Who Is Brandi Fickas!?

Meet Brandi Fickas!

Boy some interesting stories have came in, but we want your opinion! Who is she? Does she deserve to be the next on Springfield Exposed!?

Comment, message or email us your Brandi Fickas Stories!!

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89 Comments on "Who Is Brandi Fickas!?"

  1. Hey Bobbi Williams no tagging people who have allegedly had Child Sex Cases investigated by DCFS in Northern Illinois

  2. Hahaha this should be interesting ohh the stories I could tell hahahaha

  3. Lmfao I can’t do that it’s my sister that would be super bogus

  4. David Fickas no one would ever know ๐Ÿ˜‰ the emails are pouring in on her as we speak! Family always knows best!

  5. I can see the headline now… “Brother almost buys sister off infamous internet classifieds website”

  6. Lol I’m just here to see the stories I can’t say anything, would you throw your siblings under the bus?

  7. Omg!!!! That’s so fucked up but hilarious I’m good backpage bitches are nasty I’m a happily married man

  8. I truly love this page

  9. I wonder if I’ll ever make it to the infamous Springfield exposed list

  10. She’s not a bad person and def don’t deserve to be put on exposed!!

  11. Christina riley | December 14, 2015 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    They can get my daughter off that shit cause i know a lot of people i could expose

  12. Why is people always blasting some one on Facebook and people got better things to do she is not a bad person

  13. She should not be on here find other bad people I no alot of bad people

  14. That’s foul selling your body for a little bit of chump change

  15. Yea now we know who put that shit up here buch of low lifes that dont have notting better to do huh

  16. Sharon Howardwhy u talking shit u used to hang with them

  17. courtney conkrite | December 14, 2015 at 9:06 pm | Reply

    Hell ya she needs her ass exposed… She wrecked my home twice in 2 different relationships. Its like the bitch thrives to live my life…exspose that how!

  18. When I Was a teenager lhh nice one tho

  19. Grade school more like it and I got more class then to sell.my ass lhh

  20. hey David Fickas !! ThingOne Fickas sent us some good shit about you. #ExposingYourAssSoon!

  21. Sharon Howard been turned into us under the #BackPageWhoresExposed part of our website

  22. JK David Fickas we love your support! Your sis is loyal too she wont tell us shit about you ๐Ÿ™

  23. OK I admit it I’m on front page I’m a hoe but I don’t get paid

  24. Wow n Courtney she didn’t wreck ur home either yeah man did or obviously u my doin something right for him to go to her js

  25. Hey tonya aint we related

  26. And u see soon as sharron got blasted she took all her shit off here lhh

  27. Christina riley | December 14, 2015 at 9:38 pm | Reply

    Tell them ashley and i bet half them shit talking people on backpage

  28. Christina riley | December 14, 2015 at 9:40 pm | Reply

    I think we should go put some of these people on whos the hoes of springfield lol

  29. Christina riley | December 14, 2015 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    U see they aint man or woman enough to come on and talk shit tho huh

  30. I’m just curious who has the time to be a hating lil bitch n send some bs to someone to pull up a mugshot from 5 fucking years ago! Whatever she does is her mfn business .. Y’all mad or nah? Big mad lil mad? Well keep yo mad ass in that madass corner , take a seat wit the rest of the goofiess waiting for BRANDI FICKAS to give a fuck what lies y’all wanna tell today! 27 years she been alive and y’all wait til today to put your mommas panties on to TRY n start some shit? Why don’t y’all put your own panties on n show yo mfn self . Aye sis ThingOne Fickas they really mad you get more money than them! Regardless of the matter EVERBODY struggle n EVERYONE gotta eat! I’m out , LIL BITCHHHH

  31. Ur bout get exposed biotch!!!

  32. No she ain’t but got em gwaf bam!!!

  33. Ghetto converter tho???!!!!

  34. Thing one and thing two as Facebook names?? #217Problems

  35. Benji Blue aint this Dayton mom…im confused what did she do

  36. She didnt do shit Rachel Lott they on some stupid shit

  37. Bahahaha yall are all crazy how woukd yall like yalls life spread out for everyone to see like I’m sure yall ain’t always perfect and for the girl saying she slept with your mam Honey you ain’t doing something right to keep your man so that’s on you

  38. Wow then they need to take this shit down this is petty as hell couldn’t b me cuz I would sue

  39. Damnn thats bogus asf who does shit like this

  40. As much as we hate to agree with this man… Dude is sick.. BUT

  41. You got life messed up dude, we can make a trip to Dekalb chump and I’ll show all of my records, ask anyone in Dekalb about me and you’ll feel dumb as hell. If you want to know what I’ve done, call The Dekalb County Clerk and run my name dumb ass..

  42. Jasen is my sister in laws ex, and he is salt at the world because he lives with his mom in a garage and has been trying for years to ruin her life, but all he did was make her stronger. Like I said go look my record and you’ll see he’s on bs.

  43. Shannon Lee King its is our understanding it was a DCFS Investigation In Winnebago County in which the state DID NOT pick up formal charges.

  44. Never lived in Winnebago son.

  45. Sorry youll have to take that up with that appropriate agencies. Who knows maybe you travelled there to commit the alleged horrific acts.

  46. What acts, fill me in please

  47. It appears Mr. Manuele is getting the records check with him. This story isn’t about you so not our place to air your dirty laundry.

  48. Hey he said he was getting the records more power to him since yall family and al.

  49. Hey so everyone knows Shannon has no cases in that county there is a Shannon king but if u did ur homework u would find out real fast it’s not the same one

  50. Ether way I just proved there more then one Shannon king so unless u can prove this about him them I’m pretty sure it’s slander but it’s not me so Idc just wanted u to be aware of there is more then one person named Shannon king

  51. Or yea and u said they can’t get any records so how do u know that what u have said is true jw oh that’s right ur a NEWS MEDIA that take what people send to u and then u post it instead of finding out the truth before u post anything

  52. Ok then since u read the report your self date of birth of him then what’s his middle name if u read the report if there is one answer them two questions then bet it’s the wrong person

  53. Oh that’s right if there is a report u said u couldn’t get a foia report for dcfs cases so how did u read anything jw

  54. That’s fine u don’t have to but since u said u got a report what’s the date of birth for Shannon and what’s his last name

  55. Middle name not last

  56. Sounds to me like folks who fervently defend scum know they are scum and try to justify not only the accused party, but their own nefarious acts.

    Keep on keeping on, Exposed. You’ve got a fan in me.

  57. Lol i just read all these posts freakin hilarious lmao she good people tho fr fr known their family for years the things i know lol mainly about david tho lol btw props for this site love this site

  58. S11433 enough said lol thats a story for the ages

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