Two Men Arrested & Charged With Allegedly Murdering Two Dogs! Brock D. Coonrod & Donald A. Burke!!

AllegedDogKillersDonald A. Burke (Left) Brock D. Coonrod (Right)

The above pictured Riverton Residents were arrested on some horrific charges last month.

Both men are currently facing Charges of Aggravated Cruelty (Class 4 Felony) & Cruelty to Animals (Class A Misdemeanor). These charges are in relation a December 11th, 2015 incident were the men are accused of allegedly killing two pit bull dogs.

According to reports one of the men was being evicted and couldn’t take the pit bull with him to his new residence. He admitted to the police officer that he killed the dog because of this.
The other man doesn’t admit to it, though he does blame his brother for it…
One this is for sure someone killed the two dogs…
And tried to hide the bodies…

REST IN PEACE Copper & Xavier!!

Take a closer look at these guys…

Brock D. Coonrod DONALD A. BURKE
Donald A. Burke

Both men posted a $100,000 Cash Bond (10% did apply) and are currently out on our streets!


This isn’t the first case of Animal Abuse from Riverton recently..

Christina S. Roach Pleads Guilty To Violation Of Owners Duties (Animal Abuse/Neglect)

Though this case took Animal Abuse/Neglect to a whole new level…

We will keep you updated on the status of their cases’ as they progress within our criminal justice system.

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124 Comments on "Two Men Arrested & Charged With Allegedly Murdering Two Dogs! Brock D. Coonrod & Donald A. Burke!!"

  1. POS Fucking dirtbags!!!

  2. Wow are we fucking serious

  3. Big piece of shit’s!!!

  4. Michelle Niesman is that who I think it is??????

  5. Was gonna tag you in this

  6. Was this ever on the news or in the paper?

  7. Okay yes my dad & uncle made mistakes. They felt that was there fastest & best choice yes we all know it wasn’t okay but there is no reason it’s all over Facebook! Facebook isn’t the place for this. Now if you guys had a problem with it you could have private messaged them! So please & thank you stop talking BS about my dad & uncle Now have a nice life & carry on without worrying about my family ✌️

    • We are just sharing a new story the public needs to know about!

    • Fastest and Best choice? Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? One post in one of the Facebook pages would have had those dogs (at least a temporary) home that night with families that would have cared for them. They deserve whatever they get. AND I dont buy any of that I Love my dog bull shit. No way you really love your dog and then shoot it. AND furthermore, Facebook is the place for this. People need to know. Cause god forbid they walk into the APL trying to get another dog down the road, this may be the only way they know about this. They can fucking burn for all I care.

    • Here for the comments | January 6, 2016 at 4:29 pm | Reply

      I can not believe you would defend these two family or not. You are one sick person.

    • i agree with yo uJadyn Burke, this world has become crazy ,the news media will do anything to gossip, i mean there dogs for gods sake,prayers go out to you and your family, god is with you all,god bless

  8. Hope they get jailtime and the shit beat out of them!!!! Scumbags make me sick!

  9. Why is kasey canoys name blacked out but beau’s isnt. That’s rude as fuck.

  10. Now listen hear u dum ass mother fuckers for one thing u all need to get a life’s this is all bull shit guess what its Facebook believe it lmfao

  11. Well if you are going to publish then get all the facts straight

  12. Well the police reports are real , not fairytales asshole.scum bags

  13. Circuit clerk is public!!!

  14. Killing your dogs is not an “out” so you can have nothing to do with them anymore.

  15. Okay listen here who is behind this messy, petty page because I will slap every last one of you guys I’m tired of all this bs on Facebook! STOP WORRYING ABOUT MY FAMILY BEFORE WE HAVE SERIOUS ISSUES !

    • Here for the comments | January 6, 2016 at 4:31 pm | Reply

      I would not have to worry about your family if they were not murdering innocent dogs that have no way to defend themselves. I think you need to seek professional help about where your priorities lay.

