Who Is This Homewrecker!?!?!

One of our readers needs YOUR HELP!!

Who is the homewrecker pictured below?

Sorry media requirements require use to blur out the naughty parts!

Comment with the woman’s name please!


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23 Comments on "Who Is This Homewrecker!?!?!"

  1. She looks familiar but can’t figure out her name damn it!

  2. She can’t wreck a home by herself. Takes two to tango.

  3. Hmmm…why exactly is she considered a homewrecker? No story whatsoever to go with this yet you want everyone to contribute and tell you her name. Maybe you like her and want her name for yourself….

  4. Mmmmm tan boobs I can’t see……..

  5. Could be she doesn’t know there’s a home getting wrecked. Might just be that she’s talking to someone claiming to be single. Kinda of bogus to blast her picture without knowing the facts.

  6. Yep it take two , put the guy’s picture up there too , maybe he’s wreaking her home too ?

  7. I don’t approve by any means, but looks like this girl has an amazing lawsuit for defamation of character!

  8. Girl? She looks like she’s in her 40s at least

  9. Women are always so quick to call another woman a home wrecker because her man cheated. He’s just as much at fault and no I don’t know her. Lol

  10. Can’t be too hard to find her, she is green

  11. How is a female sending nudes of herself to other people/public slander/defamation of character!? It’s simple, you don’t want people to see you naked, respect yourself and don’t send pics like this out..

  12. Slander is the act of spoken known false statements. We have too many people who got their law degree from Google on here anyway.

  13. What kind of females sents naked picture of her self. .. Nobody that has respect for them selfs…and you right it takes two but in my eyes she a homewreaker just like the pos man… That’s all but still don’t know who she is….

  14. Proverbs 10:18b
    And he who spreads slander is a fool.
    Funny thing about life, you don’t need a law degree to figure out right from wrong.
    No temptation is to great to not just walk away.
    You don’t know her name, but you know what she did and place the blame on her.
    That’s slander, whether or not any of this is true.

  15. It would be libel, not slander, if you want to be technical. However in the eyes of the law she sent the picture willingly (I’m assuming here..) So she has literally no say in how the picture is used afterwards. If the cheaters wife or w/e got ahold if it by finding it on his or her so’s device… Its community property. Regardless- don’t be a douche and cheat and shit like this won’t happen. If she didn’t know the guy (again..assuming) was committed to another, its still partially on her. Don’t send nudes to someone you barely know, if at all. Smh.

  16. If I’m not mistaken I think her name may be Emily and if I am right she is married…I can’t get to her fb page to see if I’m right…she must have me blocked due to the fact that I know the person she is cheating on her husband with…try Emily Adriane…lol sorry if Im wrong

  17. I would like to enlightened u all that slander is said an libel is written good day

  18. Anyone ever figure out who this girl is??

  19. It looks like Krista Staple a drunk slut who I think works at The Corner pub and yes she is a homewrecker.

  20. Oh come on Nikki Meredith we would love to see yours. Bet you have a nice kitty !!!¡! 😉

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