#Update To Springfield IL Exposed Facebook Page Ban! Springfield IL Exposed Publishing Files Suit!


Hello Everyone!

It’s Randy I know you don’t hear too often from me anymore, but wanted to bring you an update straight from my desk.

As most of you are all aware of our Facebook Fan Paged was banned a second time around 11:45PM CDT on Monday November 9th, 2015.

Thankfully from learning from previous mistakes all our content was on this website (www.SpringfieldILExposed.com) and we didn’t lose any content or even comments! Sadly though we did lose all the “Likes” which were helpful in getting our messages out to everyone.

Currently Facebook Legal and our organization are working to get the problem resolved and the old page reactivated. When that is said and done we will merge the new page (Click Here!) and the old page so all the new likes and content go back to the old page.

At first I told the Administration staff here not to worry about creating a new page in the meantime since it would be pointless, but after hours of debate we all agreed that we should as many of you remember us for only being a Facebook Page not a website.

Few things I want to remind everyone of, first all the old stories (links) that you shared on your social media platforms are STILL VALID. The way I set this website up was incase Facebook ever did ban us that all the content we share links right back to the website, nothing at all is hosted on Facebook servers. Second, no matter what happens with Facebook you can always come directly to our website and view up to date information. And Third, Thank You for all of yours continued support, even though we had no Facebook Page traffic to the website yesterday was still within normal ranges.

Now Facebook Banned the Page for “Bullying & Harassment” this time WITHOUT any WARNING. Per the Facebook Community Standards (​ https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards​ ) ​ “We define private individuals as people who have neither gained news attention nor the interest  of the public, by way of their actions or  public profession “.

When looking at the above-referenced excerpt from Facebook’s Community Standards (which was referenced in Facebook’s notice to us), our posting(s) cannot be defined under that section.

Springfield IL Exposed Publishing operates a news media website defined under the Illinois Statutes. Our Facebook page shared “links” to our content found on our website  SpringfieldILExposed.com.

Springfield IL Exposed Publishing DID NOT violate any of the Terms of Service of Facebook

Springfield IL Exposed Publishing has grown in the recent months since the first time Facebook “unpublished” our Page. We learned from the mistakes, and moved our company to a more traditional media source as defined by Illinois Statutes instead of what we originally started as a  “Gossip Rag”.

While we hope to amicably resolve this issue as soon as possible, we are filling a complaint with the 7th Judicial Court of Sangamon County Illinois tomorrow to speed up the issues and let Facebook know we mean business. Naturally even being who we are its damn near impossible to reach a “Live Person” with Facebook who has any control. By filling suit it will let us get involved directly with Facebook Legal and come to a reasonable resolution for both parties, instead of our emails being returned with the same generic reply.

I again appreciate everyone for their continued support and loyalty. If you ever want to reach out directly to me Email me! by click that link.

Make sure to “Like” the new page in the meantime.

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