Who is Antoinette Stubbs??? Why are MULTIPLE People Submitting her for “The Dirty”

Okay guys and girls… Who the hell is this Antoinette Stubbs, you all keep emailing us on?

I mean sure she has filed like 13OPs in the last 6 years, 4 already this year but maybe she’s got some stalkers?

She doesn’t have a criminal record at all…

We’ve read what a few have emailed us submitting her for “The Dirty” fill the comment box below or email us at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com to tell us what you know about Antoinette Stubbs!

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218 Comments on "Who is Antoinette Stubbs??? Why are MULTIPLE People Submitting her for “The Dirty”"

  1. oh karma you dirty girl

  2. Hello,

    deflation of character??

    You probably mean defamation of character… Which is of making a knowingly false statement about you. We have made no statements about you that are not true, we are seeking comment though from the readers on statements other have made about you.

    You can handle this in many ways your choice.

    We have not done anything illegal, so more power to you go ahead with your mindless threat hire an attorney who will tell you the same thing. And if you find a slum bag attorney willing to attempt to sue us, we will respond accordingly when we get the summons and complaint.

    Or there is plenty of other options…

    Your Choice.

    We wish you the best of luck.

    Springfield Exposed.

    On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 1:15 PM, Antoinette stubbs <> wrote:

    From: Antoinette stubbs <>
    Subject: You are deflation of character.

    Message Body:
    I’m a Christian mother of 3 who runs my own hair business and you have the guy who molested my daughter comment I’m dirty. Take this down or court action will be made for trying to deflation of my character

    This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Springfield IL Exposed (http://springfieldilexposed.com)

  3. Joelynda Lee Bryant lol, look who it is

  4. Christian mother lmfao…

  5. “Deflation of my character” is the winner I think

  6. If you tell people your Christian occasionally/or post it on FB it means you are, okay?? Joelynda Lee Bryant

  7. “Christian mother of 3”

    • Where does being a Christian mean you can’t post pics showing off how good she looks after 3 kids thanks to but guess that’s wrong. So her also doing modeling is wrong to cause Christians don’t do that either right?

  8. Lol she had #BabyGotBack on one of them

  9. Are you talking about this one?? Mallory Noel Falconburg

  10. Maybe Being Christian doesn’t count when your on vacay. Likes shes in all these places taking a break from her faith real quick. But now she’s back so it’s fine now.

  11. Let’s all have around of applause for the Christian mother of 3 posted up in a dressing room sticking her “babygotback” out!!

  12. She deflated her own character with her actions

  13. Lol this is going to be a juicy story I can already tell

  14. Looks like a Christian mother to me

  15. It’s always the really religious people who do the worse.

  16. Ya she came to my house to.do.my hair like 2 years ago and the whole time was tryn to.flirt w my man like bitch your here to.do.my fuckn hair not.flirt like a hoe. No one wants that flat passes round ASS!!! N then she didn even do my hair how.I wanted it.

  17. Someone tell this girl to unblock me

  18. Bitch claims she’s a model. What agency she model for??? Instagram? Gotta say mother material “American Dream” sticking ur ass out next to a bike. Just curious did the photographer take ur half naked pics for free? Because that’s not modeling “Christian mother of 3”.

  19. I’m all for exposing people who deserve it, like Jasen Manueles bitch ass…. I’m failing to see the point of this one tho…

  20. Lmao. Just because she doesn’t have a record doesn’t make her a good mom. She’s a druggie and pilled out 24/7. It’s a miracle she has custody of her kids. She accused someone of trying to molest her baby while she was actually PASSED out unconscious on drugs and alcohol and tried to start shit pressing charges when she was too fucked up to take care of it. And it wasn’t even her boyfriend. She was cheating and the baby daddy wasn’t home. She is a whore. And she will exposed for what she is.

  21. I’m not sure who is sending you emails regarding Antoinette, but she is definitely not a bad person by all means. All of her OPs are against her ex/baby’s dad who stalks and harasses her. She takes care of her kids, she doesn’t sleep around, she is one of the nicest people I know. With all due respect you should not have her on this website.

  22. Not sure about this website. Must be some type of joke if you have Antoinette Stubbs on here. It’s complete ridiculous and an insult to the good people of this world. She is the sweetest and most caring person. Definitely not someone that should be on here!!!!

