When A Drunk Night Turns Into A Lesbian Showdown! Damn Camera Phones!! – Justinna L. Wideman

We have all had those drunk nights that we wake up regretting things right? Or wake up and have no idea what happened to begin with let alone regretting it yet.

Apparently a few weeks ago Justinna L. Wideman had one of those nights! Take a look at this picture sent into our office!

Notice the girl on the left? Yep she is pantless too. Yep she is a convicted hooker…
She is the girl circled in the red. Kayla Watkins of Springfield!

The girl in the green is Maria C. Stathos STOP SELLING YOUR ASS!!!!
he girl in the blue is Halei S. Brincken Back Escorting & Stripping?

Damn hookers….

Way to keep it classy Springfield!!!

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108 Comments on "When A Drunk Night Turns Into A Lesbian Showdown! Damn Camera Phones!! – Justinna L. Wideman"

  1. Can we get a tag on these two girls??? COME ON SPRINGFIELD!!!!

  2. Yes someone tag them lmao

  3. I already seen it idc anymore bet yall get in trouble when somebody commits suicide i have enough going on this shit is old Johnny howard your fat ugly ass use to stay in my inbox lhh get a life

  4. Kdubb Marie we still <3 we know you aren;t a hooker anymore!

  5. But damn those drunk nights must be hard Kdubb Marie!

  6. Kdubb Marie you got herpes? – Cierra LovinZyair Silas

  7. Justinna Lovinglife Score! Can we get an official comment? How was it? Was it a Whiskey Night? Vodka?

  8. Justinna Lovinglife girlllll!

  9. I see it fat ass mad cause he a snitch and trying to expose me tf

  10. Casey Rae – Kdubb Marie works at the food court!?! With her alleged herpes ass!?!?!? EWE!!!!

  11. Hey at least she owns up to her shit

  12. Tonya King real shit! Most would be like THAT AINT ME PROVE IT!!!

  13. Justinna Lovinglife like whatever I BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL WHAT UP BITCHES!!!!

  14. I’ve done worse bring me a bottle y we talking about it

  15. Justinna Lovinglife the question of the night… Did you pay for it?

  16. I’m dying #OwnThatShit

  17. lol I dont want to end up on a video with you… Ill pass on the bottle invite!

  18. She say vodka fisting??

  19. Never pay for shit but bills and vodka

  20. I think the real question here is Who the fuck would pay for the lady circled in the green?!?

  21. It was just us bekng goofy and drunk

  22. U ever had a cold sore? That’s herpes lol

  23. Justinna Lovinglife wait didn’t this become a threesome with the husband you are divorcing ??

  24. And Johnny Howard sent u in lhh

  25. Fuckery ….johnny got my bro in law 9 and a half years prison time so he mad cause I expose his snitch ass on a regular

  26. Apply now at Backpage.com

  27. Where is the papers on johnny being a snitch …..waiting. …waiting. ….still waiting …. Johnny Howard

  28. Lmao she only owning up to it cause she is blasted lmao

  29. Yep I’m just lying the fuck everyone. No he a pos snitch ….

  30. Mr. Eric McCawley | January 25, 2016 at 11:13 pm | Reply

    Justina your cool in my book! We all done crazy stuff I’m just glad cameras weren’t everywhere back then. Maybe check your bedroom for cell phones next time stuff gets crazy

  31. Can we see paperwork. …

  32. Her pussy look so ate up

  33. How ya pussy as dark as ya ass? U wipe back to front don’t u

  34. I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  35. It doesn’t get any nastier or trashiest then this. Justina is a nasty skank. Look how she talks and and carries herself. It

  36. Justina is straight white trash!! Thank you for covering up her angry beaver.. ol herpe burns when she peeps nasty ass spank. I bet her mother is proud of her. If I had a daughter that acted like that I would disown her. What an embarrassment she is. Justina you have been rode hard and put away wet several time. Nasty thirsty ass Bitch.. #justinausaskankwhitetrashwhore

  37. Ewww thank Gawd I didn’t have to wake up and see her monster muff.. th for covering up that nasty monkey

  38. What do the rest of the girls in the group picture have to do with this?

  39. U missed the actual posted pic someone commented without the censor. It must have been deleted or someone reported it.

  40. Nah what’s funny is Jayson Clayton Perkinton been in my inbox trying to get w me but want to talk shit lmmfao u so funny bet u have a small dick which I told u not to send

  41. Um I would.never yeah I was talking shit in ur inbox but that’s all it was , was shit. I was bored and high af!!! I already knew u were trash Justinna Wideman I just wanted to see how trashy you would go. And I must say nothing surprised me. Don’t act like I was talking to more.Then once. I deal with beautiful women you have seen the women I date. They sure as he’ll didn’t have a purple/brown pussys it was pink ya know normal colors..
    I have standards . And the other day you made a post about ppl sending Dick pics and that if anyone else sent one you were blocking them .
    And I told you I was sending you one so you would block.
    Get ur story straight

    #lies #believesherownlies

    #purplemuff #falsehoods
    #donteatthat #meatcurtains #whatsthatsmell

  42. Wow this got strange

  43. Justinna Wideman has me blocked.. Lmfao. #dead

  44. She deleted all her comments on My comment saying her pussy was that color because of tanning

  45. I won’t be that mean. I deleted that comment

  46. This only proves Johnny likes to write statements tho

  47. Lhh talking all that shit but has Johnny Howard blocked what a pussy

  48. U wasn’t saying that shit when u saw him at the pool B Mike Kinney lhh fb gangster lhh

  49. Ask him how them brass knuckles felt lol

  50. Again let’s take a moment of silence for zombie pussy

  51. Tbt for Johnny howard

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