  16. Why y’all wanna say shit on me and what’s up get real but not a dirty ass kasey canoy wish jh would

  17. What about Jansen Manuel the one who just got out on all charges

  18. Or johnny Howard fat ass

  19. Whomever runs this site is a joke and for those of you Kasey canoy is the name blocked over and over maybe ask her if she is ready to tell the truth or keep the lie going yes may be a police report but they are reporting what they were told by canoy

  20. Daniel Thompson Nick Thompson

  21. Aaron HeavyHandz Burke check your message requests our team reached out via Facebook messenger on December 19th and 27th

  22. If this wasn’t on the news then how did yall find out?! Who was running their mouth? How about you report that to someone

  23. None of u mother fuckers ant shit real talk come talk to me none of u guys have nuts

  24. RIP Zay. I hope you know you were loved by somebody buddy. Poor guy. He was the sweetest dog..

  25. Let’s get it mr Manuel u wanna know all know I’ll fight when where how bitct

  26. Only scum bags kill animals and move onto killing other things like people!! Someone shoot these fuckers

  27. Anyone who condones this is just as bad as the guy who did it. Boo hoo so they blacked out a name. You shoot a dog you should get your your ass beat. Hope they meet karma real soon.

  28. I think that those that have the most to hide, are the ones that chirp the loudest!

  29. I don’t got shit to hide real talk this is all bull shit

  30. How is what a police report states “bullshit”

  31. Here iam ask me what you wanna know

  32. Jus one quick question too stephanie, and beau are these the dogs u had when u worked for the tree company

  33. R these the dogs beau had when he worked for tree company

  34. I LOVE that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have shut up! lol

  35. Right..!!! They look as dumb as the two in the mugs. I want justice for my dog. And the other dog as well!!!

  36. Let’s hope they spend lots of time in prison!

  37. Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s murder the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another? Anyways though killing dogs is something I really don’t agree with regardless.

  38. Makes me sick. Both guys are nothing more than POS scum of the earth

  39. Sick! Absolutely awful!

  40. They could’ve ran an ad in craigslist for free

  41. Here’s the shirt that was found in my garbage can!!!

  42. I feel for you. I dogs are my babies

  43. I can’t even look at the pics, the one up top looks like my Tia 🙁 such a beautiful baby!

  44. Yes they need to be locked up that shit pisses me off ive known him for a long time and i woulda never thought that he would do something like this he has always loved dogs wtf

  45. The fact that they were getting evicted but still could afford bond speaks volumes..

  46. Bahahaha no shit. ^^^^^

    • Here for the comments | January 6, 2016 at 4:26 pm | Reply

      I think your family needs to find that invisible man in the sky. They are the ones murdering dogs.

  47. Pit Bulls are my life | January 4, 2016 at 2:23 am | Reply

    Aaron u need Jesus, I know for a FACT both dogs could have been placed in a home THAT NIGHT OR PRIOR TO. Supposedly one of u were supposed to take em to Peoria…. THERE IS NO EXCUSE, THOSE POOR INNOCENT BABIES COULD OF HAD A HOME IN ONE PHONE CALL

  48. Courtney Marquardt | January 4, 2016 at 4:02 am | Reply

    You had no right to do what you did. End of story! You speak of God but have no soul.

  49. You admitted to people that you did it but want to act like someone else did to the police. You need to open your eyes and stop telling lies. “Oh I buried him and gave him a head stone” your words not mine. Saw the pictures so that was a lie.

  50. What’s even more sad is nobody’s doing anything. If anybody knows where these guys stay message below…

  51. I think they should have to die like these poor dogs did.

  52. Dannette Cody | January 4, 2016 at 9:16 am | Reply

    As a dog/pit bull owner this disgusts me. …WTF is wrong with people?? Yhe world has gone mad! I think the punishment should fit the crime. ..better yet an eye for an eye. …someone should put a gun to their heads and make them pray for you to pull the trigger. Sick bastards. Hope the karma bus runs your asses over!

  53. I hope they get shot in the fucking head

  54. Fukin piece if shit….. You should of just killed yourself too

  55. I am just sick over reading this. There is always a option. Killing them is not one of them. Please do us all a favor and do not get anymore animals. U both should be ashamed of your self

  56. Jaydn stop defending your piece of shot dad and uncle. They deserve to be treated like they treated those dogs.

  57. Omg how awful! You will so get what you deserve you POS!

  58. Why can’t we spay and neuter white trash? It would end a lot of this kind of activity.

  59. It’s a whole family of fucking trash bags with no remorse! You just remember that what goes around comes around! I am outraged by this and will tell you every day what a low life piece of shit family you are and I will share, share, share so that everywhere you go some will recognize your disgusting ugly faces! Those poor pups should be alive and the you pieces of shit should have been shot and left in the woods like the trash you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. It’s sick that people are defending these 2! When is the next court date? We should all show up!

  61. They need done to them what they did to the poor baby’s. Omg this makes me sick to my stomach. I’m so sorry to whoever the dogs belonged to.

  62. It’s on the SJ-R today hope they get what they deserve!!!!!!! DIRTBAGS

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