What Kind Of “Lodging” Did Alisha R. Kulek Give Illinois State Representative Arthur Turner For $3000?

AlishaKulekMeet Alisha R. Kulek of Springfield.

Meet Representative Arthur Turner (D)

Mr. Turner here has some rather interesting expenditures to Ms. Kulek for “lodging” last year.
$1000 a month for April, May, & June of 2015 for “lodging”.

Here is an interesting catch, that address “202 Bruns Crt Springfield IL 60207” Isn’t even a real address…
According to Sangamon County Tax Records Ms. Kulek does live on a “Bruns Lane Court”, but no where near a “202”.

Who is Ms. Kulek? Ahh Ms. Kulek is a Bartender/Manager at a local establishment (Butternut Hut) since 2011. This is also a frequent stop for many of our State Representatives according to records. Ms. Kulek is also a Human Resources Assistant at Illinois Educators Credit Union here in Springfield, and has been since 2006 according to records. Ms. Kulek is a local woman and graduate of Riverton High School in 2006.

According to her Indeed Profile she has “Over five years in customer service experience.”

This leaves to ask why is a State Representative paying a local bartender $1000 a month of “lodging”. Naturally he has yet to answer that question, nor has Ms. Kulek as many people have asked.

Naturally from the emails we got about on this matter its only safe to insinuate what really happened. As we look into the definition of “lodging” “…a place in which someone lives or stays temporarily…” I guess those insinuations make sense then.

Keep it classy Springfield!


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107 Comments on "What Kind Of “Lodging” Did Alisha R. Kulek Give Illinois State Representative Arthur Turner For $3000?"

  1. This is interesting, I hope it gets big

  2. “Springfield wife”. What is the mug shot from?

  3. Depends on what lodging means in thier minds. Lmao..maybe it entails favors.

  4. Apparently representatives aren’t allowed to date someone when they aren’t married?? If he’s staying at her residence then I don’t understand why it’s unreasonable for him to contribute towards bills during that stay. It’s obviously not against the law for this to take place or he wouldn’t have reported it as an expenditure. Way to try to make a situation out of nothing.

  5. Lindsay Pat Alisha Kulek

  6. And no..it doesnt entail “favors”

  7. First and foremost, I reported this because it is in fact ficticious. The illinois times published this without any facts. You should know by now that not everything you read is true. If this were true don’t you think Art would be fired and under investigation? Checks were cleared and not sent to a ficticious address, what so ever. Posting things like this can ruin peoples lives, and careers. Nothing he did was illegal what so ever and has already been investigated and cleared thanks to this piece of shit reporter who doesn’t know how to do proper research. And for our friends Sharing, and commenting for the gossip; well they can take the trash out themselves.

  8. and Springfield Exposed I get that you have a page to run and this is what you do…But, This article was untrue and now the public humiliation is out of control. She has family and friends on here, not to mention it has her job located on it and addresses. For a female, that is dangerous and I can’t imagine how she feels right now. Not okay.

  9. Apparently representatives aren’t allowed to date someone when they aren’t married?? If he’s staying at her residence then I don’t understand why it’s unreasonable for him to contribute towards bills during that stay. It’s obviously not against the law for this to take place or he wouldn’t have reported it as an expenditure. Way to try to make a situation out of nothing. Great people now have to suffer ridicule for your bullshit reports.

  10. Not to mention that mug shot was from years ago, probably years before she even got with Art; no one was ever arrested for this incident.

  11. BTY if representative Turner had stayed at routine lodging for our legislators it likely would’ve cost the state close to
    13,000 for 3 months. Thank you for saving the state money Alisha and representative Turner!!

  12. This is a pointless story

  13. Oh for fucks sake….news must be slow in Springfield today. This is pointless and starting drama that doesn’t need to started.

  14. I am soooooooo confused as to why this is even “news worthy”. This is so dumb.

  15. Springfield Exposed u r something else

  16. The moment where your a middle aged creep with nothing better to do but sit behind a computer and re-report shit that you know nothing about because your too pathetic and probably uneducated to do any actual journalism research just like the same lazy piece of shit reporter that published this in the first place… Slow clap for the internet douchebag who runs Springfield exposed …

  17. Lol Natalie Ramirez Barr! You tell em sister

  18. Probably posted it because they wanted two good looking people on here. Everyone else on here is suspect!

  19. They must be out of backpage hoes at the moment. This whole post is pathetic

  20. U guys need to delete this post it’s no factual information

  21. Really. Nothin better to do huh. LAME

  22. Wow..this is completely irrelevant…why did u even post this?

  23. Is this even a story? Lol

  24. I noticed you deleted some of your ignorant comments. How do you even have a job as a “journalist?” Your writing is a joke and you are so obviously ignorant, it’s sad. You should find a better hobby or craft, because clearly, you are lacking. Find something important to report that makes a difference instead of trying to drag people through the dirt. Scumbag.

