Watch out for hilda reyes

If you are on fb or around springfield illinois and run across hilda reyes run the other way. This bitch tears up every house she rents , every landlord has to have her evicted. She uses the court system. She is a lying snake dont trust her for anything. Dont hire her or let her in your house or car. What ever you do never never let her move in or rent to this nasty cunt. Her daughter Monica is a nasty bitch alsi. Just like mamma. Suck this bitch

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71 Comments on "Watch out for hilda reyes"

  1. First Amendment | April 1, 2018 at 11:48 am | Reply

    Thanks for the heads up lewis, yeah I know this bitch straight up skank she really likes meeting guys on Facebook so if you hit her up on Facebook she will want to come move in with you and then get a order protection on you don’t bother pussy ain’t worth a damn unless you got a 12-inch black cock big around as a soda can

    • And now let’s see I have two jobs and own my own car, really what do I need to ask anybody for when I ha e it all …. I don’t need no broke man or any man in fact I’m a strong woman who can get it all … and more please you and everybody is just mad because I don’t never need a busy down broke man in my life ….

    • I don’t and will never date a Black man sorry wrong person…. your I Q is Lowe then a first graders… ha ha you make yourself sound foolish by saying what you think you know

  2. Snarky McSnark | April 1, 2018 at 9:13 pm | Reply

    A bit of research proves out the claims. Hilda has 5 evictions, some complete with OP’s filed by both parties, and a string of OP’s filed due to unknown situations. Probably best to avoid this one boys. Check her FB, she’s not even good looking. Bitch has a jaw like the Bride of Skankenstien.

    • Your just mad Louis B Burgess III because I and my kids has no use for people like you, plus Russell and myself are exstreamly happy you could talk all the crap you may want to it called freedom of speech but watch what I will do

      • Your daddy | May 6, 2018 at 5:30 pm | Reply

        Don’t come over my house asking questions again either b**** I’ll do what the f*** I want everything I say is true about you and you know it and the records prove it you’re a lying conniving fake-ass church-going pigeon toed ass Bride of Frankenstein jaw looking illiterate ass go back to school and graduate the third grade you stupid b****

    • If your smarter then a fifth grader then you would know where to go and find what your looking for…. and Sangamon County recoded is not what your in search for to find your answers if your really curious about what took place …

    • Yours truly Hilda Reyes | May 17, 2018 at 12:00 am | Reply

      Hey Snarky I’ve heard you like little girls bro what’s up with that dagger and it comes down from the Law Enforcement here in SPRINGFIELD ha ha your ass should fry … and they transported you down south for a
      Court hearing let’s hear about that

  3. Russell hodgkinson | April 14, 2018 at 3:59 pm | Reply

    This bitch lied on me to get an order of protection on me. Pay me my money bitch.

    • Russell hodgkinson | April 14, 2018 at 4:03 pm | Reply

      She threatened to tell my parole officer i was using and selling drugs. Im glad idoc never found out.

      • Were coming by your house mr. Hodgkinson. With a little cup and several parole officers to search for contraband. Call us 800-666-6744

      • whoever posted this obviously needs something to do.She never threatened me and i dont use or sell any drugs so man would you find something to do

    • this is actually Russell she doesnt even owe me any money!!!!!!!

    • Awe did Russell place you to shame by telling the world that what you are claiming never happened … followed by did he shut your pie hole up …

    • Crazy beware | May 3, 2018 at 7:54 pm | Reply

      Is. That same bitch who token you in as i recall you moved in with her, back in August right? And my boyfriend at the time and I were like what the fuck Hilda got up
      With a loser I thought she would have learned her lesson after her husband ha ha but you above all people she shut down before I tell all your business Mr Russell

      • Mohammad hodgkinson | May 4, 2018 at 10:10 am | Reply

        I dont have any business to tell or anything to hide so fuck you, tell my business

      • Hilda Reyes | May 6, 2018 at 10:13 am | Reply

        I always had my own house I will never move in with anybody, but nice try …. and once again speak on what you know… you sound stupid and ignorant ha ha but nice try …. for your information I was never married chech you facts before you come at me homie ….

  4. Snarky McSnark | April 18, 2018 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    Russell, Sorry bro but anybody who is pushing 40 and dresses like a teenage wigger really deserves to go to prison anyway. How old ARE you? Maybe a bit old for flat brimmed ball caps and calf shorts.

