Who Is Bradley Paul Schroeder – Schroeder’s DJ Service – Brad Schroeder???

Meet Mr. Schroeder!

We have received a few emails on this man and his company Schroeder’s DJ Service. We’ve seen the reviews, obviously there is some very alarming issues.

What do you know about Brad? What stories do you want to share with us? All information you provide us is fully anonymous. We will NEVER share your name! Email us your Brad stories at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com ! Or comment below if you wish for them to be public.

This one is going to be an interesting story we can already tell!

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57 Comments on "Who Is Bradley Paul Schroeder – Schroeder’s DJ Service – Brad Schroeder???"

  1. I didn’t know he was ever arrested. Hmmm

  2. Don’t really know him personally but he’s pretty much been a staple in this town for years. I used him for my wedding reception 13 years ago with no issues. Never heard a bad word about him before. Y’all need to back off

  3. again it was a routine court appearance with my ex wife and I did not go, 2 months later a knock on my door…save your rumors and stories for someone else.

    • This story is NOT about your two arrest in Sangamon County. Our website does use mugshots for identification purposes when they are available.

    • Schroeder’s DJ Service it appears your memory is a little off. You were ordered to appear in court on 03/01/2007 you did not. On 03/02/2007 Honorable Judge Gramlich issued a Body Attachment for your arrest in the amount $500. In which on 03/21/2007 you were arrested and jailed on that Body Attachment order (20 days later). You posted the $500 Cash Bond and was released (later the bond was applied towards child support owed). It seems your memory is a little off this wasn’t two months later just like you seemed to have forgotten being arrested for Felony Home Invasion. We understand it was a long time ago.

  4. my lawyers are aware of prior conversation in which you said there was no story to run and the above picture is from a no show appearance from my divorce…We consider your slant as slander and we will be sending you a cease and desist letter

  5. We just used the most recent picture, we could use the previous one for Domestic Battery…

  6. I left a note on a car so you are incorrect again…My lawyers will be in touch

  7. You will have to take that up with the arresting agency. On 01/23/1997 you were arrested and JAILED on three counts. Class A Misdemeanor Domestic Battery – Insulting/Provoking Contact. Class A Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass to Residence, Class x Felony Home Invasion. From Court Records this appears to be an arrest from the City of Springfield IL Police Department. The victim was a Lorie Clark. The charges did result in you pleading GUILTY to one count of Domestic Battery while the other charges in the case (1997-CM-000234) were dismissed. You were placed on Conditional Discharge with your plea which you also VIOLATED and was sentenced to 10 days of House Arrest. I personally have not read the actual police report but I CAN say those were the charges you were ARRESTED for and JAILED on. I can say you DID later reach a plea deal with the state and took the CONVICTION of DOMESTIC BATTERY.

  8. Schroeder’s DJ Service Also lets not forget last week you were almost put in jail again on the same dispute with your Ex Wife for failing to comply with a judges order. Also last month in the same case the Judge found you in willful contempt of Court, though he did not jail you at that time. Several Judges have admonished you that you must comply with orders or be subjected to contempt and possible jail time until compliance.

    For the sake of everyone make sure you pay it in cash too when you make your monthly payment, we don’t want you writing another bad check to the county again.

  9. For the record yes this 2007 arrest was for “contempt court”. He also was arrested in 1997 for Domestic Battery, Home Invasion, amd Criminal Trespassing. But again this story and the follow-up is NOT about his criminal history from years ago. We just use mugshots for identification purposes.

  10. People who reply with “my lawyers….” have got something to hide.

    It will be fun watching this unfold. I’ll make the popcorn.

