Who Is At Fault!? K9 Officer Left In Hot Car To DIE! – Montgomery County, IL , Sheriff’s Department

The Montgomery County, Ill., Sheriff’s Department is investigating the heat-related death of a K-9 left alone for hours in a patrol car.

Undersheriff Rick Robbins thinks that an alarm system in the car that was supposed to monitor the temperature malfunctioned. He estimates the dog was alone in the car for several hours before he was found.

“We think there were two malfunctions,” Robbins said. “One was with the vehicle and the other with the alarm that we bought.”, Says Robbins.

Robbins said when the handler left the dog and went inside the department’s office, the car was running and the air conditioning was on. At some point, the car turned off and the alarm system didn’t alert the officer that the car was overheating.

The K9 Officer, named Blitz, was about 3 years old and had served the department for a year.

“His handler is grieving,” Robbins said, adding that the dog was like the deputy’s partner.

So who is at fault here? We understand mistakes happen, but come on leaving a dog alone in a car for SEVERAL HOURS!?

If this wasn’t an officer and it was an every day citizen someone would be in jail right now…

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5 Comments on "Who Is At Fault!? K9 Officer Left In Hot Car To DIE! – Montgomery County, IL , Sheriff’s Department"

  1. What I don’t understand, and can never understand, is if this K-9 officer is well trained and considered a member of the force then why doesn’t he occupy a spot in the police station with the rest of the officers if unneeded for a call? There isn’t a place for a kennel there? This isn’t just a statement for the local PD, but for all of them. People with a pet wouldn’t leave their dog in a car all day if there’s a place inside for them, why do they? Isn’t socialization just as important for the K9 officers as it is for regular dogs? And just as a sidebar, don’t you think it would be saving the taxpayers money if they didn’t leave the cars running for hours because of this?

  2. The “responsible” officer should be charged with negligent homicide of a police dog. If an offender killed the dog they would face charges. The taxpayers are on the hook for this cops incompetence and it seriously brings into question is ability to handle his duties. At a minimum he should be suspended without pay then his pay should be garnished to cover the cost of the dog from training to burial.

  3. I doubt anyone will be charged. Nobody was charged when SPD shot and killed my brother’s dog in 2009 because the officer thought it was “coming at him aggressively.” I was there and the dog, who was very friendly, was coming up to greet him. The officer shot her in front of me, my brother and his now ex-wife. “Coming at him aggressively” my left foot.

  4. “D”. Your story is beyond sad. Our state needs to enact laws that allow for its residents to be able to sue police officers in civil courts for just this sort of bad behavior. Until a municipality is hit in its pocket book nothing changes. I am also a believer in each police officer having to pay out of there own salary civil liability insurance. Once insurance companies have to start paying they will take a harder look at the type of officers being hired. No longer will a cop be able to “hide” behind a badge and the union and should force accountability at the individual level.

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