Who is Ricki Diane Neisler/Viele/Capparelli?

Hey Springfield!

Oh it feels so good to be back! Boy we are so behind with your submissions too!

Meet Ricki.

So there’s been quite a few emails about Ricki here and looking at her criminal history there isn’t much of a story except the woman loves to drink.

Arrest 05/18/2014 for Misdemeanor Driving Under The Influence.
Arrested 02/20/2005 for Felony Domestic Battery.
Arrested 4/16/2004 for Misdemeanor Illegal Consumption of Alcohol By a Minor & Misdemeanor Driving on a Suspended License.
Arrested 07/05/2003 for Felony Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol & Misdemeanor Driving on a Suspended License.
Arrested 04/18/2003 for an unknown crime due to conversion statue errors.
Arrested 06/28/2001 for Misdemeanor Illegal Consumption of Alcohol By a Minor.



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8 Comments on "Who is Ricki Diane Neisler/Viele/Capparelli?"

  1. Not really sure what the point of calling people out is for. Although I can find some humor in some of these posts, is there any real news in what you guys are posting? So what, someone has a DUI or got convicted of some other crime….happens EVEY day in this city and every other city, but you guys think that posting it on here has some meaning. Hard to take you serious when this site is full of grammar errors (everyone makes mistakes but you are supposed to be “professionals”)and really nothing more that a cheaper version of some tabloid….but whatever floats your boat….like I said, some stuff on here does amuse me, but most everything else has no real purpose

    • I realize I made a grammar mistake in there, but like I said….everyone makes mistakes…but I am also not a “news” source

  2. now she knows thats her!!!!lol

  3. we wont talk about her past that she didnt go to jail for.now that is the big story!!!!where shall i start?

    • Shannon u afraid to put your full name and picture on here ??? Is that because you have no room to talk so u don’t want anybody to look at your record don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house

  4. Anything current Ricki? I mean this is day old news, uneventful and boring.

  5. so what?!?? A Dui?! It’s about time!! SHE’S A DRUNK!!! Yea, so what … A dui and ‘other crimes?? lol. Just Illegal Consumption by a minor, Driving On Suspended Drivers License, Felony Domestic Battery … And she works in a bar. See any major problems here guys ??? Wow, some will never get it … She might want to shape her shit up before those kiddies of hers have to be given up!
    … Nice Ricki Capperelli

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