Violent Dog Attacks Man, Police Did Nothing!

A user recently sent in the following pictures after her brother was attacked by a violent dog for 2 minutes on Springfield’s East Side (24th & Cook).
Take a look at this dog, looks sweet an innocent doesn’t it?

Well take a look at what it did…
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Our reader stated this isn;t the first time the dog has attacked someone either.

According to our reader the Springfield Police responded, but did NOTHING. The dog was not taken into custody by Animal Control and the owner was not cited.

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122 Comments on "Violent Dog Attacks Man, Police Did Nothing!"

  1. They need to put that dog down smh

  2. The dog needs put down that’s terrible prayers for the victim

  3. No the owners need to be in trouble I owned a mean dog for 12 years never had a problem we were smart and kept him up were he couldn’t get out and bite never not once had a problem

  4. Dog are dogs and are nationally going to have those tendencies it’s dumb owners that cause this

  5. People buy pits with intention of making them mean. The owner should be held responsible

  6. The owner needs to face charges for this. The animal only knows what it’s taught

  7. Why does it have to be the dogs fault? I mean do yall even know what really happened? I truly doubt you have the full truthful story! And if the dog had its rabies shot there is nothing that can be done sorry to break it to you! I’m just saying I got 4 dogs and if someone comes around our house being stupid in our yard or in our house and they get bite it’s there own dumb fault! Dogs normally just don’t bite for no reason!

  8. ‘Springfield police responded and did nothing’ . They just stood and watched? I find that hard to believe…

  9. And if the police would have killed this dog some people would be ready to riot.

  10. If the dog is caught up on all vaccines the will only have the owner follow up for a vet check unless the person who was attacked requests a rabies test and well that pet wouldn’t be coming back home. If I were the owner I’d request a rabies test problem solved owner no longer has their attack dog

  11. So we aren’t even gonna ask for a better story. Just kill the dog? I see.

  12. Maybe he was asking for it…js

  13. My dog was 15 years old and he was mean as ever. We lived in springfield even. Never had an issue. It’s the owners fault for not paying attention to what was going on. Not the dogs fault. And if people wouldn’t intimidate animals maybe we wouldn’t have an issue like this. Smdh.

  14. Well if anyone knew the damn story the dog attacked him Cuz he was trying to beat the shit out of the owner who is his mom and the dog is far from mean an if your dog attacks some in your home it is doing its job .. which is why the cops did nothing the dog was protecting it’s owner

  15. This dog has a seven bite count, and he attacks on command. A week after he bit me he attacked my dog (his daughter) and almost killed her simply because he is a jealous dog. Something needs done, he’s going to hurt or kill a small child at some point.

  16. Lol. So were those your tubby boohoohoo pics that a “user” sent in?

  17. I’m the victims sister. I know the story. And the point of this story isn’t that the dog needs put down, which isn’t a bad idea considering I’ve been attacked by this dog twice myself and nothing was done about it. When you raise your voice, the dog growls, when a child runs across the room, the dog goes into stance. The owners weren’t the ones who made this dog crazy. It was like the when they got him. The problem is, that this has happened to meny people. Me, my brother, my mom (owner of Achilles) her boyfriend. His brother, their dad and others. He’s not a guard dog, it’s like he bites someone at the drop of a dime. My mom doesn’t help. She sicked him on me while I was trying to get me belongs and he punctured my throat face and jaw. This dog needs put down and my mom needs to be in trouble because she took advance of a mentally fucked up dog. This article was intended for public awareness of how poorly handled this situation has gotten. Not meant for people to imagine up “the real story” or “what really happened” the fact is. That this dog has killed other animals as well. He killed a 4 month old pit bull named Chloe. For no reason. The pictures you see of the puppy is my brothers puppy. He tried to kill her. And he’s living in a house with three other animals that they keep separated from him because of what’s happened before. So ya, everyone can start their opinions about this story because you don’t know what happened. But we do. So have fun in the comment area, and take this story how ever you’d like. But we are the victims. And we’ll just deal with it. As for everyone on 24th and cook, don’t fuck with the house that has the yellow blazer parked in the driveway. It’s not worth it.

