Where Should Our Next Business Review Come From??

Hey Readers!

You may have noticed we started doing business reviews from around the area. Its be fun, but naturally we want to know where do you think we should go next? Good or Bad! We know not all the reviews will be good so lets hear it! Fill the comments & inboxes with your recommendations. If its going to be a bad one for us give us a heads up!

Till then lets all enjoy this nice cold beer here at New Moon Pub and Grill in Dawson! I hear their food is to die for, but I just had a big dinner so their food review will have to come later.

Lately we have been getting a lot of views on the website from the Dawson / Mechanicsburg Area (thank you guys we love the traffic, it helps pays the bills here at Non Profit Organization) so we figured we would come here and check this place out.  So far we haven’t seen any of our lovely fans who are giving us most of the free advertisement 🙁 .


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