  23. I heard she does hair at her house.. And rips clients off when they aren’t paying attention!?

  24. She is constantly pilled out! Please explain how she is a great mom? I’ll be waiting .. Her own family doesn’t claim her. Such a “great mom” she pulls up in her minivan with her 3 children trying to fight her own family.. How pathetic. But like I said explain how she’s a great mom & ill never say another bad word about her again

  25. I don’t see a “Christian mother” posting pictures like this. She’s a real good mom tho!! She sets a real good example… Face it people she’s a pill popping lying whore. End of discussion. Karma caught up with her ass.

  26. I don’t know her but I think she is gorgeous for one. Another thing, she may be everything you guys say, but I don’t know where the rules of Christianity are no bikini wearing. Just saying. And I’m sure she has plenty of haters.

  27. Ive known for over 6 years she was my old neighbor she is a wonderful mom who took care of all kids in the neighborhood feeding them buying coats shoes and clothing all the kids love her and came to her house when they were hungry she always had fruit for us. She taught me how to make salads and took us all to church Sunday and Wednesday.

  28. I mean I don’t even live and Illinois and I know of this girl and how much of a trainwreck she is. ☕️

  29. Why did you wait til the next DAY to take her to the hospital?

  30. Anybody EVER touches one of my kids…that’s the last f*cking thing they touch. On life, my kids are my world!

  31. Lol I was just shown her comments and it’s hilarious to me that she is that delusional, I never ever touched her child who was 14 fucking months old at the time, are you kidding me?!?! If you believe that you don’t know me period, I would never touch a child in that most disgusting way ever in my entire life, anyone who does that to a child deserves the death penalty no question about it kill all of them mfers… You need to get off my dick because you truly believe I did something like that why are still worried about if I have a “click of hoes” which I seriously have no bitches I swear to god lol I work my ass off 6 days a week don’t have time for them.. And you’ve got to be the dumbest bitch ever telling people you want to kill me on social media lol, josh is getting his ass beat the very second I see him I mean, fucking. Him. Up! He did beat me up but not even close to “beating the living shit out of me” and I won’t know how that happened when his pussy ass snuck up behind me but I’m going to show him what getting the living shit beat of you feels like I promise.. I had no marks what so ever and even came back to see if he was still there… You all can believe who ever and whatever you want just make sure you got all of the CORRECT facts is all I’m saying… And just for the record, I offered to go to the hospital and wait until the result were done but hmmm no response to that..

  32. We read the dcfs report… We belive Andrew Prince

  33. She must have blocked me stupid hoe

  34. So wait a second she said she pretended to be asleep & then she said she heard her scream and went running in her room. I’m confused lol.

  35. I’ve been blocked Joelynda Lee Bryant

  36. No mother in their right mind is going to rest and wait til the next day to take their child who was supposedly molested to the hospital. This bitch is mental. She’s a Christian women but she called someone to come beat up someone? Shut the fuck up already you pill popping, sad excuse for a mother. You’re a pathetic piece of shit who gives women a bad name. You’re dragging this man’s name through the mud cause he left your ass. I would leave you too. You can’t take care of your kids, you’re a pill popper, and you can’t do hair for shit. Your uterus sees more coat hangers than an Asian woman at the laundry center.

  37. Lhh bitch is so dumb. If she was any type of mother she wouldn’t wait till the next day to do anything. It’s because the bitch was so fucked up on pills. She was so concerned about her daughter tho right? Why weren’t the cops called immediately? Oh just use the excuse that cops are worthless most of the time. Bitch you are dumb as fuck… & damn Andrew Prince I didn’t know you had a click of hoes.. Considering you are family to Mallory’s family & I. The bitch is nasty for even making something up like this.

  38. What did she need to rest for??? Does the bitch mean sober up because she was high. Oh but let’s think she’s a good mom because she steady says she’s Christian & goes to church every Sunday but bet ur sweet ass you will find this stupid whore downtown shaking her “babygotback” on every dude that shows her attention on Saturdays!!

