What YOU Need To Know About Hiring A DJ???

As we have been looking into Who Is Bradley Paul Schroeder – Schroeder’s DJ Service – Brad Schroeder??? and the allegations made against him a good question was raised on what a customer needs to know about hiring a DJ.

PS Brad’s Full Story is coming VERY SOON!

Anyway so in the process of looking into Schroeder’s DJ Service we wanted to get the opinion of another local DJ Service on what they recommend for a customer to know, when looking to hire a DJ. We spoke to DJ Dave Isaacs who refused to talk about Mr. Schroeder, but gave us the following statement for our readers.

I hate the thought of anyone getting scammed on their wedding day. It really makes my blood boil when I hear the stories of people getting screwed over. You can avoid being scammed on your big day.

Here are professional tips to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dj:

1. Check online reviews for the vendor. Not every vendor will have 100% positive reviews, but if you see multiple bad reviews that all complain of the same issue, walk away. It’s not worth the risk of you being the next victim.
2. Make sure the DJ offers a written contract. NEVER give any DJ (or wedding vendor) a deposit without a written contract. Without a contract all you have done is given them a very nice present. The contract is your protection and guarantee that the DJ will follow through and be there on your wedding day.
3. When you are booking a DJ with a DJ company it is very important that you meet the DJ that will be at your wedding before you sign a contract. The DJ is going to make or break your reception. Its better to find out that DJ doesn’t mesh with you before you sign a contract as opposed to meeting him at your reception for the first time.
4. It is Important that no matter who you book for a DJ that their name is on the contract as the DJ for your event. If the contract does not specify that they will be your DJ and only states that the The DJ company will provide entertainment, do NOT sign the contract until they add their name to the contract. This will will give you the legal protection from any bait and switching.
5. Meet with multiple Djs before you make your decision. If you meet with several DJ’s it will become obvious who is and who is not a true professional. One sign will be their drastically lower prices. If a wedding vendor is charging half to a third of what all the other professionals are, there is probably a reason for that.
6. Trust your gut. If you don’t like the person, don’t book the person. You don’t get any do overs on your big day. Find wedding vendors that fit you and your vision for the day.
DJ Dave Isaacs
Owner of The Elite DJ Service

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7 Comments on "What YOU Need To Know About Hiring A DJ???"

  1. Good see our profession not be thrown under the bus. Dave and many other DJ’s here in Springfield have consistently been raising the bar. I say to the general public: “Expect More & Demand Better.” Though Dave already touched on parts of this, here is what the American Disc Jockey Association has to say about hiring a DJ for your event > http://adja.org/dj-hiring-tips/

  2. This is a well written story. Yes, Dave is one of the good guys.

  3. We booked Brad Schroeder for our wedding 8 years ago years ago and some random sucky DJ showed up. He wouldn’t play requests because he said it killed “the mood.” Schroeder is a tool.

    • Yes he is! I hired him for wedding as well and he decided it would be okay to put his advertisement sign right behind where the ceremony was taking place without permission and then refused to remove it unless I(bride) told him to remove it ( which at time was difficult due to prewedding to dos) obviously I demanded that he moved it but the fact that he even thought that would be okay, to have his advertising in all of our photos was just ridiculious. We had a few other problems as well at the end of the wedding. Never again. Nor will I ever recommend him

  4. Dave is amazing and such a nice guy too.

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