When “Love” Makes You Blind… Angry Man Attacks Kid, Girlfriend Ignores!

This is an interesting story… We are going to leave the names out of it for this first touch on it, but in the follow up we will release the names.

What would you do is the question? Does “love” really make you blind?

This young lady is dating a man who has a questionable past. When he gets angry he gets violent to others and himself according to past police reports. They have been together on and off for many years and they are madly in “love”.

One night earlier this month one of her kids accidently hit him with a toy. Wild man snaps off and holds one of the children by their neck up off the ground.

What does the woman do? Nothing… Lets it happen… Maybe snaps on him a little bit, but does nothing and is still with the man today having him around her kids.

Whose fault is it the man who attacked the child? Or the mother that just let it slide?

According to sources writing in this mother has had some questionable issues in the past in relation to raising her children. Several DCFS investigations later she still has her kids but with a split custody with the children’s father. In past relationships it is reported that those significant others abused at least one of the children as well.

Its hard to point the finger here, but clearly the mother is condoning these actions.

More to come in our follow up when we talk in detail about this mother and her proud parenting. Also we will follow up into the past of some of these “significant others” who have not only put their hands on kids but the mother also.

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5 Comments on "When “Love” Makes You Blind… Angry Man Attacks Kid, Girlfriend Ignores!"

  1. This type of shit makes me sick. Why is it unfit parents pop out kids like its nothing, & people who would make wonderful parents are unable to carry? It’s truly sad. I couldn’t even imagine my son enduring bs. I’d be in prison. People are disgusting. Child abuse, animal abuse, & elderly abuse need harsher punishment. In my opinion (my opinion only) they need tortured. Fuck that. Assholes.

  2. Im sorry but if a man touch my child like that i would go off and would not still be with the man it doesent matter what the situation is no child should be abused that is bs on the moms part 2

  3. I think that both the mother and the boyfriend are idiots!! How can you put the “love” you have for your significant other over the safety, welfare, and unconditional love of your flesh and blood child? It’s fucked up!! Your kids depend on you and its your job to provide them with a safe and happy environment! You can be a fucked up idiot when they turn 18, until then man up and take care of the kids you brought into the world!!!!


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