Who Is Hope Rago??

Meet Hope Rago!

A TON of emails have came in recently on this Hope girl… Why?

Is it because she allegedly spray painted a house she believed be her ex’s and it was really a cops?

Is it because she has cried wolf and played the victim again so much no one believes her anymore?

Is it because she allegedly went crazy and kept stalking an ex boyfriend till he got an Order of Protection against her?

Is it because she has allegedly slept with half of Springfield? Then had to go to Colorado to allegedly sleep with half of them to only run back here?

Is it because of her pending Criminal Case here?

Is it because when people call her out she files an No Stalking Order against them?

If you know something about HOPE we want to talk to YOU for an upcoming story!

Email, Message, or comment below your Hope Rago Stories!

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32 Comments on "Who Is Hope Rago??"

  1. Wow i got raped? And this is happening

  2. I’m sorry I’m such a slut and faked all this. Please stop making fun of me I’m sorry fuck!!

  3. Laken M Zukas Kati Stover

  4. Fuck this no life having goofy bitch !! Why go to someone’s funeral when you just talk mad shit about them ! And bash his name ! STILL !!! CRAZY BITCH GET A GODDAMN LIFE YOU PATHETIC LOW LIFE CUNT! Go back to the crazy person home you dumbass ugh I can’t stand you’re bitchass your so lucky you’re so fucking lucky


  6. Nicole Smith-Fagan I’m going back to county building tomorrow.

  7. That bitch is dumb. She don’t got an op on me tho so what’s good ???

  8. I’m getting that shit reversed…watcg

  9. All black one night if she keeps fucking around!!!!!!! . You don’t speak poorly on the deceased ; PERIOD. I didn’t know mark but I never once heard anythin bad ; if she keeps at it Shit can get real.

  10. Ugly ass ran through ass nasty ass std havin ass old lady ass wrinkle ass psycho ass
    Dumbass bout to be in jail ass BITCH !!!!!!!

  11. Nicole Smith-Fagan come with me tomorrow to the county building….

  12. I’m down for whatever…. Just lmk

  13. She signed his book at the funeral ?!?!? For what bitch ?!?!? Huh ?!?! Still no answer ?!?

  14. she is a nasty bust down you can’t rape the willing sick twisted bitch took a selfie with my boys dead body then sent it to everyone saying lol I hope she likes hell heartless piece of shit

  15. Lol all so immature including you Nicole

  16. I placed an order from fee Etsy shop (www.janecandace.etsy.com) which she scammed me out of $140. She never sent the package and over a month later I’m still waiting on a refund! She’s a complete low life. I’very started a claim with PayPal hopefully they’ll refund me. Placed my order December 13, 2015. She since closed her Janecandace shop but opened http://Www.USAWoodshop.etsy.com don’t buY anything from her you won’t receive it or any responses once she’s taken your money.

  17. Meagan Meyer Nicole Smith

  18. She’s a fuckin busssssterrrrr man lbs

  19. Crack headed ass hoe rago

  20. U know what that’s what that bitch gets… I tryed to be her fucking friend and she wanted to call me fake and two faced becuz I was supposebly talking shit behind her back . I’m the type of person I’m not gonna say shit behind ur back I’m gonna say it to ur face then had the audacity to bring my kids up in an arguement. The bitch has something coming next time I find that bitch.

  21. That’s what u get hope.. U wanna talk shit bout everyone. I was the only one who teywd to be ur friend before ur ass went crazy and then started talking shit bout my family. Bitch this what u get.. Ur a washed up low life who fucks and sucks for drugs.. Ur a grown ass woman and this is where ur at. Hahahahahahaha. Jokes on u bitch…

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