Unscreened Employees Working In The Sangamon County Jail!?

In 2007 there were several deaths in the Sangamon County Jail. A medical study of the jail’s medical department was done by Chicago Based Doctor Ronald Shansky around that time. The Sangamon County Board at the request of then Sheriff Neil Williamson in 2008 terminated its 3 year contract with Health Professionals Ltd. of Peoria only 9 months into it. At that time the County hired Advanced Correctional Health Care (ACH) out of Peoria.

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Records obtained from the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office shows they have only screened 8 employees for ACH since ACH took over operations at the jail. There is currently over 8 employees from ACH that work in the Sangamon County Jail. When asked about this the Jail’s Assistant Superintendent Terry Durr stated in an email to Director Michael Walton in the Sheriff’s Office “I gave you what I could find.”.
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Upon review of a active/non active report with the jail in regards to ID Badges issues to the ACH Employees you will see that there are 29 names on it, 6 being listed active. This list still isn’t a full list of ACH employees who have or are currently working in the Sangamon County Jail according to several sources who have first hand knowledge with the jail.
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Lets get this straight in 6 years the county screened 8 ACH employees to work in the jail. They provided a list of 29 employees 6 who are active and only 1 of those active employees have been screened.

Who is working in the Jail? The county not screening employees is very scary, as employees are not searched before entry into the jail. Though the Medical Staff has no contact with inmates without a Correctional Officer present, the risk of passing contraband is very high, and this risk increases more when the Jail is not screening people working in the building.

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  1. I know for sure that one of the people on the id badge list is a convicted felon for controlled substance. Not sure how she got her LPN liscense.

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