Who The Hell is Maleeha Shahid aka Maleeha Khalifaa???

Meet Maleeha born in 1996! Yes that’s right she is only 19….

If you see Maleeha out at the club, run!

For our industry followers she was born on March 11, 1996! She is not 21!!!!

So who the hell is this girl???

We have received a few emails on her, nominating her for Springfield Exposed “The Dirty”!

From what was said she use to at age 18 work at the now close Tilted Kilt here in Springfield as a hostess.

According to sources they state that she is now allegedly a backpage escort working out of the Howard Johnson Motel.

We look on backpage and couldn’t find anything related to her, but that doesn’t always mean anything as the past as shown us.

So whats her story? Why do people want her to be featured in a full edition of “The Dirty”.

Fill the comment box with your stories about her, or email us at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com. She just might be the next featured on “The Dirty”.


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7 Comments on "Who The Hell is Maleeha Shahid aka Maleeha Khalifaa???"

  1. She’s a whore

  2. She’s sexy

  3. She is gorgeous. I’m about to add her on fb

  4. She’s goofy as fuck letting a dude come fuck on her when she doesn’t even have his phone number! Pathetic bitch get a life

  5. I can let you guys know that this isn’t true about her.. I was with the girl for 2 years and I know every part of what she does and she doesn’t do any of that lol this is all a lie I mean she’s not the most perfect girl in the world but she doesn’t do anythig of what you guys said she is

  6. Haha part of that i hop crew

  7. Lsfh… Isnt that true

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