  18. Thomas fields | August 7, 2016 at 3:48 pm | Reply

    He shoved his fucking mom and got what he deserved that’s my brothers dog and I own his parents he’s a guard dog that did his job u want to be stupid that’s what u get

  19. Motherfucker got what he deserved when u touch people u fucking morons u deserved it

    • Right dumb ass people if yall don’t like it stop living off your mom’s bf and get your own place too live an don’t go there

    • That’s funny because she asked me to move in with her!!! And then when I tried to move out and get my belonging she sicked the Fucking dog one because she was drunk. He almost killed me. And y’all wanna make this a huge argument when you weren’t even there!!!! LMFAO we have our place and they’re both living off the railroad!!! Let’s all act like we’re in highschool and go to the “you’re living off your mom” come back because we’re not grown ups yet. SMH immaturity is a bitch isn’t it?

    • U tried to fight ur mom and got attacked and he was on Xanax trying same dumb shit and Billy works so how’s he living off the railroad ignorance is a bitch isn’t it

    • Bitch who the fuck are you talking to you got shit fucked up Lil girl your a pos an a horrible fucking mom and grown that your not at all so when you wanna back that mouth up u let me no Cuz Jeff ain’t here to save your nasty ass now

    • Yep thank. You guys for showing everyone how you are. Keep calling me out of my name. Like I said you’re real grown up Huh lmao

    • Lil girl I am grown who’s the one who lived with Jeff N an didn’t have her kids be a mom and stay off Facebook trying to get someone to feel bad for you

  20. Ur victims of ur own stupidity trying to fight around the dog

  21. Sounds like you got more than dog issues

    • Ya I have issues with the people talking shit because I made this issue a big deal. Dog has a liking for killing animals and biting people? Keep it away from animals and people. Treat it how its supposed to be treated before it bites a Fucking kid and seriously harms it. My brother didn’t touch our mom. I didn’t touch our mom. Neither did Billy or Tom or Jimmy or Julie herself did not touch anyone. That dog is rabid because it wasn’t taught right. Not his fault that he was taught to do harmful things for no reason. I have a problem with people who aren’t grown enough to realize that this is a problem. Everyone is untitled to their own opinion. Doesn’t mean their smart just because hey have one. But you can’t Dave everyone ya know? I feel bad for my brother and his puppy and the puppy that was killed by this dog. Those are my problems.

  22. There are 2 victims here.. The dog and the guy!!
    There is ALOT worse shit that happens around that “fine” area of town…
    Pokemon GO players won’t even go there!!! LMFAO

  23. Ya too bad he attacked his Moyer when he was on Xanax and vodka I guess the dog is just supposed to let me get attacked I was trying to stop a fight between him and his so-called best friend

  24. It is never the dogs fault. It is the owners fault. The dog was doing what dogs do. If the dog was restrained by the owner it wouldn’t have happened.

  25. The moral of this story is this woman is getting drunk and sicking this dog on people!!!!! And the dog is fucked up because of what it’s been through.

  26. Moral of the story is u try to hit ur parents and bad things happen to u

  27. What excuse does everyone have about it killing other animals??? Puppies and what not? I’d like to hear about that. Is that our fault too? Or is that Julie BROWN and Billy fields fault???? Anyone?

  28. I don’t know but I know when u attack your own parents u deserve anything that u get

  29. Dogs don’t jus attack their owners.
    Someone needs to look into wat he was doin to either the dog itself or a family member n the household.
    Dogs r extremely protective so they only attack if bein mistreated or noticing someone they care about bein mistreated

  30. Wtf you’ll shouldn’t be fighting around my dog.. he’s a pack dog and will and should protect his!!! Stupid fuckin ppl..

  31. That dog put 60 some odd stitches in its owners legs my own mother. Gibbons and fields know not a Fucking thing. They just like running their mouths.

    • I’d keep my name out your mouth Lil girl if I was you it would be the Smartt thing for to do a dog bite will be the least of your worries sweeite

    • It’s funny you keep calling me a little girl when I’ve had the same job for a year. And a place of my own for a year. With no ones help. I’m pretty sure I’m a damn good mom too BTW sense no one helps me with him either. So keep talking shit. Someone hasn’t changed at all. You do you girl. Seems to be working for ya.

    • You gonna tell me that it killing other animals is OK Alisha???? Or are you going to call me a “*LITTLE GIRL” AND IGNORE THE REAL ISSUE AGAIN.

