Who Is Kati D. Hamilton!?!?!

Meet Kati D. Hamilton

Who is the Kati girl? Why are we getting emails on her every day? She has been turned into our snitch alert program, deadbeat mom program, & even The Dirty!!!

A simple criminal search shows nothing but traffic and a few civil issues, though she has a few mugshots including this one. Crazy part is none of her arrests netted any formal charges or convictions. Maybe its because she is an alleged drug addict/snitch as referred to in countless emails that have came in on her? One reader also wrote in and told us to check out the infamous backpage website for her ads… We don’t have her phone number and after reading the last weeks worth of ads none had a picture that looked similar to her.

Springfield what is it about this woman??? Our recommendation BEWARE! Fill the comments and our email with your Katie Stories! We will be doing a full story on her very soon!

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49 Comments on "Who Is Kati D. Hamilton!?!?!"

  1. Bahahaaaa. Karma a bitch huh gross ass hoe

  2. Someone tag her, lmao _ I sure don’t have her on my friends list cuz she can’t stand me

  3. Bahaha this is some really funny shit right here!!

  4. Omg!!!! 95 people have been in this?! What is this world coming to

  5. Downgrade yall they downgradin

  6. NO relation, repeat…NO relation

  7. If this was legit info, why did you delete her comments?

  8. And it seems like you give a fuck Dana Small. Think you need to worry about getting custody of your kid instead of what this girl is doing! And lets be honest, put your number out there…. weren’t you arrested for prostitution awhile back??

  9. I know Kati personally and she’s a great woman!! She is a wonderful mother and friend! She has her shit together unlike most people in this world!

  10. Don’t think she’s mad though boo. She just making a statement about how karma is a bitch my girl will never be mad over a manShe her child because there both right here with me. It wasn’t proustittion. Get the info right

  11. Oh her mommy must have let her have visitation today. Lhh

  12. She has her kid unless shes working lol

  13. She’s had her child all night. And every other day. She lives with me so I would know!!! So before you turn this shit onto Dana maybe you should check yourself before you start accusing shit!!!

  14. If i recall kati robbed her own mother who does that!!

  15. For one. Bitchhhhh Sarah Miller is a fake page. Kati made it so why she’s sticking up for herself hahahaha

  16. These hoes got it twisted love you Kendra and Chloe. Sam brown looks like she’s done the heroin while they’re worried about me I’ve never even seen it trick. Kati robbed her own mother on it , she would know… And if I recall Sam lives w Kati and I know Kati’s man looking ass ain’t talking about nobody being a bad mother miss. Let’s let our daughter piss herself cuz I’m too insecure to let her go inside her father’s house and pee. These bitches are mad. That’s why they’re on here. This Kati bitch ain’t even slept she’s so worried about everyone putting fed truth out there hahahahahaahah

  17. Denise Small aren’t you so proud of your daughter? Makes your parenting skills look so good lhh.

  18. This Chloe bitch is probably one of danas many fake facebooks. Dana must be back with her baby dad and don’t want her mommy and daddy to know lhh

  19. Hahahahhaah!!!! Not dana and I know I’m a bitch boo. Like I said before. Before you start assuming shit make sure the information is correct. Cause you bitch are totally wrong. Dana is not with her baby dad And that’s a fact!! So start on me bitch I can end it really fast.

  20. Kendra the only reason youare sticking up for her is bc she had a three some with her and her baby dad. Kendra if your kid hadn’t come out looking like Jeremiah you wouldn’t know who the dad is.. well which Jeremiah it would be lhh.

    • Haha you have no clue wat your talking bout ive been with my babysdad for 7 years and i havent even seen the other jeremiah in forever lmao he doesnt even live in spfld so talk some more shit about wat u dk 🙂

    • Oh but you sure was fucking them both. Bitch I know you, you ain’t fooling no one. Keep living off my bro and selling your link… while you have it

  21. Now y’all have a great thanksgiving with your miserable lives!

  22. Bahahahaah I’m dyingggg. So why she’s talking about me being a prostitute she’s really the one on backpage bahahahaha happy thanksgiving bitch.

  23. She ain’t even worth a bill an hour. Girl you really think your gonna get that… Oh my I can’t even deal TURKEY DAY SPECIALS HELL NAHHHHH. BAHAHA you bogus as hell

  24. 84 people said they slept with her. Ewwwww!

  25. This is the dumbest bullshit website I ever seen! How can u just find a mugshot of someone who was arrested on some petty ass misdemeanor and post their pic and make up some dumb ass bullshit that’s not even true!? I have known Kati for years and her father and she is a great person and a wonderful mother.. You little young ass girls need to go on somewhere this stupid shit.. All these little jealous ass lil girls need to go play barbies somewhere and leave people that you wish you was like THE FUCK ALONE!! My God!!

  26. Ohhh my Amanda Leasman why she look familiar?

  27. grow the hell up Dana Small get a life and stop being jealous of people that you will never be as good as !!!

  28. She put the wrong number on her ad. She missed out on a lot of business on Thanksgiving considering the number on the Ad is my sisters and her phone didn’t quit going off. Poor girl probably missed out on some good black Friday shopping with that mistake. I think my sister had over 50 phone calls and texts. It was really fun messing with the John’s. We appreciate the entertainment!

  29. Kati Hamilton yuckkkk

  30. #bossladybutulivewitparents | January 5, 2016 at 4:44 am | Reply

    Clearly you still haven’t got this girl off your mind. Move on already

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