Two Students Allegedly Brought Guns To Lanphier High School Today, Intending To “Shootin Da School Up”

In the world we live in today we feel obligated to share this story. Years ago the fear behind allegations like this wouldn’t be as alarming, but today its a new age.

Today a freshman student reached out to a former staff member they felt comfortable with. The student told this adult that two male students by the initials K.L & J.G brought firearms to Lanphier High School, with the intent of shooting the school up.

The staff member told the student to reach out to the administration, that something must be done. This conversation was then reported to us, and we have forwarded the concern onto the proper authorities.

Here is the problem, we had to weigh out whether to tell the public or not. Our administration staff decided to air this story only to bring further light to the situation. We have faith in our Local Police Department and the School Administration that they will investigate this and make sure the students are safe.

We ask that everyone be calm, and to direct any questions to the school administration. We have asked for comment back from the administration, and at the time of this posting nothing has been returned.

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130 Comments on "Two Students Allegedly Brought Guns To Lanphier High School Today, Intending To “Shootin Da School Up”"

  1. WTF…… What happened to the schools calling the parents to inform them that their child was in a unsafe situation?

  2. Well like I’ve been telling everyone. I’ve asked my dad who works there, his assistant, she called a security officer, and another employee said it didn’t happen. I’m wondering if it’s a rumor.

  3. According to other students that supposed to happen at lunch tomorrow because they chickened out today

  4. If this was true, parent’s would parent’s be notified? Plus, why wasn’t it on the news?

  5. Colby Gibson Leia Libben Gibson

  6. At this time we know no lock down status was issued. Unsure on arrests. It is our understanding the students may not even have been caught but it was known their intention and according to one student a gun was confirmed. Since posting this several students have confirmed the names via the initials. The police department is not answering any questions.

    • They do not notify until school is out do to not wanting the parents to panic and rush to the school they did get the kids and there was 3 guns recovered from a locker several students went to administration about it they told the students the sage word was grey

  7. I heard about it earlier today from a parent but they were unsure of any names or exactly what happened

  8. Niki Blair Even if its a rumor someone needs to address it to calm parents down,its been talked about since this morning and the News nor the school have addressed it. These days you just can’t take the chance…

  9. “According to other students that supposed to happen at lunch tomorrow because they chickened out today”

  10. My daughter goes there and said a shooting was planned to happen on b lunch I’m not happy I would have like to be notified my daughter has b lunch

    • My kids go there also.They told me when they got home from school.I told them if they ever feel unsafe to leave and call me.I would rather have them unexcused then shot.

  11. Jessie Ferry dont Maleckei Dougherty go there

    • When my daughter texted me and told me I not only called the Springfield Police and Lanphier only to be told it was handled and they refused to tell me how, I asked to talk to someone in Admin and they yelled at me and to me she had o clue what I was ta;ling about. Now this

  12. Glad I got my kids out of 186

  13. Yes the people of Springfield needs to see what is really happening at our schools

  14. Welp guess I could’ve died today lol

  15. Well I’ll know first thing in the morning. I told my dad to ask Mr Doss, the principal.

  16. This should be aired! To much crime and such is never let out to the public! That’s bull! We have a right to know!

  17. Niki Blair no offense but obviously something happened not all these kids and parents would know if it was just a story. Sure the details may be lacking but we know their was atleast something that sparked this and the school failed to notify anyone even if it was only to tell them hey guys this is a false alarm… Just my two cents.

    • Thank you! Like I said,this story has been all over fb since this morning,even if it is a rumor they should have addressed it at some point today. Something had to have happen,no way its been all over fb since this morning if NOTHING happened…..

    • So you don’t feel as if you could be duped by a couple high schoolers pulling a senior prank?

      You can’t cover something like this up, scanner traffic wouldn’t go unnoticed. Initial calls would be on standard frequencies before they even went to encryption.

    • Even if this was a “prank” it still needs told!! How many school shootings have there been in this world?? Most could have been prevented if someone told or parents were aware!

    • Freshman don’t usually pull “senior pranks” until they are seniors

  18. Honie Forshee-Hinds Matt Hinds. Did you guys hear about this

  19. I respect your opinion. I do know a lot of what goes on however, I’ve worked for them, both my parent’s do, my dad works at Lanphier. He wears the same radio the principal does, assistant principal, security…etc….
    I just find it odd that four employees know nothing about it….makes no sense…js

  20. We need metal detectors NOW . Like we needed them yesterday

  21. You, as district 186 parents better put your foot down and get some answers. Don’t wait for it to happen… #ACTNOW

  22. Kristy Paoni
    Kendra LeAnn Paoni
    Cerria Paoni
    Kaylee Paoni
    Brooke Paoni

  23. I really hope it was nothing but it is sad this is what I have to worry about sending my children to school

  24. They only HAVE to notify you if it happened and IF they lock the school down, other than that they don’t tell anyone shit. But when my sister was there, she seen a kid pull a gun out in the hall and they locked the school down the moment she told a teacher

  25. My children went to lanphier they dont call the parents for anything.., i am not surprised

  26. They need to metal detect every person walking in the building tomorrow or have a day off so students & employees can be safe.
    Years ago at Washington Middle School there were 2 dead bodies on the playground & parents weren’t notified. They were busing students in while there were bodies on the playground.

