Have you seen Cassie AKA Cassandra M. Talbot? She is currently a wanted fugitive out of Sangamon County. This is not her first time skipping bail. She actually had just posted bail on 8/23/2015 on a warrant for missing court, and was given a new court date 30 days later and she never showed up.

If you have seen or know her whereabouts please call the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office at 217-753-6666. You DO NOT have to give your name! You can also contact Crimstoppers at 217-788-8427 or you can text a tip by typing tip 672, then enter the information you have for us, and send the message to CRIMES (274637).  Information leading to the arrest of this wanted fugitive may leave you eligible for a cash reward upto $1000.

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  1. Get this off of here. She turned herself in and was given new court dates. It was traffic! U have murderers, child molesters, people beating children an women an u have the nerve to post her. U should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Never the less she was a wanted fugitive for Two Counts of Driving Under The Influence.

    • We have tried to get the Sheriffs Office to release names of wanted fugitives for crimes and they do not wish to partner with us as other agencies have, so we can only do alerts when they are brought to our attention. Ultimately this is working if people are turning themselves in even if it is a petty case they were wanted criminals.

  2. You need to know facts before you start this crap!!!!

  3. It's me bitches | November 30, 2015 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    You have got to be freaking kidding me?! Her mom defending her. LOL. She could have killed someone driving high/drunk whatever the hell she does!

    • She was not drunk or high on drugs. She was on prescription drugs for trying to deal with the death of her grandpa. U people r so stupid. Get ur facts straight. And no warrant in Menard County. Wow what a life u must have. Sad.

      • This statement is coming from the lady who stated the fugitive had only one DUI warrant for ONE case, When it was actually two cases. Then when asked to clarify she stated one case was closed out already and was just a pay hearing. When in-fact BOTH cases are set for Pretrial hearings. We can’t take anything she says with any validity as she has lacked credibility since the first words came out of her mouth today.

    • Her mother also has been convicted of a DUI in Sangamon county in previous years.

      • Looks like both of them need to go to a MADD panel. Now that is peoples pain! What happens to those poor peoples families/friends who have been killed by an intoxicated driver!

  4. Not to mention warrant in Menard Co we hear

  5. I’m so happy for u that u r so perfect an seem to thrive on other people’s pain.

  6. I will get u off Facebook soon. Funny how u didn’t show my comment about your felony criminal matter. Dirt bag.

    • You are banned from the website because half the time what you post isn’t credible. Never the less we don’t care about Facebook. We get over 30,000 readers a day on the website here. Thanks for visiting!

  7. more like 2,OOO FOLLOWERS. And just explain to me what isn’t true. It’s on the Sangamon county circuit clerk site. It is ALL TRUE what I said. Also that u r trying to sue facebook. That’s funny because it’ll be dropped. And he has to go to Court on February 16. You know I’m right dirt bags.

  8. Oh its all credible because lots of people have checked it out other than me.

  9. Exactly! High is high, prescription drugs or not woman!

  10. U r getting EXPOSED soon by Channel 20 news. LOL

  11. Sorry, don’t think your gonna like the WICS news story. Oh an I’ll say hi to Judges Cavanaugh, Perrin, Kelly, Otwell who I used to work for, Maurer, SA Shaw at the Christmas party for u.

    • We love publicity, if you didn’t catch the SJR article on the FRONT PAGE is was pretty shitty so as us if we care!? Boy for someone who hates our website you’ve been visiting it a lot today… 4 Visits 58 Pageviews in last 24 hours. Your a joke Rose, go stalk the clerks website some more. Cant wait to see you in person! <3

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