What Is With Escorts & Retail Theft!? Kylie L. Janas Escorting For Years, Shoplifting Also!

Meet Kylie L. Janas!

Kylie here has been on the infamous backpage website selling “escort” services for years. Take a look at her Escort Ad History By Phone Number (2174948321) by Clicking Here!

Just last week you will find that “Tina” (Escort Name) posted this ad below under the phone number 2174948321.
The phone number 2174948321 is registered to Kylie Janas!

Clearly Kylie from looking at her ad history has been doing this for a very long time sadly. Several reports have came in on her to our office talking about drug problems and escorting problems. She has never been formally arrested or charged with any drug or prostitution charges though. She was arrested and convicted of Retail Theft more than one time.

We hope that Kylie takes this exposure as a bright light to stop, but sadly she will probably just continue down the path she’s been on and use this as free advertisement 🙁 .

Take a look at the rest of Kylie’s Mugshots from the Sangamon County Jail!
KylieLJanas KylieLJanas1 KylieLJanas2 KylieLJanas3


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72 Comments on "What Is With Escorts & Retail Theft!? Kylie L. Janas Escorting For Years, Shoplifting Also!"

  1. Escorts should be in the rental section

  2. I just don’t understand who really pays for that?

  3. Jade Hart isnt she someone you hung out with?

  4. That’s sad she use to be so gorgeous

  5. Rhett England hahahaha you nuts

  6. Shouldn’t her kid get help too? She probibly working with him in the car, poor child

  7. Lmao not for years now. Dalton Justus Sabrina Aguilar

  8. What in the actual fuck lol. TINAAA

  9. I told you dalton welcome back to the 217 where your neighborh is Tina and her neighbor is hitler dam bro a lots going on on the ole archer ave.

  10. fuck I’m moving off of archer to a different street. she get busted again or sum?

  11. Jade what you talkin bout this was your ride or die lmfaoo

  12. Robin Hood is needed in our hood lmfao

  13. Sorry woke up to this and just think it’s the greatest thing ever

  14. I’m soying I just got up an was like damnnnnn.

  15. Lol I told you she went alllllllll outtttt bahahahha

  16. so sad my step dad has to disinfect his yard cause of whats next door.

  17. poor kylie its poor neighbors look what we gotta live next to.

  18. No he just needs the Great Wall of Tina

  19. Dalton she use to be ya bestie Lol

  20. Man all jokes aside shit is sad as fuck no lie

  21. past tense Hailey Marieelol. she was everybodys. yup a solid 9ft brick wall.

  22. Shit she wasn’t mine… She told crystal she had hella baby clothes for me….. I didn’t get them Lol no no.

  23. she need to get away from the dope an her bd an get some actual help so she can be a mom an get on the right track.

  24. Dude we have all tried

  25. Shit expose her pimp/baby dad what’s his name

  26. then guess let her learn when she goes to prison an gets her kid takin an has nothing she will realize she should have listen to family. you can only help a person who is willing to help them selve an obviously she isn’t wanting help.

  27. For real thoughhhh Rhett you’re right ! Haven’t seen or talk to her in years but its sad ! Sad for that baby too!!

  28. I have to see the shit on a daily and so dose my 89 year old grandma too that the worst but I don’t wanna dig a hole any further so Iam out this status lol it’s been fun

  29. yo go read the article about this shit. who is the jade girl?

  30. She is nothing but trash she owes us over 300 in cash always promising us oh I will have it this day and that day never gave us a penny I went to her house she would act like she was not home her dad would lie for her she is nothing but trash

  31. Stop outing sex workers what the fuck. Mind your own business ?

  32. I feel bad for Kylie. She was a good kid till 6rh grade. Once her mom got sick she went a bit crazy. Best thing that could ever hapen to tht kid is that she getsbusted and forced into rehab and school.

  33. Its sad when the people u used to trust talk shit instead of trying to reach out n help. Jade hart you used to be fat fuck you mean callin her big n talkin shit cuz she sleep around you was sleeping around alot not to long ago at least she get paid while u like being a slut she doesnt its hard when uv dug a whole to find light again so stop talkin sideways when you used to be best friends n u know its not this life that she wants n dalton j you was always tryn to get wit that girl n now you act like you never was friends wit the girl u always tryin to follow the majority instead of being urself mr iv been in prison for 7 yrs when we all know thats a lie haha n rhett you wana act like its sad after you just talked hella shit so people will think you a good caring person when you really a cry baby nerd and aint got shit else to do like do you live to ruin kylie life for real dude find something better to do with urself n stop crying like a lil baby bitch when you accidently wash ur weed see how easy it is to point n laugh at u as well haha silly people everybody has flaws maybe if we focused on our own n not everyone else in life we might actually sucseed many ways in life js time to grow up n instead of pointing fingers lend a hand the world would be a better place

  34. They cant make enough money apparently they have to give it away so they got to steel to provide themselves with clothes and food and shit.

  35. $$$$$$$! $$!! $$!! !! Broke.

  36. Had her before | April 9, 2016 at 8:04 pm | Reply

    She will go as low as $40.

  37. Yall have entirely too much time on ur hands the administrator of this page is clearly miserable and messy and has nuthin better to do…u remain anonymous so no one can expose ur ass …#randomthoughts

  38. saved u a click | April 9, 2016 at 10:06 pm | Reply

    here is her ad I saved u a click!
    Beautiful bombshell – 23
    Posted: Saturday, April 9, 2016 9:29 AM
    Hello my name is Tiffany I’m 5,6 I weigh 130lbs brown hair baby blue eyes amazing body I’m very fun and out going person love to make people happy I do expect a gift of 100$ half hour or 200$ hour you can contact me at 2178016355
    Poster’s age: 23

    • Location: Springfield, Springfield il

    • Post ID: 36229671 springfieldil

  39. Had her before | May 31, 2016 at 2:40 pm | Reply

    How is she still around?

  40. Yay its Sunday fun day come have some fun with a beautiful girl – 24
    Posted: Sunday, June 5, 2016 1:10 PM
    Hello tired of the same girls looking for something fun to do on this great Sunday come spend some time with a sexy lady ready to please your every want and need let me pamper you in the ways u need if interested you can contact Ashley at 2178165663

  41. Let’s focus on the men who buy her services, rather than the young woman trying to survive.

  42. This damn dirty junkie has fucked everyone in springfield and all surrounding areas! She has at least 3 numbers on backpage right now lmao try 2178016355 or 3098891448 or 2179316437

  43. Why you trying to ruin this poor girls life? You are probably someone upset cause she wouldn’t see you. Quit harassing her and worry about yourself.

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