    • You are Lil girl srry for ya an good for u .. you got a job welcome to bring an adult sweeite N the post wasn’t about him killing anything it was about bitting your brother I never said him killing anything was OK an no ain’t shit changed. Cuz I’m far from fake I will always be me I have an opinion Imma say it if you don’t like it don’t air the shit on fb sweeite

    • I told the dude about it. It was his choice to say something. You didn’t give your opinion that’s what’s funny. You started ragging on me and talking lies that you believed. So sure, leave your opinion you’re untitled to it. But I’m not fake and I’m not scared. No one touched my mom. You of all people know my mom is Fucking nuts and she did sick him on us.

  32. Like I said in my first comment it’s the owners fault dogs are dogs do you blame the gun that shot some one or the person

  33. Sounds like some family drama that Springfield exposed felt the need to get involved in.
    Oh lawdy

  34. I can’t believe I just spent 10 minutes reading this. Good laawwwddyyy here’s some Jesus and a beer.

  35. No idk I don’t understand he stayed in house for 2 weeks after it happened now this I don’t even live in Springfield but it’s crazy to victimize yourself when u try to hit ur own mother

  36. I have a big dog and he kills anything that’s aggressive. If the dog was attacking someone who was the aggresser it makes him a good dog not a bad dog my dog has tried to bite me when I spank my kids it’s in their nature to protect if he bit the owner I’m sure it wasn’t intentionally unless this dog has been beaten or abused or exposed to meth or other drugs. Just my opinion

  37. Alissa I think people just like me are tired of responding to u u dumb and lieing idc aren’t u the same how that sucked off a 55 year old man lol see now u got me acting like u

  38. Have fun I got a life off the Internet to get back 2

  39. Are you people for fucking real?!?! Holy shit! Sounds like there is more than one person in this story that needs help,not just the dog!

  40. If my kids put their hands on me they gonna wish a pit bull got them instead real shit. I would have felt bad for dude until I realized why he got bit and all I have to say now is good boy little doggie. P. S God don’t like ugly. And honor thy mother would be a commandment so it is what it is. u made your hospital bed now lye in it have a blessed day

  41. U want to bash a dog but how do u defend yourself from attacking your own mother he did his job period and shut

  42. I honestly do feel dumb for even responding to this but a dog can’t speak to defend itself from ignorance

  43. People want to keep lying and running their mouth I’m done. I can’t wait till someone who’s running their mouth gets bit. I’m over this shit. You people are the new low. Scum. And you can keep that Fucking dog. It’s not our problem anymore. Bored ass mother fuckers get a life.

  44. U must b bored u sent it in

  45. U know what wrong is wrong right is right I spent half my day Atguing with u over what was wrong and what was right I don’t care anymore I made myself look stupid arguing with u over the fact that u don’t attack your mother no matter how bad u think she is so live your life I don’t care

  46. don’t like the dog don’t go to his house

  47. And I agree this guy who does this site needs to know what the hell he is talking about before he posts shit about something he knows nothing about

  48. DrunkenDave Detzburg | August 7, 2016 at 10:45 pm | Reply

    My question: Can the fatass on the stretcher do the “truffle shuffle” for us?

  49. I don’t like the way these guys talk to ladies. Maybe some of these guys need to relearn respect for a woman.

  50. This post was about a dog, not someone beating up their parents, stick to the real issue.

    • They’re the type of people who will call you out of your name and threaten to beat you up if you say anything that pisses them off. But idc anymore. Let the dog bit someone. Anyone who’s around it acts stupid. And gets drunk and gifts and the fog flips out and bites someone or kills another dog. I’m over this whole thing because it’s just not my problem anymore.

  51. Alyssa I’m sorry yore surrounded by assholes! Keep your son away from that beast!

  52. Hey Alyssa pain or slut slut the fuck off you fucking whore cunt bitch you are here see you don’t even know what happened why don’t you get the goddamn drug report from the hospital your brother was on Xanax and drinking vodka and yes he did put his hands on me so fuck you you fucking whore

  53. I’m the old mens Alissa sucked off. Ok I’m not 55 I am only 53. And she is not a slut or a hoe. She is a good gurl and is a great ball licker. Her mom is always drunl and hi on meth. She also deserved to have hans put on her cuz I tried to fuck that nasty botch after I gave her my unemployment check and she said no. So I got a blow job from the daughter.

    U need to know the real story if u r gonna talk shi. I hate u white trash people.

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