  25. I was trying to comment on the post where this page called Alisha Kulek a hoe in response to Mandi carvers comment but now it’s gone… must have decided that comment wasn’t Wise huh?… anyways here’s my response….

    That statement is literally farther from the truth than this whole post…. she’s classy, respectable, and most definitely not a hoe. I didn’t want to get involved as none of this is any business of mine, but this I can say with complete confidence.

  26. A story about a typo made by office staff on an address lol. Yeah, that never happens to anyone else, right?

  27. You have stated these are facts based off campaign records; however you have refrained from stating the fact that they are in a relationship and have been for years so you can imply that she is a hooker? I guess refraining from the truth to make a good gossip story is more important to you as a reporter rather than to remain ethical. Absolute trash and joke.

  28. So this “story” is about a representative who used funds well within the set standard of the law to pay for his lodging at someone’s domicile while he was in town on business instead of using funds to pay for lodging at a hotel or other equivalency? Then the only thing that makes it a story is the fact that you put quotation marks around the word “lodging” and found an old DUI picture insinuating but not explicitly stating Ms. Kulek is something other than an upstanding member of the community. The whole article is pretty much slander of both parties involved and nothing more than you pushing a fishing expedition in the middle of the desert.

  29. Everyone click on post and report as spam to facebook. This person doesn’t have anything better to do in life then stir shit.

    • That won’t get it off our website but more power to you. The website is seen by upwards of 35000 people a day verse our little 6000 Facebook fans!

      • Have you noticed that all the comments are supportive of Alisha? I would think that to save face you would want to pull the article. It is very obvious that you made an error in reporting. If not in the absolute facts (since as you have pointed out there was a typo in the address) then in the tone of the article. Then in the comments you keep flip flopping about the intention of the article. This whole post reminds me of the South Park episode where cartman is trying to imply that Wendy is killing smurfs.

  30. I’ve paid 1000+ a month for lodging at hotels easily…

  31. The Day Spa does the same thing. Check out there L.P..

  32. There is absolutely no substance to this what so ever .. what a pathetic article . I really hope you realize this is already a very poor excuse of a media outlet ; literally comparable to the Enquirer but even your viewers recognize the only true thing about this article is that it was written by one of the lowest trashiest types that come from Springfield . This needs to be reported and if you have any journalistic integrity and respect you’d take it down .. But what do I expect from someone running this type of webpage . This is everything that’s wrong with today’s media . You’ve even deleted comments and blocked numerous people . Just a pathetic attempt at making something for yourself . Just a shame .

  33. This is disgusting! You are using an old picture of Alisha for something that has nothing to do with the article! So her boyfriend paid to stay at her house instead of a hotel. It’s all on the up-and up. I feel for her, this is slander at it’s finest!

  34. I think it means PARKING HIS COCK…

  35. No bitch, it’s fraud…

  36. You can’t be for real……you obviously don’t know alisha in any way, shape or form. If you did you clearly wouldn’t have posted this ludacris article! Find some sense, integrity and maybe a little knowledge; than maybe you could establish a REAL journalistic career. You and this piece of trash article are pathetic.

  37. Lol we are talking about lodging in SPRINGFIELD, IL… maybe you’re confused another town or state lol.

  38. Rachael Imlay | March 31, 2016 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    thi spage is a JOKE!!! and so is the Person who runs it!!! so are the people who feed into it!!!!

  39. Rachael Imlay | March 31, 2016 at 4:57 pm | Reply

    so at least 10 pending cases for this page including one against fb and so many of the people put on this bogus ass page

  40. How come you put up controversial articles, giving people the free will to comment their own personal opinions, and then delete and block the comments/people that put you in your feels? Just curious, because otherwise, why run a page like this if people arent all completely entitled to state their opinions without being blocked? Just for shits and gigs without any integrity? People who take their journalism seriously welcome others opinions happily amd take the punches thrown at them.

