What Has Jasen M. Manuele Been Up To Recently? Same Old Stuff… Still In His Mom’s Garage! Still Looking Stupid! Springfield Never Changes…

We’d ask here who knows Jasen M. Manuele, but everyone does by now.

We try not to talk about him too much anymore since it’s all the same old stuff (Alleged Cyber Stalker, Woman Beater (Multiple Times), Telephone Threating(Multiple Times), Drunk Driver, Property Damager(Multiple Times), Residential Burglar/Burglar (Multiple Times), Shoplifter, Harasser Via Electronic Communication(Multiple Times), Violator of Order Of Protection (Multiple Times), Aggravated Kidnapper, Drug Dealer, & Much more!).

A simple Google Search of Jasen’s name will tell you a lot about him. Obviously with the day in age we are in no job worth anything is going to hire this man, so its obvious why he sits in his mom’s garage all day and allegedly harasses people on the internet.

People write in all the time asking “How do I Get Ahold Of Jasen? Where does he live?”. Well as you will see in some of the PDF information below you’ll see his address (1934 North 7th Street (REAR GARAGE) Springfield IL 62702).
Take a look at it from the Birdseye view…
See that Garage back there? I mean that “Apartment”, yep that’s Jasen’s. He wont come to the door though, several people have tried. According to police reports he usually sends his Mother (Janet L. George) to the door instead, or he calls the police “scared for his life” and then comes out with a baseball bat and acts hard when the police arrive.

Jasen’s Mother (Janet L. George) & Stepfather (Dino L. George) don’t own the property they live in by the way. It must be scary for landlord Jason P. Schroeder – (1717 E Watch Ave, Springfield, IL, 62702. Tel: 217-622-3788) to rent to them. He must have a really good insurance policy on the property!

The last story we brought you on Jasen was Ballin’ Jasen Manuele… Too Broke To Afford $10 A Month… Snitches Do Get Stitches!.

Not much has happened since, he’s had three more 2 year No Stalkers Orders placed against him though. Some interesting news came up though, the States Attorney Finally Violated his Probation!
Click Here to Read the Full Motion & Supporting Documents in PDF format!

Jasen did pay part of his probation fees, court costs, & fines after being violated. He appearing in court this last week and they reset the matter to February to address it. Its only Misdemeanor Probation so which is connections in the local law enforcement community and states attorney’s office he wont do any time for his actions. Hell he is probably having tea with our States Attorney right now talking about his next assignment. Stay away from that car wash on North Grand!

We actually agreed with Jasen the other day on subject (Sick Child Sex Offenders)…
Umm Jasen… You can’t FOIA a DCFS Report…
Go ahead and try… They are “Private Information”.
Click Here To Verify, If You Don’t Believe Us!

We called Jasen out in our comment section about this, needless to say he deleted his posts and went on with his day.

In the Springfield Area there are several “Social Media Niches” one local expert says. Examples are 217 Problems or even 217 Memes. Springfield IL Exposed entered the market and brought something that was unique at the current time, and we thrived from that. A lot has changed since we first started, but our core focuses still are to bring you the “news” that “traditional media” wont touch in this town. One of the most notable changes to your organization was (Exposed Publishing, NFP Takes Over SpringfieldILExposed.com), and its amazing to think that we have a organization here that functions outside of the “Social Media Footprint”. On average this website sees over 30,000 visitors a day and is constantly growing! We provide a service that our readers demand, and we are proud to say we are Exposed Publishing!

Our General Manager is committed to bringing you most of the same features you’ve grown to expect from SpringfieldILExposed.com, but he is also committed to expanding and bringing new features to the table.

With that said a lot of people brought to us over the last few days that Jasen (who hates this website and the concept remember) is doing similar things trying to be us according to them. Now we don’t mind, there is plenty of room in this town, and even more room in the whelm of the internet.
“We are getting ALL your FOIA’s from every agency possible 🙂 “… Talk about Government waste and abuse, but hey more power to him. I just hope they treat him like he truly is “a single individual who is not media and a recurrent requestor”. Take it easy Jasen if the county deems you that your looking at a 51 BUSINESS DAY turn around to get a simple mugshot. Just don’t send more than 7 in 7 days, 15 in 30 days or 50 in 12 months and you’ll be fine!
Hey you realized you cant FOIA and DCFS report! Guess you have to have some connections or a really story reader base to get your hands on those Jasen ;).

