We have read your emails! Who should be the next “EXPOSED” !?!?!

Okay… So recently we’ve received more than one email to expose both of these young ladies…

Who should be done first..

Katie Marie…


Sasha Dunn

Both have very interesting stories….

Wonder if their boyfriends know about them…

If you have someone (male or female) that you think is dirty, nasty, or just plain no good and you think we should Expose them shoot us an email at springfieldilexposed@gmail.com . Your name will never be revealed!

Who Should Be The Next To Be "Exposed" on "The Dirty"!?

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We will let this poll run for a little while and post the highest voted person FIRST!

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1 Comment on "We have read your emails! Who should be the next “EXPOSED” !?!?!"

  1. Sasha Racine Dunn is the modern day Casey Anthony. poor Avalee.

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