  39. I can’t even tell you how many times she left me at her house with her 3 kids so she could go “do someone’s hair” for 4-5 hours, not to mention was always drunk and always at the bars every weekend, entering bikini contests b/c she seriously thought she would win against Celeste Hughes and a bunch of females who actually model fuck outta here

  40. The bitch is a nothing ass bitch point blank.

  41. I don’t think she fully understands that you can’t just accuse someone of that, that could have fucked my entire life up, wouldn’t be able to get a job, sex offender, etc… Wouldn’t have even been able to have my own children like fuck…

  42. Are DCFS reports public knowledge? ….

  43. When is the story running?

  44. Mallory Noel Falconburg
    Joelynda Lee Bryant
    You see this shit??! Lmao

  45. Lmfao Mallory Noel Falconburg

  46. Bitch Andrew is like my brother I never in my life ever looked at him like that. Bitch wants to talk shit but have me blocked. Protect ur children lmfao. Andrew never touched her fuckn daughter. Where was the bitch at when the neighborhood boy fucked with ur kid?? Oh wait guys she was inside her house praying for forgiveness because she is a lying ass hoe. You are fucked up in the head and you need help.

  47. I’m done with her. Haha. I can’t even. It’s Monday morning y’all, back to work

  48. I’m getting sick of this shit

  49. I’m over sick of this shit & I’m tired of her trying to ruin your life. We know you didn’t do it Andrew. The state knows you didn’t do it. I think she’s told her story so many times she really believes it & that’s sad. For the people commenting on here calling us trash for sticking up for family can get on somewhere. I have family that’s related to her & they don’t talk to her because of the way she is. Know your facts before you open your mouth. Have a great week everyone ☺️☺️

  50. Mallory Noel Falconburg she messaged us and said we were you 🙁 oh and your a hoe lpl

  51. Are DCFS reports open for public knowledge?……

  52. I would assume with the nature of this case, the answer would be no: For anyone not involved or subject in the report, and also to those unauthorized in the viewing.

  53. Her “police report” is open records

  54. It was stated that someone had seen the DCFS reports and it strikes my curiosity as to how… That’s all

  55. Maybe her and Jasen should date.

  56. Tiffany Pryor-Wallace you know her? She goes to church at Calvary

  57. When’s the story running?

  58. Bitch has been sucking dick since a youngin. Anyone and I mean ANYONE from Springfield knows the name and knows she’s the town whore. Has been for years. Decided to start loving Jesus because the bitch needs saved, she was too late though, ho’s can’t be saved, didn’t Project Pat teach you anything? Lol

  59. Listen all you people really need to get a life! Antoinette is one of the nicest people I know and we are a lot alike. We have people who take advantage of us and talk about us and make up stories and twister is behind our back people like you are pure examples of this. By the way I’m sure I have a better degree than any of you and mallory btw your make up looks like shit. Did you know that you need to blend eye make up? Just curious. In case you want to know she does get paid for assignments and she does wonderful hair and she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Y’all need to get off her back and maybe get off her dick! Seems like she’s a little bit too much for Springfield near all just jealous. There’s two sides to every story and I promise you you all will never experience life the way that she has. So get the fuck off of her. That’s my friend and I care about her. I just got my hair done by her when I was in town from California three days ago and she wasn’t all pilled out. She was actually very pleasant and a very sweet person and beautiful person inside and out. You all need to back the fuck off

  60. Ok this is going to be fun!!!! I know this girl very well. She’s crazy! She’s a barber(stinks) model (worn out) and a fitness person on fb till she got kicked off. Now she goes by her first name then stunning…lmmfao. She’s got a firebug boyfriend that’s young as he’ll that’s also bisexual, with old men to pay for drugs. Annie targets married men milks them for money…promises of sexual favors, then when you quit paying threatens to go to your wife…your job and post on Facebook. My best friend closely escaped this! She met him at church because she hides behind being a Christian. All the while she gets messed up in front of her kids. She was involved in a accident in her Cadillac because she was messed up and not paying attention. She doesn’t report her income for so her 3 kids by 3 different guys can get state assistance. I saw her work a certain business owner till he was pulling his hair out! He almost lost everything over a girl with a habit and multiple std treatments over the years. Just wait all you horny guys….im sure she’ll end up desperate on backpage.com

