERAL people to talk about the same person and share similar stories for us to usually consider sharing their story. We wouldn’t want just one upset ex writing into us attempting to smear their exs name. If we let that happen our inbox would never stop dinging with those submissions.

These small town stories really hit home to the people in the town because they never expect it. By sharing stories like this we hope that we possibly just save one person from the headache the people who wrote into us dealt with.

Remember this story is only a compilation of what was told to us, and should not be taken as absolute fact.

We attempted to reach out to Mr. Ishmael and over a two month time frame he failed to return our requests for comment.

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21 Comments on "Women & Young Gay Men Be Warned! – Jeff Ishmael"

  1. DrunkenDave Detzburg | May 9, 2016 at 4:53 am | Reply

    He probably didn’t comment because it’s hard to talk with a dick in your mouth.

  2. Outting a confused in the closet person could get results this page isn’t looking for.. He doesn’t have a right to treat women as he does.. But that should be the story. Not that he’s gay or bi or whatever.. Its hidden for a reason.. What if running this story leads directly to suicide? Would this page be held liable in that situation? But.. From the other side.. Maybe he will be open now?? Maybe (doubtful) this story can actually do some good.

    • Hopefully some story on this page ACTUALLY does something good… I don’t know how people can morally make money off other peoples most fucked up moments/times in their lives..

  3. Who really gives a fuck?

  4. This is ridiculous. You can’t post people’s business like this. So a couple girls were possibly cheated on. Happens everyday. You can’t out this man for being curious and maybe breaking a heart. This site is a joke and should be sued for slander!

    • Look up the definition of slander for the love of God.

      • Making false and damaging statements… Yep.

        • Slander is SPOKEN. This is not slander. Not by any means. Go ahead and sue, just get behind every other Google lawyer, idiot.

        • Okay let’s go with libel or defamation. Better? Either way your an asshat. This isn’t right and you know it. Go correct people somewhere else.

          • You’re the asshat for A) Defending this d’bag, B) for not knowing a simple simon legal term and C) being an asshat.

            Oh, and *you’re. Go take a remedial English course.

            What’s not right? Alerting the public that there are scum like this out there? That this jerk is putting people–gay, straight or otherwise–in danger because of his lack of common sense, morals, empathy, logic? Or because he deserves to be exposed? Using your logic, there would never be any shows regarding the true colors of people. Go sit and spin.

          • Observer | May 9, 2016 at 8:47 pm |

            More corrections.. Good job. He did nothing illegal and you don’t know if any of this story is true. You’re just jumping on the judgmental bus. It’s on the Internet, it must be true. Right? Sounds like Mrs. R has been cheated on and that makes all possible cheaters guilty lol.

          • Observer | May 9, 2016 at 9:00 pm |

            what makes Mrs R so sure there is any truth to this? You want everyone to be aware of jerks like this? How would you feel if it came out that there was a scorned female ex that started this whole thing for no reason?? So you are careful what you type and know the definition of slander. Good for you. Does that make you more right that the person that spelled you’re wrong?
            Besides they are right with libel and defamation. I noticed you stopped correcting on legal terms at that moment. People like you are the worst. You keep false news in the news without proof.

  5. DrunkenDave Detzburg | May 9, 2016 at 10:11 am | Reply

    the only one apparently making any money off this is the guy doing the dirty on these chicks. I agree, who cares about his sexuality, but that isn’t the point, him being a serial cheater IS. don’t forget- he’s likely lying to his male partners too.

  6. This guy has a kid. You’re fucking up both of their lives. Awful

  7. Does this affect the general public in any way? Let’s blast him bc some lady’s sore about supposedly getting cheated on. I just wasted 5minites of my day reading this lol. “Be warned” of what exactly?

  8. Who cares what this guy does privately. Blast some felons and deadbeat dads..

  9. He has a son and a family. He didnt break a law, hasnt been arrested so whats it to everyone! He is a descent human being who obviously made a mistake and now his child will have to pay the consequences of this scorned womens actions… I hope your happy with yourself. Feel better slinging someones name and career through the mud. Stay out of other peoples business!

  10. I think it’s awful what was said. Way to much information was given out for everyone to see without knowing if it’s for real. It’s very distasteful to do to someone’s life.

  11. I know this guy and the ex girlfriend. They haven’t been together for a year and heard this ridiculous story then. The poor pathetic girl needs to scoop her miserable self up and get a life outside of her parents basement.

  12. Shame on you | May 22, 2016 at 1:01 pm | Reply

    This is not right. I don’t care if he is gay, straight, or in the closet. You don’t put this out there. You are affecting more then just him. He has family, kids, parents, siblings that love him and care about him. It hurts them too. To be so self centered and scorned because you may have been lied to or cheated on that you want to destroy someones life. If you are going to say it then you need to back it up with your name. You are a coward in the way this is done. Life is messy, relationships are messy and if he was with men in there 20’s they are consenting adults. If he did lie to his wife or girlfriend then he has done nothing different then others have done to there wives or girlfriend when cheating with other women. I’m not saying it’s right but this is not justified either. I know him he and his family are good people. I have seen him cry while talking about his deceased wife. I know what it is like to loose a spouse and I know his tears where genuine. It’s also very funny that this is posted right about the same time he starts a new relationship. It’s just a women scorned. You need to worry about child molters and rapist not this.

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