VIDEO: Lisa Mann Ready To Fight? With A Car Full Of Kids & A Gun!!

Remember out story earlier today on this lovely woman!?
Springfield MEN & WOMEN BEWARE Of Lisa Mann

Boy this woman is something else! Check out this user submitted video moments after our story was aired!

Boy Springfield you guys are just keeping it classy!

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25 Comments on "VIDEO: Lisa Mann Ready To Fight? With A Car Full Of Kids & A Gun!!"

  1. White fucking trash , bitch should of been shot down the drain instead of her moms nasty twat

  2. They all sound pretty intelligent

  3. Only in the field that trash like this evolves…. The reason for abortion

  4. What great role models

  5. But the video ain’t show her the kids or the gun just they ass yelling in the street. Yall still haven’t shown any proof she even has hiv and it would be a shame if this site is assassinating This Woman’s character off the word of somebody else without it.

  6. They need some Jerry, Maury and a whole lot of Jesus. ..

  7. Yall stupid af wait on it yall gonna feel dumb as fuck

  8. For one Keyser nobody just walks up on somebody and starts filming them right in there face some people may act like trash but they are not stupid like u thank before u speak and if the bitch got aids it’s going to get know out there that she does

  9. She shouldnt jump out on ppl then jump bk n car n dip to bring 12 ppl bk jbh

  10. They all seem like some classy individuals lol

  11. Whether or not she has HIV, she is still ridiculous for acting this way WITH HER KIDS!! And then she will wonder why DCFS is knocking on her door.. Wanting her to take a piss test and asking to search her house..

  12. The only people that should feel dumb are the ones living their lives like dirt bags… And trying to use teenage language when they are clearly not a teenager. ..

  13. Who doing all the yellin? And where the hell was she?

  14. It takes five minutes to get results from a aids test jsaying……wat are we waiting on

  15. Nasty Nigger Loving White Whores #WPWW

    • But why does she have to be a n***** loving anything why can’t you just love him she loved why does it always have to come to the race card then you people get mad when you’re called out of your name Chris Rockefeller

  16. Nasty trashy people

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