VIDEO: Saturday 8/13/2016 IL State Fair Fight

Just a short video of a small little fight at the Illinois State Fair last night.

The Illinois State Police took control fast and the fight was broken up.

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136 Comments on "VIDEO: Saturday 8/13/2016 IL State Fair Fight"

  1. there is always a fight at the fair

  2. Pure ignorance…. All of them… On top of the fact some little skank kicked somone while they were on the ground… Embarrassing…

  3. Punks, real tough guys kicking him when he’s down. Even the girl getting her stupid ass involved. Pathetic.

  4. I didn’t see 1 white person in that whole video

  5. Leave it at them being ignorant don’t make it a racial issue thanks

  6. should of heard the younder black crowd standing around screaming black lives matters… shit was embarrassing taking my kids to have fun and enjoy rides and that’s what we heard for an hour and a half straight was black lives matters take that shit to some where on the east side and act retarded over that way…

    • Aw because the east side is just full of ignorant black people and theres noone tht lives over ther with common sense aw ok and do you kno the reason for all this happening ok didnt think so

    • i dont really give a fuck why all this is happening i stay in my own lane, make my own money and raise my family to know right from wrong jumping someone is pussy shit and thats what ignorant motherfuckers do… half the fucking idiots in this video dont even know how to tie their shoes or pull up their fucking pants and act accordingly in piblic… why dont u get a job,pay ya bills and raise ur own to know right from wrong and if u got issues be a man go to they house and handle that shit one on one like real grown motherfuckers do thats how we handled shit in the 90s….i aint never racist little buddie..

  7. Only pussies go and kick someone while they are down and then run.

  8. Leave it to a bunch of lames to jump someone at the fair.

  9. Blacc Jackson here ya go

  10. You guys don’t have anything better but than to talk down on people and don’t even know the reason like gfoh

    • Right mf be quick to an opinion but don’t no the reason

    • Exactly I would’ve done the same thing and all of y’all that’s disrespecting that girl I hope somebody spit on y’all and I hope your children don’t grown up to be like you cause y’all just ignorant and disgusting humans

    • There should be NO reason, NO excuse to kick someone in the face while they’re on the ground. Or start shit at the fair period. Let’s all risk going to jail, make everyone’s night shitty including the cops that had to be there to break it up. Complete and utter ignorance. These are all teens, probably fighting over some petty shit that they’ll never remember. Risking getting arrested and having that on their record. But the people calling it ignorance are in the wrong? doesn’t matter what the situation was, it was stupid.

    • First off I don’t know you so you CAN move tf around tf and second off so its okay for them to make racial comments against black people NO !! So the next time you comment on my stuff I will gladly report your page because you probably weren’t even there and I have no problem with reporting anyone’s page so like I said move tf around tf I have the freedom of speech but I also have the freedom to punch anybody are there consequences Yea sure but weather you do it or not is your choice and they choose to it wasn’t you so y you worried about it

    • Report my page for what? it’s not an argument. It’s a statement. A fact. Fighting in public is ignorant and irresponsible. I WAS there. Took my happy ass the other way the second people started running towards it because I want no part of teenage ignorance. I said nothing about people’s racist comments being okay. They’re just as ignorant.

    • So then stop talking move around you act like one of them

    • If my home boys jumped on someone for disrespecting me best believe I’m gonna get a few licks in too. Fighting is not cool but if you disrespect me like they did her I would knock their ass out too

  11. The fact they didnt lnow what was going on and still saying some racist

  12. I stg & calling us ignorant when they ain’t no better

  13. What if it was yall and black ppl said yall couldnt fight or something

  14. Rite being racist asl and don’t know shit about what happened foh man

  15. So yall can stfu and keep yall opinions to yall selfs

  16. And yall tlking about dude getting jumped when he ran up and started swinging on ppl

  17. Should’ve been no damn fighting in the first place. Fighting in public over anything is just pathetic and ignorant period. The racist comments were completely ignorant too. I was there when people started running past me to go see the fight, there were people of all races. Cops of all races. Had nothing to do with race.

  18. Let keep tally on how many times someone puts 100

  19. Y’all give yourself a label white black you learn that it doesn’t matter we all bleed red I’m not white I refuse to give myself a label we all have names my name is David Feagans not a color

  20. This doesn’t happen at the county fair.

  21. I’ve been in enough fights at the county fair because all those small town girls think they are tough just because they are tough in their little town or group. As a youngster I cleared quite a few broads at the county fair

  22. Rünn Üp Møntè

  23. Its not like yall never seen a fight or been in one in a public place not all black ppl fight in public places some avoid it but yall bringing color in it doesn’t make sense

  24. Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
    And another
    Is finally
    And permanently
    And abandoned –
    Everywhere is war –
    Me say war.

