Vose Fine Food celebrates 50 years at the Illinois State Fair


Vose Fine Food celebrates 50 years at the Illinois State Fair

SPRINGFIELD, ILA corndog is a staple at the Illinois State Fair. It’s easy to eat and on a stick. One loyal vendor at the State Fair has been known for his corndogs, Vose Fine Food. Located across from the Grandstand, Vose is celebrating its 50thyear at the Illinois State Fair.


So, how did the Vose corndog dynasty begin? The Vose family actually took over the concession stand from another family in 1966. Bob Vose, co-owner of Vose Fine Food, used to deliver ice to the State Fair Grounds; he was then asked if he would like to start helping at the “pre-Vose” stand. Bob and his brothers eventually took over the stand, becoming Vose Fine Food.


Today, Bob’s daughter, Sandy, and son, Ken, run the stand for their father. Sandy started helping at the stand when she was just 5 years old. Sandy was in charge of putting sugar in the lemonade shake-ups and has been helping ever since.


When asked about her favorite part of running the stand, Sandy replied, “The people.  They will come up and say I used to come here as a kid and now I’m bringing my kids.” Sandy also enjoys visiting with the other vendors at the fair. Vose Fine Food isn’t only open during the fair, they start serving in early July.


We would like to congratulate Vose Fine Food on their golden anniversary at the Illinois State Fair.  Thank you for your continued support of the fair, and here’s to 50 more years of delicious corndogs.


The Illinois State Fair runs through August 21st. For more information on the vendors or general fair information, please visithttp://www.illinois.gov/statefair.

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