  27. How do some of these comments say May 13th and its only the 12th

  28. Everyone have a good night and try not to worry! Hopefully all you parent’s get some answers!!!

  29. Leia Libben Gibson crazy glad you went and got your kids today such a sad world we live in.

  30. This is fucked up not even on the ten oclock news

  31. David Scroggins | May 12, 2016 at 10:08 pm | Reply

    Well I graduated from Lanphier 20 years ago. Back then when we had issues we would meet at McDonald’s and use our fists to solve our disputes. In today’s world most kids have kids as parents. And a severe lack of any type of home training. When I was punished I got my ass beat. What do you know I’m perfectly fine today. Smack a kid these days And you may as well of committed murder. Moral to this is I fault society and all of the political pansies for this type of dumb shit. You can’t beat your child’s ass but we will lock them up and abuse them daily and that’s ok. It would not surprise me in the slightest if the was a school shooting here though. District 186 is a complete waste of tax dollars on multiple levels. There’s maybe a dozen good educators in the whole bunch.

  32. Somebody needs to call News channel..20. And give them a pice of there mind.And the SPD

  33. Clearly it wasn’t a big enough concern because not one person is telling the same story. Kids say stupid shit all the time. Rumors fly especially at schools with big numbers. I’d honestly wait it out because if it were a huge concern or true it would be on the news they wouldn’t miss that type of publicity or coverage.

  34. When my daughter texted me and told me I not only called the Springfield Police and Lanphier only to be told it was handled and they refused to tell me how, I asked to talk to someone in Admin and they yelled at me and to me she had o clue what I was ta;ling about. Now this

  35. Alannah Wilson Liberty Wilson Smh See how bad it’s getting and how they lie about the truth. These schools suck. Someone needs to lose their job over this BS I’m sure some of the parents knew only because their children had their cell phones. Pitiful

  36. Carrie Bale Dustin and Dylan’s futures!!!!

  37. Why are parents not made aware of anything that may involve our kids? My son goes to Lanphier. I am so sick of this garbage!

  38. My daughter, who goes to LHS just called me and knows both of the boys names, they wanted to kill Mr. Williams and they was not arrested and sent home for the day???

  39. Some of you need to go & sit in on a freshman English class.

  40. I just think it’s fucked up how 186 is all about keeping our kids safe but yet not a single parent was notified.. Sounds fishy. The obviously don’t care if we know if a school gets shot up or not. What the fuck is going on

  41. My baby goes her to I’m scared to send her to school tomorrow

  42. Springfield never use to be like this 🙁

  43. District 186 is a joke! They have “drills” regarding codes like this.

    People go to jail for having a “pellet” gun concealed in their car, or on their person, yet nothing has been done about this. When a report like this is made it should be taken completely seriously as fact, not speculation. It’s great to know, in black and white, that the district doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about our children.

    WTG A-holes!

  44. I know one thing I don’t appreciate is the title.
    Shootin da school up.
    Now what’s up with that.
    I could say something but I won’t unless provoked.

  45. A little more ass whooping at home…alot less little gun toting pussies running around threatening the innocent. Kids these days are so misguided.

  46. I love the comments of “the parents of the kids who brought the guns and made threats should have done something about this.” No shit? I can tell you those parents more than likely are letting their children do as they please. Or here’s a thought, maybe they should have raised their children right. Some children make stupid decisions on their own, most just were raised in that way of life. We don’t need metal detectors in schools. We need to raise our children to not become shitty young adults that bring guns to school.

  47. Its really sad how ignorant these kids are. Yes go ahead and ruin. Innocent peoples lives bcuz u have no clue about the world ur so mad at for no reason. Do sum good n b a role model not a bunch of freakn clowns!!!!

  48. James T Pirate | May 13, 2016 at 6:18 am | Reply

    They dont notify people of anything, the school has been on lockdown 2 or 3 times already this year and we were only informed because my kid called me. I called the admins and they blatantly denied it, i called channel 20 because of the denial and nothing was televised. My police scanner confirmed 2 of the lockdowns. Ill just say it, my taxdollars do not ONLY pay for me to be notified “if something happens”. My child having to be sprayed at by guns before the school “has to notify anybody” is bullshit. Period.