    That until there no longer
    First class and second class citizens of any nation
    Until the colour of a man’s skin
    Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes –
    Me say war.

    That until the basic human rights
    Are equally guaranteed to all,
    Without regard to race –
    Dis a war.

    That until that day
    The dream of lasting peace,
    World citizenship
    Rule of international morality
    Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
    But never attained –
    Now everywhere is war – war.

    And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
    that hold our brothers in Angola,
    In Mozambique,
    South Africa
    Sub-human bondage
    Have been toppled,
    Utterly destroyed –
    Well, everywhere is war –
    Me say war.

    War in the east,
    War in the west,
    War up north,
    War down south –
    War – war –
    Rumours of war.
    And until that day,
    The African continent
    Will not know peace,
    We Africans will fight – we find it necessary –
    And we know we shall win
    As we are confident
    In the victory

    Of good over evil –
    Good over evil, yeah!
    Good over evil –
    Good over evil, yeah!
    Good over evil –
    Good over evil, yeah

  25. Half yall dumb @$$ people on here dont kno why tf they fightin its all over family goofies now wat yall gotta say huh is you finna let someone talk about yo family and disrespect yall aw ok then stfu

    • what was said and done was disrespectful to these children and then for the young man to walk up swinging in a big crowd like that is just a reaction waiting. sometimes these kids stand up for what they believe in and to disrespect someone dead mother is just low. he got what he deserved.

    • Thank you finaly somebody tht actually knows wth is going on

  26. I’ve been jumped a few times it doesn’t matter what the race of the jumpers are it sucks either way.

  27. People talk shit all the time. You’ll never stop it. The biggest insult you can give is to ignore someone like they don’t exist. Who cares if they are talking about your family? Ignore it. Takes thier validation away.

    And for the record there are plenty of trashy dumbass white people here in Springfield. Race doesn’t matter.

    Teaching your kids that violence isn’t ok is what matters.

  28. Dont matter tlk about mine you gettin touch.

  29. Let my kid do some trashy ass shit like thIs or let me see them talkin shit or disrespecting adults online, because they chose to be idiots and not only act like dumb Asses in public, but to ruin other peoples nights and potentially hurting someone else …. I would beat the shit out of her ! But than again I raise mine right so it wouldn’t happen ☕️

  30. Eastside, northend, it’s all the same…

  31. Hey this almost fits my snapchat this morning

  32. All we are saying is give peace a chance

  33. all we r saying is kno the facts before u judge

  34. Smh Why don’t you ignorant people make the news for doing something positive like a good deed or doing something heroic.

  35. Just a whole bunch of hoodlums! Pure ignorance! No wonder why we can’t never have anything nice. A bunch of idiots always find a way to show their ignorance and mess things up!Just sad and pathetic!

  36. DrunkenDave Detzburg | August 14, 2016 at 8:25 pm | Reply

    This ignorant bullshit, coupled with the horribly high prices, are why people stay home. If i want to watch a bunch of supposed “street bad asses” make fools of themselves, I’ll watch Springer and save my $10 admission, thanks.

  37. Who really gives a fuck? Its a fuckin 2 second fight. Boo fuckin hoo! The world would be so much better if everybody wasn’t so damn sensitive and everybody minded they own business. Let’s all try it out. I’ll start!

  38. There was a great video from the Decatur Celebration involving a flying Turkey leg and a whole lot of braids, also oddly enough by the carnival rides. I wonder if the noise and lights affect their brains. And just as a sidebar – what was with the one wearing the light blue socks and the flip flops? That was more heinous than the fight!

  39. I don’t condone violence. But everyone bitches if they fight with their fists ,,,but yet turns around & bitches if they use a weapon. Honestly I would rather see a fist fight then hear about someone being shot. I’m sure alot if you that are commenting got into fights when y’all were younger. Yes I said y’all!!!

  40. Stooopid niggers

  41. Fighting solves nothing but these children won’t understand that. Their parents didn’t teach them any better and more than likely just as childish.

  42. Wow…I cant believe what I watched or what I read. Fighting in public is uncalled for,its dangerous! Innocent people/children can easily get hurt. As far as those making racial comments,you are just as ignorant as the kids on the video who were fighting! And to address the man who stated white people don’t jump people…really?!?!? I’ve seen plenty of white trash in my day act a fool in public, jump people, take sucker shots, etc. I’ve seen it at the fair, I’ve seen it frequently at Fair concerts, and I’ve seen it at plenty of bars in springfield!

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