Who Is Jennifer Puckett?? “#SuckItFuckIt Hoe”?

Meet Jennifer S. Puckett…

This girl has been nominated countless times for our “The Dirty”… Who the hell is she??

According to Sangamon County Court Records she doesn’t have too much of a history… Half a dozen Order of Protections, A Battery Charge, Retail Theft Charge, & a Possession of Cannabis Charge.

Readers lets hear it fill the comment box and our email ( springfieldilexposed@gmail.com ) with your Jennifer Puckett stories.

And someone please elaborate why is she referred to as “One of the Suck It, Fuck It Sisters!”.

Keep it classy Springfield!

JenniferPuckett1 JenniferPuckett2 JenniferPuckett3 JenniferPuckett4 JenniferPuckett5 JenniferPuckett6

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30 Comments on "Who Is Jennifer Puckett?? “#SuckItFuckIt Hoe”?"

  1. I think this chick is staying in the hotel i work at. Hahahha and prolly doin the same thing

  2. Oh man, I just bought her a few drinks a few weeks ago!

  3. I’m surprised no one has any stories they are willing to share

  4. Katlyn McQuern, Nicole Wilson…. Things have changed since the Skateland days!

  5. Right no life some people have

  6. Pretty Nikki Thicky I see your not dope sick today…

  7. Oh wow. Wasn’t expecting to see this as soon as i woke up.

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