  49. Julia Ford Hollenback

  50. My freshmen year there we was all told that “emo” kids were going to shoot up the school, I didn’t even go to school because we didn’t know if it’ll happen or not. I wouldn’t risk sending my kid to school even if it’s just a rumor. Plus there are times where schools did get shot up & they thought it was just a rumor. So I rather play it safe than sorry.

  51. Who cares what day it is! It is absolutely heartbreaking to have to worry whether our children are safe when they’re at school.

  52. My son called me in his gym hour class begging me to come get him cause he didnt want to die and all the kids were calling their parents to. I called Mr Williams and he told me that it was being investigated and being dealt with. My son has b lunch and gym with one of these students. I really hope the school takes this serious!

  53. My daughter goes there and said she heard someone was arrested off school property with a gun.

  54. I called the school this morning and it was investigated and they say it was a rumor. They did say the bumped up security as well.

  55. We need to get all parents to join together, and get something done. The fact is that threats were made to end life…. Call the school, and the superintendent, and whoever else, and make them do their job! Metal detectors should be installed asap, metal wands should also be used, lockers should be checked daily. We have to take control back of our schools!

  56. The school is not answering any questions…

  57. Happened few years ago

  58. Linda stoutamyer | May 13, 2016 at 9:08 am | Reply

    Just got a call from district 186….it’s all got blown out of proportion and no weapons were ever found.

  59. I just called and they answered all my questions then looked at their website this is posted there

  60. When I was in high school kids brought guns and knives to school. High school students, or anyone contemplating something like this would be smart enough to hide the weapons not on their person or in their possession. I can’t tell you how many times there were knives found in the trash cans in the gym when I went there. My cousin has gym class with one of these kids. Threatening murder or even contemplating it should be taken way more seriously. If my children went to LHS, they certainly wouldn’t be going to school today.

  61. Just got the call from the school too, no weapons found. There were text messages turned in but nothing found.

  62. I was told this morning that it was a rumor.
    Hope everyone is more at ease..

  63. What site is this from? No date..could have been years ago.

  64. If the school would handle the bullying situation in the confines of their school. Maybe the children under their care would not feel the need to vent their frustration at the lack of discipline that the schools administration doles out. When you are pushed, punched, slapped and ridiculed on a daily basis, and inform the staff, then nothing is either done or documented. What recourse do you have?
    I am not condoning the actions of the students involved, but realize that there could be more than just 2 kids, on a whim, deciding to do something stupid. Prejudice knows neither color or race. It only knows the pains it inflicts on those who are different or easily hurt.

  65. sick of spfld | May 13, 2016 at 1:38 pm | Reply

    I have a freshman at lanphier and heard NOTHING about this until I received a pre recorded message telling me that a couple kids were texting back and forth and there was a mention of a shooting during lunch. Other kids that saw the text, reported it. School called in law enforcement, they did a search, and no guns were found. I am so sick of these effin thugs, this town and let me guess, nothing will happen to the ones involved?

    • sick of spfld | May 13, 2016 at 1:57 pm | Reply

      ….and I saved the recording and she sounded nervous, kept messing up her words, correcting herself. Let’s just say that it wasn’t very convincing

  66. What or who is the original source of this information? Sounds like hearsay to me…

  67. I’m a freshman at LHS I was scared when I found this out, and when I found out they didn’t call parents that made me so mad, I texted my mom anyways about it even the didn’t.

  68. So we’re there guns found?

  69. Evelyn Young the School is saying it was just a prank.

  70. Hey WICS ABC Newschannel 20 talked about this finally on the 6pm news!

  71. I do not believe it was a prank they are just brushing it under the rug and I’m done and not allowing it

  72. Jami Lynn Walden Simmons a lot of people feel this way. Springfield Public Schools – District 186 what do you have to say about this?

  73. Brought to you first on – Exposed Publishing, NFP.

  74. Everything that you read on FB is not true. Quit being so gullible, people. I work at LHS and can tell you that if there WAS a threat, such as a weapon, we would have been placed on lockdown and parents would have been notified. The fact that we WEREN’T should give you a clue that this is a false report!!! Stop sharing this “story”. The 2 kids involved sent inappropriate text messages and they were dealt with. I realize that it is always best to err on the side of caution, but at least have the facts straight before you go throwing out blanket statements like “this is why my kid doesn’t go here”.

  75. It’s why my grandkids don’t go there, you also have kids running in front cars and middle of roads when school is let out and no one doing a thing! Also kids squealing tires as leave parking lot and even kids fighting! Yep that’s where I’d want my grandkids to go,NOT! Not setting very good examples!

    • I went to Springfield and it was vad there after school to if not worse. I went to Lanphier my first 2 years and then Springfield. It was worse at springfield because they didnt have a parking lot really. Drugs were super bad there as well. Every school has their problems. My kids go to Auburn and their are problems here too.

    • Misty Smith Cairy I am aware, but these issues need to go away. They need to be dealt with!

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