  5. I must have a few haters out there because one Russell and Myself are ery happy<, 2. let parole come to his dome main and search they will find him cleaned and no drugs,.3, i must intimidate a handful of people because one like i said i have three jobs and my own condo and plus i own my own car… living it up, but thank you because now i know im doing something right in order to have a few somebodies jealous …. see I dont need a man, or any man in my life to feel complete, and by the way Louis Brugess III is just mad because i dont want him back in my life, because he dont have nothing to call his own he is broke no need for a broke man in my life… but thank you kindly for showing me im finally doing something right to piss off people.. plus when a land lord does not want to fix anything that he or she may own i will get the city to come down on them in return they give me edviction notices to get me and my kids moved out i won a few of them so thanks again for playing the guess whathilda is up to… and as far as meeting men on any kind of facebook thats a lie, and I dont need to move in with nobody i have money and i dont know where this came from but do believe whatever is hidden in darkness will come to light …. Thank you once again

    • The records speak for themselves. You lost every eviction case and you lie to get op’s everytime. A quick check of sangamon countys court website proves everything hilda reyes says is a lie..

      • You truly are a wolf in sheeps clothing. Have fun with that dumb, pigeon toed, ugly bitch you two were made for each other.

      • Look into the city of SPRINGFIELD city records you will your answers, however yes I had lost two but won there so if your going on the court card get your information and facts right …. but the I’m not really into digging some one else’s past life but I will
        Speak upon it if pushed to that level … in addition I went to Louis B Burgess house so if this does stop I know who is saying they are and really not …. so if this continues I will go to Kenny’s house with the police officers and push for his arrest because it’s not Louis whoever this is lying thank and have a Blessed night

      • Apperntly this is not even Louis Burgess so whoever is using his name without knowledge is differently a scared pussy cat, and has nothing else to do but put my name and his name out here in this crazy site … get some
        Real news to gossip about!! And diffently check your sources before you speak because you make yourself look really foolish in your claims ….

      • Then you would love to explain why you are going down for a case of child endangerment place tell the world what you ha e done to your step son…. Louis B Burgess

      • Crazy beware | May 3, 2018 at 6:48 pm | Reply

        The records don’t show what you done to Hilda on 5th street now does
        It? I’ve seen first hand what you done to her so all that shit you are talking it won’t help you because Hilda is the most helpful person in Springfield IL somdont talk shit if you can’t take the heat …

      • Crazy beware | May 3, 2018 at 7:58 pm | Reply

        The records does not show how you treated Hilda like some dumb bitch, and you even fucked bitches behind her back I call you what your labels with WHITE TRASH and somebay you will meet your match oh wait when I was driving with Hilda the other day did she not stop at your house? And tell how is was and your toothless girlfriend thought she could say some slick shit but she jumped on the porch like the good doggy should have

      • Watch out for stranger danger | May 3, 2018 at 7:59 pm | Reply

        The records does not show how you treated Hilda like some dumb bitch, and you even fucked bitches behind her back I call you what your labels with WHITE TRASH and somebay you will meet your match oh wait when I was driving with Hilda the other day did she not stop at your house? And tell how is was and your toothless girlfriend thought she could say some slick shit but she jumped on the porch like the good doggy should have

    • See you can’t even remember your lies from one post to another one post you said you had three jobs one post you said you had two jobs not hard to tell how much of a fucking liar you are. youre going to hell for your evil ways Hilda, piece of shit lying backstabbing con woman everything you do is about swindling and
      Stealing and conniving that’s why you and Russell are perfect for each other two lying pieces of shit. this isn’t a debate about you Hilda I just want to let the world know how much of a piece of crap you are and to stay away from you maybe if I can save one guy from the bullshit that you’re on or one landlord the headaches and money it cost to put you out of their house and fix their house after you destroy it, or maybe one judge that sees this will open their eyes and maybe they will lock your ass up next time you try to pull a slick one and act like you’re just and innocent victim of society by the way you such a great person why don’t your own mother have anything to do with you

      • Because one Louis Burgess aka Buddy you sound like you have no concept of tell the actual truth, but you do know you have to register as a child melester because you were found guilt by Children and Family Services as a danger to children but you may not want to talk about that do you, along with the perchasing of deugs in you posssion? Or maybe we shall discuss the case of breaking and entering … let’s focus on how you destroyed my stuff … let’s have all kinds of conversations for the world to read and talk about, Paul Stencil let’s talk about your addictions and how you went down for drugs as well!!

      • Crazy beware | May 3, 2018 at 6:52 pm | Reply

        What lies Lou you think that people should believe you when you talk about Hilda you are just jealous on what she has without you, back on 19th street I also witnessed on what you tried to do to her you a piece of shit, and she was even 7 weeks along when you forced her to move everything by herself and lost your baby stupid … your with trailer trash now stupid fuck now such my dick and swallow the Soren cells Mother fucker

    • It’s actually domain. Not dome main.

      • See agin No knowledge and what you soeacking about ha ha dummies you all are, actually this makes me laugh because this shows not only you have nothing better to do with your lives but the ignorance you display about yourselves ha ha ha ….

