Who the hell is Brittany Roegge!?

Okay so we posted about he deadbeat Fathers Right the other day, and this Brittany Roegge was the first to be nominated as a deadbeat mother, then her and her child’s father Christopher Rudolph went off on each other in our comments section.

Then at least 5 people emailed us about this Brittany.

Naturally we were like who is she?

She doesn’t have much of a criminal history at all, and has only been in the Sangamon County Jail a few times…

Then a few people wrote us telling us that she is an escort on Backpage or that she is a PIMP for Backpage, but after scrolling on there we couldn’t find her.

Also a few people said she was allegedly sleeping with her ex best friends man, she stole him for awhile then he left her.

This is definitely some Bissle Village Trailer Park Drama!

Who knows… So guys fill the comment box below with your stories about Brittany! Or email us at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com

Enjoy her mugshots!

BrittanyRoegge BrittanyRoegge1BrittanyRoegge2

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39 Comments on "Who the hell is Brittany Roegge!?"

  1. Brittany Roegge wtf lol

  2. Lol girl thats crazy…idk how ur a dead beat mom im pretty sure ur children live with you and only have you to depend on.

  3. Jessica DeWall, do you follow this page? Lol.. you’d get a kick out of it.

  4. Michael Walden Sr. Looks like you need to nominate your baby momma.

  5. This is from Chris “This is Chris Rudolph I don’t feel bad for Brittany she talked about me first and I told her to quit trying to get a pity party when she lives off her son’s ssi and I pay child support and have my son when ever she feels like trailer ark partying it up lol. Thanks for giving not only dad’s the deadbeat title”

  6. A Riverton Whore, that’s who she is!

  7. Shit talking. Drama filled whore. Stalker ass skank. Does nothing but sit at home on ssi n public aide. No reason not to work except on free cams. Cop calling turn around play victim ass bitch. Should hook up with Jasen. Perfect for each other. Fucking loser.

  8. I fucking love Brittany she’s far from a bad mom idgaf what anybody has to say she’s one of the nicest people I have met ya she’s a bitch and will beat your ass if you fuck her over but what bitch isn’t like that people need to get off their high horse and actin like they are so fucking perfect cause half y’all are the biggest bust downs I know just low key about it

    • She ain’t shit but a lying ass cunt.I’d love to see her try and beat my ass I’m 44 and I will mop that lying cheating good for nothing CUNT

  9. Awe did Brittany decide to go into hiding? Her posts are all gone…

  10. She pretends to be a good mom but will go out and party and have just anyone watch her kid, even someone she just met. Will say she will only be gone for 2 hours and it ends up being 6. Most of her friends are teenagers and sells them pot and buys them alcohol. Sorry and shit but she has children, time to act like it. Oh and on back page, she goes by a different name.

  11. Yea shes a good mom…he dad runs a marijuana dispensary in california and sends he the eax weed and tools to sell all the while shes a good mom getting link and ssi for her son and making money selling drugs…..she is not a good mom she let so called friends make meth in her trailer around her kids…..thats not good

  12. Christopher Rudolph IS a deadbeat who refuses to see his son even though she gives him the chance. Brittany Roegge hardly ever goes out she’s always with her kids and no she doesn’t let just anyone watch her kid. Her kids mean the world to her and she’s a great mom. The stories your getting are mostly bullshit.

  13. Really I was just over with my son makenzie Francis and you are no one to know anything about me ask Brittany who paid her electric and just bought diapers you don’t know Shit but one sided bs you aren’t around enough to know anything so go eat a mc Donalds menu and keep my name out of your mouth

  14. Go to the deadbeat dads post on the Springfield IL Exposed website and read brittanys apology to me after the bs your just once again worried about my business instead of finding business of your owm Makenzie Francis

  15. Showing your mature side I see. Well since you bought diapers for the first time in your child’s life I guess your father of the year now huh?

  16. And she’s never allowed meth to be made in her home her kids father Chris is the one that messes with meth she’s not with him for that reason you all are a bunch of losers and Halfl of u are probably friends w her kids dad that’s talking shit anybody who truly knows that girl knows he ain’t a bad mom she’s not a meth head and always has her kids I know damn well her sons father don’t take him I’ve been there when she’s asked him to get wipes or diapers of to spend time with him and he refuses everytime so go talk about a real dead beat parent an leave Brittany alone everything that has been said about her isn’t true and please someone find her fake name on back page

    • Bitch will ask anybody to buy diapers n wipes…y dont she get a job n buy her own diapers n wipes. She knew what she was doing when she did it but now poor me. Lmfao troys even said he hates himself for fucking her. I work n pay my taxes im sick of supporting capable ass moms. Why cant she get the fuck up and do something. Why is it always the fathers fault. Who pays her part…anybody that has a job n pays taxes is who supports this nasty lazy pos collecting food stamps n ssi. Bitch is clearly nuts to post replies back to back to herself on here. She wont ever shut the fuck up unless there is a dick in her buck tooth ass mouth.

    • Christopher Rudolph | September 17, 2015 at 4:07 pm | Reply

      This is Chris I have a pic of her doing meth bitch watch your mouth

  17. Her and aaron barker suck dick for crack together lol

  18. Lol this is just ulgy . People are so misinformed . I’m a personal friend of brittany & im just saying this is sooooooooooooo wrong.

  19. Lol Springfield exposed….Bissle Village trailer park drama tho!

  20. Get em girl that whole article is bullshit.

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