Why is REPUBLICAN ANDY VAN METER donating money to Mike and Lisa Madigan?

Went to the Illlinois Board of elections to see if it was True, ITS TRUE!! https://illinoistimes.com/article-21054-mayoral-clash.html

Sangamon County board chairman Andy Van Meter, according to Illinois State Board of Elections records, has contributed $2,000 to Edwards, which marks the first time the chairman has contributed to a municipal candidate since he gave $250 to Ward 4 Ald. John Fulgenzi in 2014. Before that, Van Meter, according to state records, hadn’t given money to a municipal candidate since 2007, when he gave money to Tim Griffin, city council coordinator, who was then running for alderman in Ward 10.

Van Meter is a player moneywise – state records show he’s contributed more than $100,000 to candidates and political committees since 1999, and he’s been broad in his generosity. For example, Van Meter, a Republican, during the past two decades has contributed $8,750 to House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, and $2,700 to Democratic Majority, a political committee aimed at electing Democrats to the state House of Representatives.

Van Meter says it doesn’t sound right that his donations to Edwards stand apart from previous giving habits – he says he’s certain he gave money four years ago to Paul Palazzolo, the Sangamon County circuit clerk who lost the 2015 mayoral race to Langfelder, as well as various aldermanic candidates. “The data’s wrong,” Van Meter says.

Nonetheless, Van Meter says he’s for Edwards. He’s on board with Edwards’ assertions about crime. “I think crime is a problem,” Van Meter says. “It shows up as a problem on those statistical analyses that businesses looking to come in here are going to look at.”

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