  61. Nobody you know | September 8, 2017 at 8:04 pm | Reply

    Omg I had a very strange suspicion about this chick. She should be reported her not claiming her income and have public aid check out her place. She made such a big scene and a big deal on Facebook and all over Snapchat right after she got into accident. She totally overreacted. I knew this girl was howling out and it’s even worse that her boyfriend is bisexual. She think she’s some kind a Golddigger and goes on these weird trips to different places randomly, always has a sob story, steals, stays on pills and drugs, gets and I guess his fucking guys qnd do drugs around her kids! It’s not just her being crazy o diffferent she’s just a POS drug addict waste of government money….. LOL WOWWWW thank you Eli – her man sells ass? I hope they meet the right guy and he Sues for extortion . No wonder why this girl will never make it anywhere else and why no one likes her in Springfield Illinois.

  62. Snarky McSnark | September 9, 2017 at 1:12 pm | Reply

    Looking at her FB pics has INFLATED part of my character! Yowzah!

  63. Facts straight or strait | September 9, 2017 at 1:57 pm | Reply

    Yeah it’s funny no-one she’s one wierd bitch she fancy herself as a model I’m sure that junk is beat tf up

  64. Her boyfriend extorts men after he fucks you.
    Rape claims
    Sexual Abuse claims.
    Drug abuse

    Antionette Louise
    Antionette Stubbs
    Antionette Stunning
    Here you go modeling agencies!

  65. busted committe | May 29, 2018 at 10:06 pm | Reply

    Im sorry to report that this bitch lost custody over her kids (finally) is living off a settlement and is reportedly living in a po’dunk part of california. I beleive her boyfriend is fucking guys in San Francisco and this bitch is finally figuring out she is not model material after making it to California. She recently posted that she wants to be in a movie! WOWWWWWWW so I can’t wait til they hand her a porn script. Shes falling apart and its clear to see lol. From what I’ve heard and how shes come at me and others asking for shit, thinking she is slick, she deserves it or I would feel bad for her?. Go back to Springfield boo. You look busted! LOL

  66. Snarky McSnark | May 31, 2018 at 10:51 pm | Reply

    Ya know, I followed her for awhile and I never say anything negative on her page, not even once. It was always positive and motivational so i can’t much speak as to her bad character and her parenting skills, but having lived both places I CAN say this: In Springfield Illinois, she’d be considered by almost every dude I know including me to be one FINE piece of ass. Like 9/10 “Springfield Scale” In Los Angeles..she’s a nickel a dozen. Thousands of girls a week go out there with that very same idea, gonna make it big, and yep, the person who said she’d be in porno or coming home said it best, because that’s what will happen. She’s seriously like a 4/10 out there if even that. There’s just too many hot ones out there for another pretty (but aging) face to make it. She should have tried at 17-18.

  67. She is too busy hustling men and fucking them and neglecting her kids. She had kids but she’s not a real mom. She never has been! She’s the lowdown dirty whore and she needs to go back to Springfield. If she keeps fucking around somebody out in California will fucking kill her ass. And you’re right she is about a 3/10 in California…. not even close to cutting a deal to make money….. neglecting her kids to feel hot… and embarrass her sons who are getting older! 12 1314 I mean come on you got to realize that you lost custody of them but their friends can still look at pictures of you and you’re selling half nude photos of yourself online! Your lowdown piece of shit bitch. You’ll do anything for anybody just to steal. She’s gonna get her ass murdered fucking around I’m cali. Springfield isn’t shit! She’s too cracked out to see the difference!

  68. FuckingYourDad | August 10, 2018 at 4:05 am | Reply

    Oh yeah, and she is such a good mom that She leaves her little daughter along with strange men again and a Podunk town of California. She can’t afford to live in California. She travels hours and hours and hours to go to photo shoots and fuck old men! Low down dirty ass bitch. Oh and if you ever watch her videos all the girls are way hotter than her as soon as your mouth opens all the girls are laughing at her. She sounds like a fucking hick! GO HOME BITCH


  69. And yet you pimped her out to every BBC in town. Yeah, I remember you! Judge not lest ye be judged! Jesus! You were living off her check punk! Yeah, your just as a worthless piece of shit as she is! Take a look I. The mirror punk bitch! You are nothing, and neither is she! Dad?! Hahahaha, fucking shit stain!

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