Want To Get High In The Sangamon County Jail??

Just Come in a wheel chair with pills and crack… And you can apparently can easily get high according to reports.

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According to the report an inmate was brought in by the Springfield Police Department in a Wheelchair and had a colostomy bag. The inmate was very argumentative and fighting with the jail staff. The jail staff did not complete a shakedown of the inmate and he was placed in Cell I-12 which is a padded room cell.

The next shift came in and found the inmate “appeared to be intoxicated” laying on the floor with a bunch of bills and a white rock substance. He was later transported to a local hospital and was there for several hours. Not only did the tax payers pay a nice hospital bill, but also overtime for the staff to be present at the hospital with the inmate.

Best part… The supervisor will just lie on the report and say they searched you anyway 🙂 .

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