      • stormy daniels | April 28, 2018 at 6:03 pm | Reply

        Cant even spell

        • Well miss geniuses allow me
          To inform you that I was driving while I was posting, and you must be mad
          As well, in order to place you nose in something but have a Blessed night

        • Well miss geniuses allow me
          To inform you that I was driving while I was posting, and you must be mad
          As well, in order to place you nose in something but have a Blessed night and stay safe out there

      • stormy daniels | April 28, 2018 at 6:07 pm | Reply

        White muslim? let me guess he is a prison muslim convert. Thats what they do when their scared of blacks. Probably sucked alot of black dicks. You and hilda have alot in common.

        • He was living in New York before He came Here and he is not a prison Muslim …. again you guessed wrong this what makes this whole story funny to me because we have individuals like you to speak on topics you don’t even come
          Close to knowing but again check you resources before looking stupid have a Blessed night

  6. Snarky McSnark | April 25, 2018 at 5:01 am | Reply

    that still doesnt explain why Russell dressing like a 14 year old boy.

    • Well let’s focus on Russell see He is a Muslim so he cannot wear shorts in the way these men are exclaiming and he is NOT NO DRUG user Nor any type
      Of drug dealer so anyways next topic please

      • first amendment | April 27, 2018 at 7:03 am | Reply

        Whats he on parole for? Selling cocaine? He has a conviction in illinois for selling cocaine. That means he is a drug dealer.

        • Why do you want to know about Russell for, he is none of your business, he must intimidate you really badly in order for you to come at him like this, furthermore you don’t know nothing about him that must drive you insane ha ha I’m loving it actually, and guess what you once again look foolish on speaking on what you don’t know find a life, you must be really unhappy with your trailer trash you have in your life

        • Again your sounding ignorant for what your speaking about and have no knowledge about Russell’s case he had …. please keep
          Showing your ignorance ha ha

        • It’s none of your business why he is even on parole, and why all
          Of the sudden Russell became topic? Does this man intimidate you in such away that you have to open a conversation on his life? On like Louis He has a clean back round just because he has a drug case does not mean a pot of beans, Russell is nor never a child beater, nor an abuser of any type he never placed has on me in any way of harm, nor did he act out such a way of making himself
          A nesense of socitey, He is a very good person an up
          Stand man to know…. you must feel
          Some Type Of way knowing He is a great man, are you big mad or little

  7. In addition to all
    Of what Mr. Burgess is claiming, that I used him? That’s a lie straight from the gates of hell, he moved in with me back in 2006, and yet everybody told me
    How bad he was, and of course I did not listen, it’s one of those cases I had to learn for myself, and in 2009 I was attending Lincoln Land collage and I decided to buy a car for my children and me but I made the mistake on giving Mr. Burgess the money and indeed he bought the car, but when he started his crap with me I found out I was no where on the title so unfortunately he got my car, things bottom worse where I left everything behind and left the state for six months and came back, every since then I’ve worked my tail off to have what I have, somebody once told me to look up and see the stars and that’s how far I can go, my sky is only the limit… so that day forward I’ve worked for all three of my babies because they are only worth anything I do. If it had not been for the Love of my Church and God I would never be where I’m at now… so all you haters stay tuned because the best is yet to come

    • You work your tail off to have what you have what about all the landlord’s properties you have totally destroyed and cost them thousands and thousands of dollars to fix I seen all the judgments you have gives you on Sangamon County Court website pay your debts

      • First allow me to fill you in … whenever a house is being rented and the land lord said he or she will fix it up as time passes and still
        Does not do what he or she promised to yes anybody in those right mind will bring the city in and gives them either opposition to fix it up or to get a fine or they can sale their property but first the city will give them a time limit to think on what they may want to do… however if your referring back on 19th street well that house was torn up from the get go, because of Joe before he went in To prison he punched holes in the walls and left garbage mounds of it and it token me months to get the garbage out and whoop that place back into shape, and the time before that Me. Bolts was a DCFS worker who owned for Buildings and left me
        And my two kids in a
        Moldy apt for two years I did get the city involved and he was
        Forced to sale his properties so if this is wrong then what’s right? And as far as me owing to anybody I don’t if this site was to allow me to post pictures of the rentals I rented I will show you I rented from
        Sum lords …. but nice try next question please?

  8. I bring to bondage all the lies told, and said of me, I loss the Holy Ghost and plead the Blood of Jesus Christ The most High God on this site, for every story that is told falsely I bring it to bondage I bind it in the Name of Jesus Christ and throw every word back to the lake of fire, I bind every hateful Sprite in Jesus Christ and throw it back in
    To the lake of fire… I realease the Spirit of truth, I relates every hurtful into the lake of fire, I do Pray for the enemies I may have locally and afar, I release joy and peace and Love …. in Jesus Name Amen

    • Shut the fuck up. You look like a blown-out bar hag who lost her dentures.

