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Hey Guys! Reporting us on Facebook can’t stop us! Be patient as we build this back up. Wow are we behind with the stories!

Email us at springfieldilexposed@gmail if you have any questions or stories for us!

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14 Comments on "We Are Back!!!"

  1. Dont forget about the con man/ contractor Greg Franklin/ (Franklin Greg on fb) !!

  2. Maybe do a story on James Keiffer of jtc construction

  3. I would love to see a story giving the real story of what the fuck happened in Ashland with the lady that killed her baby daddy and pinned it on the old grandma. There was some shady shit there and no one talks about it. You know grandma didn’t do it. She’s just taking the rap. Is this family that fucking powerful that no one questions this? Ashland Mafia or something lol.

    • SpringfieldILExposed | September 7, 2015 at 2:16 pm | Reply

      When was this ?

      • The was the murder of Steven Watkins by his estranged wife Jennifer. Dude did nothing but go pick up his daughter from visitation on Thanksgiving 2008 and when he stepped into his ex’s family house in Ashland he was shot in the head. Point Blank. The investigation took FOREVER even though there were only a finite amount of people in the house. Finally the grandmother of the estranged took the wrap and was sentenced to prison but she is 80 years old. There is DEF more to this story. Just google “the 2008 murder of Steven Watkins in Ashland”. And how the widow/baby mama/probably the real murderer, ran off to Florida so the dead guys parents can’t see their granddaughter defying court orders to bring her back to visitation. It’s a fucked up story and would love to hear the truth or at least theories cause the family in Ashland is some kind of Ashland mafia. The Skinner Family was the family this crazy lady was in. And no one in town talked about it cause they were scared of this family. Like they were the Kennedy’s of shitty Ashland or something.

    • Jennifer did it but that family is too close abd it’s like the mafia we won’t know.

  4. I find it hard to believe that little old Ashland has a family in it so powerful that people are scared of them. I mean this is Ashland, IL. Not New York Or New Jersey Soprano’s-type crap. What’s the worst an Ashland family going to do? Go tip your cows or something? Key your truck? I mean really…..

  5. Have a nice 5 years asshole by the way thanks for the site we back

  6. get that shitty tech out shit is fixing to hit the fan again

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  8. Your report
    Apr 15 Boom

  9. https :// youtu. be /4eKAsEfLMfE

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