  11. It’s funny that he has money fir lawyers, yet he can’t keep up with his obligations of medical payments. I have had dealings with him in the past…..he is too funny in how he believes that he is dome sort of superpower in this town. The crap he pulled on ne was humorous because he was just completely pissed off at the fact that Michelle broke up with him and dated ne for a bit…..way back before they ever got married….I am sure that 17 years later, that it still eats him alive….lol….karma Brad, karma….pay your bills, like a good daddy should

  12. Sorry for the typos, I was laughing really hard when I was typing that…this article makes my day, week and year….lol

  13. What exactly is your motive for all of this? What do you hope to gain? That Brad no longer gets DJ gigs? Brad is not a politician, he’s not running for office…he’s a DJ! Yup, he broke the law. We ALL have skeletons. This sounds like you have a personal issue with Brad and using your “media publication” to air your grievances is in bad journalistic taste with zero integrity. Not to mention opens yourself up to libel lawsuits. Certainly hope your facts are correct and you have substantial proof of what you say. Allegations of bad service are subjective and in the course of this nonsense means nothing. I’m curious, who is this who hides behind the springfieldexposed name? The FOIA works both ways.

  14. Rebecca Nelson Nika its funny you even go there but lets address this briefly. We are an user submission based publication, our stories are done after user submissions are received on a subject matter. This story was NOTHING about Brads criminal history, nor will the actual story be about it. Brad just wanted to dispute some of the facts of his background so it was necessary to bring the truth out. I personally don’t know Brad, none of our staff have had any kind of personal/business relationship with him. This story and the follow-up is strictly because several users submitted stories about him. Our organization is not after this to have “brad no longer get DJ Gigs” what the end result of the story does in terms of public opinion on the matter is up in the air. We are publishing this in the interest of the public to share what our investigations unfolded into the alleged activities of Brad and his organization

  15. Level the playing field, what are your names? I don’t need to know your sources- who are YOU? You always know reporters names with their by lines. You hide behind a website name.

  16. Actually Rebecca FOIA applies to government agencies in an attempt to hold them accountable to the taxpayers who fund them. If you send a FOIA request to a private person or business they could ignore it with no consequences.

  17. If someone is in trouble, or has been in trouble, they serve their time or take their lumps, and then they are allowed to go on with their lives. If this guy is that bad, he’d be in jail. If he was a bad dj, don’t hire him again. You can always ask for references before you hire him. It’s kind of low bar to do this mysterious “who is he” type of story when a guy is trying to work and make a living. If you’re going to report on every bad marriage, rocky divorce and alleged domestic impropriety, are you going to report them all? I don’t get the attack on this one guy.

  18. Heather, apparently they think they are the guys from CSI or Law and Order.

  19. And PS…went to him about DJ’ing my wedding. Total jerk to me. Acted like he was God. Found another great DJ that was super nice to me & my husband & actually worked with us on our playlist. Schroeder is a toolbag.

  20. He almost ruined my niece’s wedding. The night before the wedding, when the family was at the rehearsal he leaves a message telling them he can’t make it to the wedding, because he double booked. Oops. Who does that? Not a professional. By the time they got home from the rehearsal dinner and decorating the hall, it was 11:00 p.m. Too late to call other DJ’s at the last minute. Luckily that morning, they were able to find someone who was able to DJ that day and did a wonderful job, probably better than this douche bag. When people ask about DJ’s, I always say, do NOT use Brad Schroeder. He has no ethics. To do that to a bride the night before a wedding? Terrible.

  21. Brad DJ’d my wedding 20 years ago and since has offered his services for numerous events in Auburn. He’s always been helpful and professional. Funny how I have to give my name to leave a comment but SpringfieldILExposed doesn’t have to list their contributors… 🙂

  22. As a high school senior in 1992 I was in charge of hiring a DJ for a dance. I found Brad in the phone book, he was so kind and helpful and our dance was great! I hired him for my wedding several years later. Many of my friends have hired him as well, no one has had any issues. He does a lot of free events for the town I currently live in. He suffered a stroke not real long ago and many people donated money to help him recover. I’m sorry to see so many complaints, he has always been great any time I have dealt with him!

  23. Brad is a classic bait and switch con artist. It’s unfortunate that more brides do not Google his name and see the dozens of negative reviews of his company over the years. Would Mr. Schroeder – or his lawyers – care to discuss the non-disclosure agreements that he has within the last year or so begun to require all of his clients to sign? Why would a quality DJ SERVICE require the signing of an NDA? What do you not want people to speak up about?

  24. Yes, he requires all clients to sign an NDA.

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