  41. So if I am reading this right from the comments. Mr. Turner paid his girlfriend $1000 a month to stay with her from his campaign funds? Then didn’t even know her address to mail the check to, so he used a fake address? Boy if that doesn’t sound fishy. Welcome to Illinois!

  42. So if he stayed at a hotel for 5 days a week, for two weeks of the month, like any other politician can.. and she stayed with him, like any other politician can.. would this still be a story? Because at $140/day that would be around $1,400.

  43. DrunkenDave Detzburg | March 31, 2016 at 5:35 pm | Reply

    The only thing I can say is, that $1000 a month is kind of pricey, considering the address and that this is Springfield, BUT.. if his campaign contributors have no problem with it and it’s not an ethics violation, hey, go for it. Personally, I’d rather hear my candidate of choice was saving as much money as possible, or perhaps covering his OWN lodging, but whatever floats your boat.

  44. I am pretty sure there are secretaries that send these checks out, making it a common mistake to put the wrong address on a envelope! I sure wish I had enough time to twist and flip a flop a story like this to post. Get a life!

  45. DrunkenDave Detzburg | March 31, 2016 at 5:37 pm | Reply

    I also don’t think this page was in error to report this, if nothing else it’s transparency, which is good. He’s a public figure entrusted with public funds, so it’s never bad to make sure our elected officials know somebody is watching.

  46. Why would this beautiful girl subject herself to being abused by this savage?

  47. Really?!? What a load of shit! First off lets get the real facts out there…. You are a premodona twat waffle and need your ass reemed by your shitty boss. Did I mention no pne likes bullies and usually has bad karma all the time. I know this girl and slandering her will not bring her down. She did graduate high school, also she holds down 2 jobs. One of your jobs is for pussies. Who did you have to blow to write shitty false articles? Ohhhh wait you wouldn’t expose nothing about yourself right? Just about everyone else. I hope the karma bus hits you hard.

  48. We got a real Columbo here. Nice journalism, ya piece of shit. Who the fuck writes this shit? Probably some trump fucks.

  49. This girls future choices
    A.Single Motherhood
    B. STD
    C. Domestic Violence Victim
    D. All of the above

    D. Is the correct answer

  50. Your a real piece of work. Just how many orders of protection have you had against you for stalking & domestic violence? From what I’ve seen, quite a few. Is that the only way you can get a date is stalking?

  51. My god this is so sad. These are two very good people who are getting their names ruined for no reason.

    Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of the truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.

  52. Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.

  53. Any political figure caught in a scandal is news. Cnn does the same thing. Harsh critics. Guess ya’ll been ‘exposed’ before?

  54. State employees and representatives are charged $70a night at hotels btw, not $140

  55. These r both 2 great people…who hasn’t been arrested once in a life time…especially when it was at such a young age. This page is getting out of hand and it shouldn’t continue. This is defamation of character.

  56. Notice that she has no pictures of the this savage on her Facebook? Even she is ashamed of what she is doing.

  57. Bruce Rushton | April 4, 2016 at 9:33 pm | Reply

    Just stumbled across this.

    I am, frankly, not a fan of this website, but, since my journalistic integrity has been called into question here, allow me to explain.

    Both Mr. Turner and Ms. Kulek were given ample opportunity to respond to questions prior to publication. Neither chose to do so. Whether they are involved romantically is, so far as I am concerned, immaterial. I am interested in the money.

    Mr. Turner submitted disclosure reports that were inaccurate–that is a significant part of the bottom line. Beyond this, Mr Turner is eligible to receive in excess of $100 per day in per diem payments while the General Assembly is in session. These payments are supposed to cover the cost of living outside his district while he is performing his duties as a legislator. If, in fact, Mr. Turner has received per diem money from taxpayers while giving Ms. Kulek campaign funds for lodging, it seems to me that there is a significant and legitimate question involving what, exactly, public money paid to Mr. Turner in the form of per diem payments has been used for. I would have asked these questions of Mr. Turner had he responded to my phone messages and emails. He chose not to respond.

    I couldn’t care less whom Mr. Turner, or Ms. Kulek, dates. That is their business. But, when campaign funds and, potentially, per diem payments from taxpayers are involved, it becomes the public’s business. Hope this clears things up.

    Bruce Rushton
    Staff Writer
    Illinois Times

  58. All you people bitching and crying .. Read the name of the page … Springfield exposed. Smh . it’s news no news is all truth . quit crying like bitches. I love this page!!

  59. Sad Daddy is a bitch.

  60. She likes the BBC! Haha

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