Wild Woman Attacks Boyfriend & His Family! – CHRISTINA S. ROACH

Remember Christina S. Roach?? From Christina S. Roach Accused of Animal & Child Neglect! Charges Filed!!!

We were mistaken in our previous story stating Ms. Roach had no prior criminal history.

In 2012 She Pled Guilty & Got Supervision on a Battery Charge.

When we asked Ms. Roach about this incident she stated their was no evidence and the case was dropped so she had no comment.

According to the report their were some ongoing issues with her then boyfriend and on the day in question she became a “wild woman”. She started attacking the boyfriend and his family; throwing things, punching them, biting them, etc. according to police.

Click Here To Read The Full SCSO Police Report!!

Crazy… This is the same woman accused of animal and child neglect recently…

#ThrowBack Time…

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