Mr. Mclaughlin has been on the run for several months now. Previously he took off to Iowa the last time he was on the run.

If you see this man or know his whereabouts please contact the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office at 217-753-6666!

Lets Get This Felon Off The Streets Today!!!

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  1. You’re one dumb mother fucker huh. Dude is already sitting in Morgan county. God this page is a joke

  2. I’d guess he’s a little late with his info

  3. I just think it’s funny how this dude picks and chooses who he puts on here. Wouldn’t put James conkrite on here who was convicted multiple times but puts a bunch of people who have never even been convicted of anything.

  4. Ol jamie conkrite is sitting tho ain’t he fuckin dope head

  5. We get our information for an active warrant listing, though he may be in custody the warrant is still active as he hasn’t answered to it yet. But thank you for the heads up.

  6. Geesh if u dumbasses don’t like this site move the fuck around u have control over ur fb page

  7. No one likes the site when they know someone on it!

  8. Of coarse I’ve known people on it But I love the site lol

  9. Knowing the person makes it funnier!!! It’s not like anyone on here is innocent!

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