      • I’m telling you all set back and watch me fly the best is yet to come, ha ha this is not Louis because he will never forget how to spell his own name first off, second whoever this is does not know how to spell look in the dictionary on how to spell, and you all make yourselves look foolish, because your speaking on what you don’t know nothing about, get some
        Real News everybody would enjoy reading plus what you all know or think you made know is false news because I don’t need to prove anything because obviously you have nothing better to do is to gossip about ones life, and yes I do have three jobs and my own condo and yes I drive a really nice car if this is Louis and you seem to know everything and place business out there let’s talk about you selling drugs and how you went to Prison for child endangerment how you enjoy beating children and how much you female has no teeth and how you were evicted from the trailer park, and how much you use others, lets zero in on your life, really okay now shut up, and every land lord that took me to
        Court had to fix up their house or Apt so once again if your going to have conversation please know what your talking about, because you make yourself sound stupid whoever this is …

      • It’s so nice to call Out names, does it make you feel better knowingly that your IQ is lower then a second graders? And my relationship with any of my family members is not none of your business, apperantly your jealous over my life, or something is not right with your life to focus on what I’m up to, so if you must know I will tell you, get a life and shit this all down, because you have no nature of what’s taking place nor a life of your own ….

    • People on this website don’t buy that religious crap Hilda, might as well give it up. Even Jesus hates you

      • See that’s what makes you and
        Sound ignorant because you say people don’t by religious stuff, or people like yourself who makes any kind of religion look fake because of how you use your words and talk …. but I don’t care what you think of me in any way shape or form, because all you say is enrevlent so have a Blessed night

        • Marty mcfly | May 4, 2018 at 2:44 pm | Reply

          Let me pop your bubble. Religion is fake. All you religious kooks already know that.

          • Hilda Reyes | May 6, 2018 at 10:22 pm |

            Religion is not fake by far, you must of have had a bad experience with a church or even a Person who done you wrong, or even perhaps your mad at God for something but it’s okay if your mad at Him because He still loves you

    • Jesus Christ is going to throw your ass in the Lake of Fire. Wish he would do it sooner than later

      • Okay that’s your right to think what Jesus Christ might do, and who is to say you won’t go thru before I do?

      • Hilda Reyes | May 6, 2018 at 10:26 pm | Reply

        That’s your opinion and you ha e every right to express how you feel it’s you God given right, however it’s not yours or anybody else’s right to disrespect others that just down right wrong, but God will show you who He is in due season… all I have to do is sit back and watch Him work…. the Word Of God says whatever is hidden in Darkness will come to light, His words not mine

      • Hilda Reyes | May 6, 2018 at 10:26 pm | Reply

        That’s your opinion and you ha e every right to express how you feel it’s you God given right, however it’s not yours or anybody else’s right to disrespect others that just down right wrong, but God will show you who He is in due season… all I have to do is sit back and watch Him work…. the Word Of God says whatever is hidden in Darkness will come to light, His words not mine … have a Blessed night

  9. I Pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that all my Enemies will find the rest they need in their souls, I forgive every lie and Ill spoken word that was said of me, and against me, Father your the maker of Heaven and earth, your the finisher of my faith, forgive the cowards who viciously attack my character and Father forgive these individuals who has no concept of peace, break these chains of lies, heal the hearts that can’t find no peace within themselves in The Name Of Jesus Christ Amen

  10. Oh shut the fuck up with that religion shit! God hates you!

  11. Ha ha you must hate yourself …. God cannot hate His creation dummy

  12. Crazy beware | May 3, 2018 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    It’s aounds to me that somebody has it out for Hilda Reyes, and will do anything our say anything to bring her down emotionally, and most of all humans will make mistakes here is the question of the day? If somebody were to talk of you sister or wife or girlfriend like this what would you do?

    • Your stupid people | May 4, 2018 at 10:05 am | Reply

      My sister and wife are not evil conniving bitches like hilda reyes or do i have a sistee?

      • Hilda Reyes | May 6, 2018 at 10:29 pm | Reply

        Wow your really sounding like a drunk and ignorant your only making yourself out to be a clown and it’s your circus and you make me laugh a lot because all you can really do is talk behind a key board and hind your identity real talk are you this much of a pussy that you cannot display your name or names ….

      • Hilda Reyes | May 7, 2018 at 11:01 pm | Reply

        Your the only one who would know if you had a sister re re …. oh my word are you high constantly that you don’t know if you had a sister or not … you sound bright

  13. Snarky McSnark | May 4, 2018 at 8:34 am | Reply

    Nothing, responding only gives us more shit to comment on.

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