VIDEO: Springfield Trash Fighting Over Link In The Public Aid Office!

Remember our previous story Good Morning Fight Outside Springfield Public Aid Office? #KeepItClassySpringfield ?

Well Springfield’s Finest is back at it in the Public Aid Officer! #FightingOverTheLink!

Check the video out below!


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143 Comments on "VIDEO: Springfield Trash Fighting Over Link In The Public Aid Office!"

  1. She’s classy. I bet her children grow up to be some real winners.

  2. Take that’s bitches link card, I bet her attitude changes then…

  3. Hell nah Johnathan Jordan

  4. Don’t they have signs up that say no cell phone use, no profanity, no loudness all over the building?

  5. Matt Yeates Kristina Yeates Danielle Duke look at this shit lmao

  6. It was only a matter of time before this video gets out.

  7. BahahahahaCuz that’ll really get your link going! Dumbass! Should’ve waited to say what u wanted till after u talked to your caseworker

  8. They r pretty rude up in there but they also have signs all over with the rules, just cuz u see sum1 else break the rules don’t mean u should n then get mad cuz they call u out on it.

  9. She could avoid situations like that if she got a job…

  10. Ppl like that don’t deserve aid from taxpayers…. Smh

  11. Super proud to live amongst these kind of people

  12. Asia Cruz Brandi Summers

  13. This is a perfect example of why people get body slammed and then want to say police did that bc I’m black. No , that woman was using a threatening tone. Quite honestly when she said she wasn’t afraid of the gun or badge I would have put it in her face.

  14. Loud mouth bitch! Get a job then maybe people will give you some respect! Security should have whooped her ass out the door!

  15. Nicole Thomas she trippin.. Fckn up her benefits

  16. Nice to see what folks be doing why im bustin my ass to survive without assistance this is where my tax dollars go smfh

  17. Man please. That security guard probably ran her trap a little too much. I’d have snapped on her ass too. You can’t just talk to people any kind of way

    • No you can’t, but you also should be respectful and not a piece of trash

    • And y is she a piece of trash?

      • Vickie clark | August 2, 2016 at 5:40 pm | Reply

        Because she should have just sat down and shut up. There is a time and place and that wasn’t it. She was acting like trash throwing the f word around and the way she was getting into security’s face she looked to me like she was trying to instigate them into manhandling her. She should have just waited until she was calm. Get their names and report them to their superiors when she was finished. She kept insisting she was an adult and didn’t deserve to be spoken to that way. Well, she is an adult but she was acting like a child and she was not being very adult like in her conversation with people of authority. She would have gotten further had she taken the high road. I would have been upset if I was there and she was dropping the f word every other word!!!

    • People that call other people trash are usually the trash themselves.

      • Vickie clark | August 2, 2016 at 5:42 pm | Reply

        Not really and I personally take offense to that. She was acting like trash instead of the adult she claimed to be

    • She’s trash because he is screaming, cussing, arguing & disrespecting her self, the establishment and the families that are in there. There are rules in the building posted on the walls, and I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s been in there. Instead of composing herself like a mature classy adult, she was acting like a piece of trash. If you act like a fool, talk like a fool and make yourself look like a fool your fool right? Same goes with been a fucking trash ball.

    • And no honey, I’m defiantly not trash. I was raised way better than that. It has nothing to do with her being in a link office. It’s how she acted. Grow up!

    • You’re defiantly not trash. Your a fool, composing herself… need to compose yourself a few books sweetie. Your make yourself look like a fool your a fool…..get your grammar right before you come for me Becky.

    • Yeah your deff not worth fighting over Facebook with thanks for your opinion! Have a good day

    • April, *definitely
      You can disagree with someone’s opinion, but for you to attack someone’s grammar when you have no grasp of it yourself is a bit ridiculous.
      I have no desire to get into an argument with you, but sticking to the issue might be your best course of action.

  18. There’s always someome defending the trash

  19. Even if the guard talked to her in a tone she didn’t like, she should have respect for herself and kill it with kindness instead of looking like a fool. Be the better person, you come out the winner in the end.

  20. She’s a disgrace to society. Why should she live for free & walk around acting like that?

  21. Moonie Lucciani they tryna do you smh

  22. I’ve had to snap on people before it’s funny about a video you only see one side people are eager to judge though it’s built in our DNA

  23. Also not everyone at the publicAid office is jobless. Or living free

    • people are ignorant to the fact that living life gets hard and they are the lucky ones apparently they never needed help I mean they couldn’t of never needed help with the amount of proudness they have to talk crap about people that do its asinine . I know plenty of people I WORK with that need help due to the fact that they don’t make enough there fore they are living off their own taxes .. also we pay change out of our checks CHANGE every month to help feed people. don’t go patting your self on the back about change.

    • They better just hope that one day they won’t need assistance at one point in time and I hope that there won’t be people like them to judge the next one for help what do people think the assistance is for I’m so tired of people saying public aid is for people who don’t want to work um do a lil research they help they elderly disabled and provide all different types of services for children but say they didn’t go get the services that are provided and they go out and get it by any means necessary they would then turn into low life thugs right

  24. Gimmie my money… I don’t need this work shit!!

  25. Lmao this is what you call “TRAAAAAASH!”

  26. I’m so tired of seeing people talk about jus cuz u get public assistance ur jobless and need to get off their ass and do something well here let me fucking tell u I work my ass off daily working as many as hours as possible to support my children but wit the way dis economy is set up my full time job isn’t enough I receive food stamps so wat wats the big problem my tax money goes to it to don’t ever judge a book by it’s cover jus cuz u will see me at da DHS office doesn’t mean I’m some jobless low life dat jus wants to live off the state AS I WORK FOR MINES AND WORK HARD AF AT THAT

    • Did you really use ” dis” and ” dat” being serious? You do realize that no respectable human speaks that way, and you have children so there are going to grow up talking like that… smh… you probably think talking like a wannabe is cool though. Lol… i work and pay my bills and don’t need assistance… hmmm… and actually your tax dollars don’t pay for any assistance… you should educate yourself.

