“Tuna Girl” Lindsay L. Wilson Felony Retail Theft & More!

LindsayWilsonWho is this Lindsay Wilson? We keep hearing about her in emails, but her record isn’t that bad…

Ms. Wilson has been arrested only one time in Sangamon County and it was for Felony Retail Theft.

Why are several of the emails referring to her as “Tuna Girl”?

Hey Leo? Can you tell us whats up?

Email, Comment, or Message us your “Tuna Girl” stories!

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15 Comments on "“Tuna Girl” Lindsay L. Wilson Felony Retail Theft & More!"

  1. He’s a joke fr! Andddd ain’t nobody i fucked with told me I smelt like tuna… I mean I’m pretty sure they would of stopped fukn wit me after that! Right Krista Sheff!!

  2. Wtf Lindsay Wilson they trippin

  3. When my best friend gets put on Springfield exposed..lmao

  4. Right! I mean I was already on there once on Leo’s! Now my own! No way! Who gaf!

  5. Ben DelValley smells like fish make it a dish smells like cologne leave it alone lol!!

  6. I guess tuna wouldn’t be that bad but if it looks like a filleted fish. #niptuck

  7. Women y’all need to clean up them undercarriages lol

  8. Cory Kunz aint this your baby momma?

  9. County Records Show Class 3 Felony On Arrest Sheet Lindsay

  10. I think this chick is beautiful…just saying.

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