Walmart on Dirksen Parkway

So at Walmart on Dirksen Parkway , checking out and woman in front of me has alcohol, guys too young to ring it so calls for CSM who show’s up my worthless ex niece she looked at the kid and walked away not once but 3 times, we had been waiting 10 minutes before someone finally came over and rang her out, I asked to speak to a Manager to report the problem, waited a total 45 minutes and the Manager refused to come speak to us, ,Talk about being treated like shit at WALMART. Everyone beware Renay Ortiz is rude, hateful and unprofessional. And WALMART doesn’t care about the customer. Never did get to talk to anyone, getting up early tomorrow and calling again.

Damn Walmart WTF? – R

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28 Comments on "Walmart on Dirksen Parkway"

  1. How about Wal-Mart in general? A week ago Friday they opened up a pre-order for the super Nintendo reboot. Myself and others got our order in before the website crashed. Days later, they cancelled every pre-order with no apologies.

  2. Wait what’s the problem? Your ex niece wouldn’t help some one at Walmart? And your problem is what? With who? Why?..

  3. maybe reread the story ..She works at Walmart and represented them in a way that was totally unacceptable!

  4. This Walmart has the rudest employees period.

  5. It’s not just cuz it’s his x niece. Hubby and i went there and had alcohol and the checker was to young we waited and waited and the lady came over then left and we waited and she came back and said no alcohol at that lane at all we said fuck it and just walked out! Had $75 worth of other groceries we just left there! Fuck ’em!

  6. Sounds like someone needs fired.. Retail isnt for everyone and obviously isnt for this lady

  7. Snarky McSnark | July 30, 2017 at 7:04 pm | Reply

    “Ex niece”? I was married 20+ years once and i couldn’t have told you who my nieces and nephews by marriage even were. you motherfuckers is petty. who gives a shit? go to another lane or store or something.

  8. Well when someone OBVIOUSLY comes into your work place starting drama and shit it’s gonna put a damper on your mood.

  9. Obviously yall dont have a life cause yall have nothing better to do then bash someone you dont even kno you guys are pathetic everyone has a bad day if someone that didnt like me came into my work place i would ignore them to its not a crime to try to avoid drama!

  10. I have lost several brain cells trying to make sense of what anyone is talking about here.

  11. Sh**cracks me up ahhhh

  12. Easy answer – don’t shop Walmart.

  13. Y’all need to take this down man

  14. Heather Zake | August 1, 2017 at 4:20 am | Reply

    I go to this specific walmart alottt & everyone is all veryyy nice!! You can refuse to wait on certain people(my work does it) exes come in and rude customers when they know stuff goes through coorporate . I also am curious why people are bitching about wait times??? There is other registers open even at midnight til 3am. if u dont think its fair dont shop there!!!simple!! This should be taken down though its very false info;))

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