      • There are plenty of human beings that I and many others respect who also use dis and dat when typing a comment on social media. It’s the same as using smh, which I noticed in your comment. And what, exactly, does she wannabe? Which, btw, is another word that can be grouped with the others you have bashed her for using. And good for you that you don’t need assistance….for now. Just remember that anything can happen to change your circumstances in an instant. Anyway, I’m stepping down off my soapbox. I just had to comment because I’m sick of seeing people talk crap to someone behind a monitor because they like to start shit or are just a big asshole! Bet you wouldn’t say it to her face!

    • Here let me do this for you since you want to sit here and talk shit. I don’t talk like a “wannabe” as you say. I speak the way I do because it’s social media I do not have to use proper English on here. And educate myself? I’m very well educated and congratulations you don’t need assistance but not everyone is fortunate in that way some of us do need a little bit of help. So before judging someone on the way they speak on social media or judging them on the fact that they do need some help worry about yourself. My kids are just fine and educated them selves as well my kids should never be brought up in anything you have to say considering you don’t know me nor do you know them. So before opening your mouth to judge someone think about it. Didn’t your parents ever teach you to think before you speak? I honestly hope that your kids nor your grandchildren will ever have to be on assistance because you will judge them just as much as you are quick to judge someone you know nothing about Now have a great night I know I will

  27. I’m judging by the fact you used the words wit and dis

  28. Never you mind | August 2, 2016 at 2:53 pm | Reply

    You earn respect. Shut up and sit down

  29. Ppl need to grow the fk up… This was childish wanna talk about they was treating her childish well yeah she was acting like it… She’s there to get there help get food for her baby’s and she fk all that up cuz of her hood loud mouth actions SMH.. poor baby’s and shame on her..

  30. Betta put some respek on it!

  31. Why are there idiots over here sticking up for this trash bag? No one is claiming everyone that gets assistance is trash but I know for damn sure I can’t talk like this at work so why should she get to talk like this for free shit? If you can’t act like a civilized human being applying for assistance from taxpayers you don’t fucking deserve a dollar from our hard earned money.

  32. Regardless of what happened before this video she shouldn’t ever act this way to people that are working making a paycheck to pay for her FREE shit. Ungrateful pieces of shit! She going to call them robocops but they’re out working & providing for their families.

  33. Caity Tha Jeweller Lavaughn Miller

  34. There is another video of this from another angle and longer

  35. You are a child since you need someone to pay for your food.

  36. First of all if your using link or any type of welfare your ass should be humble asf. One way or another during our lives we make decisions that can ultimately lead up to either needing or not needing financial assistance. Therefor it’s your fault you have to get link (unless of course you have a physical or mental diagnosis that keeps you from working certain jobs and doing other things of the sort).

  37. If you have to live off welfare or any other type of financial assistance 9 out of 10 it’s your fault one way or another. Be humble you snotty cunt

  38. Bitch ass rent a cop lmao that’s funny

  39. Still unnecessarily rude! I would have arrested her ass

  40. entitled…..see that poor kid next to her listening to her rant

  41. Oh and by the way….those rent a cops…..have a job

  42. Lashaunda would’ve jumped in if Shaniqua would’ve hit that security guard . And the Lashawntay would’ve rolled up in there 7 deep lol .

  43. Common decency tells you not to act that way in public .

  44. Nobody on this status would have did shit but get slapped the fuck up

    • exactly girl like I said before the camera caught one side a person can only be pushed so much if someone acts ignorant towards someone they cant get mad cause lord forbid a black women gets caught on camera being rightfully mad she is always wrong simple as that and God forbid she be on assistance she(black or not) automatically is a leach that doesn’t work and should be grateful for being degraded in the public aid office because she get such n such amount a month in assistance that everyone complaining about contributes CHANGE yes cents out of each check. they probably have more change in their couch or purse then they give to assistance every year ..

  45. Public aid has security guards?????

  46. Public aid has always had security guards. It’s like WWE and cage wars in that place most days.

  47. With that kind of an attitude she is unemployable. Her mom was probably on public aid, she will be on public aid for ever and her kids will be on public aid.

  48. Taquila Pearson Teaira Brown Takina Perkins Reina LaFlare Kinnizha Perkins Dezandra Mapp Ashleigh Cason Natika Luvnmytwo Stevenson I can’t stop laughing

  49. Anyone know who this is?

  50. Chelsea Rehman here’s the post with the video

  51. Linda Lou Barbee, quiet day at the office? Lmao

  52. She probably hasn’t been able to hang on to any “customer service” jobs. That’s probably why she’s at the welfare office.

  53. And again Springfieldilexposed!! Reporting about some stuff they know nothing about!! Where is the fight at!??? And did you forget to respond back to the negative std test you reported about another young lady a couple days ago!??

  54. When you have to be told how to behave in public that makes you a child. When you are on the receiving end of the the taxpayers handout you need to shut up and be grateful for what this country is giving you. When you are so demonstrative and needing to call attention to yourself you need to be banned until you can show respect Lastly you owe everyone in that office an apology for your bad behavior.

  55. That’s some straight clown shit..lmfao sometimes you gotta let people know what’s up but she went to far and her voice deep as hell I thought that was a grown ass man lmao..SuperTrashy

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