TOXIC Situation At Buffalo Wild Wings North Side!

So you may notice that Buffalo Wild Wings is doing a remodel on their store on Springfield’s North Side. (Buffalo Wild Wings (2808 N Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL))
2808 N Dirksen Pkwy
Springfield, Illinois 62702
Buffalo Wild Wings Location: (217) 670-0048

Now I have worked in construction for years, we never bring a hazmat team out for a simple remodel… During this “simple remodel” the employees are wearing HAZMAT Suits…


Rut Roh! What Is Going On Here!? – R

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25 Comments on "TOXIC Situation At Buffalo Wild Wings North Side!"

  1. Tf I worked here 3 years wtf is going on

  2. Lauren Mordacq bro… What even is this?

  3. This is a USER Submission, We did reach out to Buffalo Wild Wings Corp. and was told there is a remodel going on, but they are not sure why a hazmat team was on site. One of our staff drove by and saw it as well. Who knows what is going on.

  4. Commenting so I can see who’s gonna comment that works there

  5. The new hot sauce must be legit!

  6. Mark ‘K’ Benshoof tf???

  7. People get a grip!!! They are remodeling!!!

  8. Someone said that the suits were being worn because of insulation…. ?

  9. Don’t forget the lead paint lol

  10. This whole thing sounds incredibly suspicious.

  11. Guys there is nothing wrong with that building. I work there… it’s JUST a remodel

  12. April Mattsson look how dumb people are

  13. Sophorn Ashley- I thought this was Springfield, Mo for a second

  14. There were painters wearing respiratory mask.

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