Ugly, Drug-Loving Prostie

What ever happened to this ugly slam pig? She was the permanently orange, chunky, bleached blonde Oompa Loompa fixture lurking around the bars in downtown Springfield several years ago. She supposedly had lots of money and “flaunted it” with her designer knock-off, cheap-looking outfits/accessories that looked like they came from Walmart. She drank a lot and supposedly had a pill problem. She got her tits done, moved away to Nebraska or somewhere, and supposedly got married and had a baby, but all the while was smoking crack or meth and hooking to support her habit. Supposedly she has moved back to Springfield, but hasn’t been spotted in the wild. Maybe she’s holed up in a trailer somewhere smoking God knows what? She claims she’s a former model and dancer, but if you look at this creature’s FB pictures, she doesn’t have any professional pictures, only heavily filtered, dirty bathroom selfies or pics taken in other trashy surroundings. Her hair, skin and makeup look like shit and her FB posts consist of incoherent rants about random things or her claiming she’s self-conscious. She has tons of comments about how sexy she is on her photos, but they all seem to come from desperate and dirty old men or weird foreigners. There was some posts about her on The Dirty, a gossip site, talking about how much of a cracked out mess she is. She also posted a cropped picture of herself giving head on her FB Page. Almost every picture she posts has her doing the duck face, but then again, when she smiles, it’s not any improvement. Whatever happened to this class act?

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6 Comments on "Ugly, Drug-Loving Prostie"

  1. I like her little pot belly. Men know what causes that. A protein filled diet. Sign me up!

  2. I would ttoatally smash that

  3. Snarky McSnark | February 6, 2018 at 11:24 pm | Reply

    Wow. I was on that other post remarking about how nobody knows what a real whore is these days, I was wrong. This bimbo has it all: fake tits, massive duck face, obvious poor life decision making skills, a drug habit, everything you want in a good whore. Hell, she even tans! Now THAT is attention to the little details of whoring right there folks. I didn’t see the booty shorty with something wrote across her ass but i bet she owns four pairs at least. Now go, and do NOT return until you have the Sacred Noods.

  4. She was all over backpage. Not hot enough to strip. Bust down lol

  5. Snarky McSnark | February 8, 2018 at 3:43 am | Reply

    other than the whoring, she’s, Jack Mehoff, but add 10-15 years to that face. this bitch’ll be sitting down at the Illinois Tap “accidentally” brushing her sagging tits on the regulars on 50 cent draft day hoping for a few free beers. That cute lil’ pot belly won’t be cute or little by then, it’ll be a full-on guzzle gut. all that tanning and she’ll be wrinkled like dry leather. deffo a hit it and quit it situation if you even bother.

  6. The last I heard, she was “engaged” for five years to some man over in Albania who wasn’t even real. He was a catfish profile!! And while she was “engaged”, she was living with some scumbag sex offender and got pregnant by him. But she was so unfit to be a mother that she never got custody of the baby, he was taken away from her at birth and has been raised by the father’s family. Nobody has seen or heard front Ashley in a year and a half. My guess is that she is dead and decomposing somewhere, probably from a drug overdose or from being killed by a john. The crazy part is I remember saying 12 years ago that one day she would end up strung out on skid row. Looks like I was right all along!!

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