We wish you the best of luck though Jasen with your social media blog. We have a moderator position open here if you need a part time job! Send us your resume!

At the end of the day we don’t like to talk about Jasen too often because he loves the attention. He once even said “You are making me famous I love it!”. Then the next day he cried and said “I have to take medicine now because of Springfield Exposed”. We could almost probably do a story every day about Jasen, but its just not worth it, no one cares about him. Now if the man who said he was going to “rape Jasen Manuele” so he “could end up on the front page of the paper” for raping him, actually did it then that might be a reason for us to do a story. Sadly though when people “want to have a picnic” on the sidewalk in front of his house isn’t news worthy of our reporting. Or when another “alleged victim” of Jasen’s writes in to tell us what he’s doing it just gets added to the list just like the almost 40 Order Protection Cases against him in Sangamon County.

Hey Janet can we get some hot pockets please? This story took awhile to write and we are kind of hungry over here.

We hope this post clarifies how crazy this man is for you, if you didn’t already know. We wish everyone the best of luck with him!
Click Here To See The Other Stories We Have Done On Jasen Previously!

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12 Comments on "What Has Jasen M. Manuele Been Up To Recently? Same Old Stuff… Still In His Mom’s Garage! Still Looking Stupid! Springfield Never Changes…"

  1. This dude wore a wire on my friend he’s doing 5 years because of this fool. And he can’t deny it either because my friend seen the video and jasen was on it making the buy. The evidence was overwhelming and he had to take a plea bargain. Fuck this dude

  2. He just doesn’t stop does he?!? He’s seriously a low life piece of shit.What he really needs is a mental evaluation and locked away. Its down right hilarious how he continues to lie on his page saying he successfully completed probation when his shit was revoked! He’s now acting like his fb page is an “expose” page,copying everything from the real deal Springfield Exposed,he actually has his nerve to steal post on her and post them as if he wrote the story….This wanna be wife and child rapist will never get a life or a damn job! How tf you gonna steal men’s hair dye from Walmart?!? I wish he’d kill himself already,must suck the entire town hates him and makes fun of his stalkin ass!

  3. Lmmfao!!! You regular mad or super mad?!? I’m a stalker now?!? I’m sorry but I’ve NEVER had a no stalking order put on me when you have almost ten 2 yr No Stalking Orders on you,you TRIED to get one on me but the judge slapped your ass with the word DENIED!YOU ARE CLEARLY MENTAL,GET HELP! It would be so sad if you got your visitations taken away due to your outburst and anger issues now wouldn’t it?!? I guess we will see….
    FYI Never do I stalk,I get sent shit to me within minutes…..I love “you’re so called friends” they’ve all help me build my case so I could win an of course I WON! How you getting that $20 crack rock these days since your girl left your psychotic ass?!? I’ve gotta go so I can get some sleep,something you know nothing about because crackheads don’t sleep…Nighty night

  4. He’s a special kind of stupid isn’t he? How do I found out about his legal matters?!? You dumb fucking idiot….I find shit out just like you….On the Circuit Clerk website you piece of shit,it shows your probation has been REVOKED because you’re a deadbeat broke loser with NO job and cant pay your fines or probation fees along with stealing just for men hair dye at Walmart….lmmfao Im sure your son is so proud! Nighty night stalker

    • Common sense they offered him jail time on his retail theft case that’s why the public defenders office was appointed go represent him on a a misdemeanor.

  5. Someone’s big mad lmmfao! Truth hurts huh? I only wish when posting about me you tell the truth….But we all know that won’t happen because he’s the worlds biggest liar who plays victim while everyone laughing at his ass,if you’re going to post about me at least speak the truth….Get a job you fucking bum!

  6. Your a sick child rapist that fantasises about raping kids. How many kids have you threatened to rape now? I think the count is up to 7 or 8 that I know of freak. The FBI needs to check your computer for child porn you are the most disturbing person I’ve ever met in my life. Kill yourself!

  7. It’s OK u stay down the street from this fool get get on my nerves

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