Tiffany Nicole Dougherty Arrested For Violation Of An Order Of Protection, On Suicide Watch In Jail!

Tiffany Nicole Dougherty
Meet Tiffany Dougherty

Ms. Dougherty was arrested by the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly violating and order of protection.

According to police she went to her daughters school and was attempting to talk to her daughter outside of the school. Currently her daughter’s father has an active order of protection against Ms. Dougherty because of her house being raided last week by the Springfield IL Police Department. See (Theft of Property Over $10,000 & Possession Of Stolen Property – Nicholas A. Murray) for story on the raid.

According to the child’s father Jeffery Lantz during the raid “She left her kids on the streets and lied to the cops saying they were neighbor kids and then tried handing my kid her purse which contained k2 and the cops slammed my kid and put her in cuffs Luckily I did get a call cause no one else cared not even the mother or this pos. no she got out didn’t even bother to pick her kids up till the next morn!!! And hangs out with other pos till nicks free then allows him back around my kid!!”

Take a look at the police report in relation to her arrest…
Tiffany Nicole Dougherty1
No bond has been set head as the Judge signed it “Assessment Needed”.

Well guess she couldn’t “talk” her way out of this one…



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43 Comments on "Tiffany Nicole Dougherty Arrested For Violation Of An Order Of Protection, On Suicide Watch In Jail!"

  1. Sarah Kaiser Lindsey Spence

  2. Mario Gagliardi, isn’t this Heathers cousin??? The one that lived above us on Carpenter?

  3. Rita Montgomery Schnell

  4. Why is she in the green suit? That makes me kinda sad for the daughter because she’s probably so confused n torn

  5. Yes yes she is an a Lil hurt she’s doing fine I think she knows we are doing what we need to do out of love for her an her mom so pls no negative coments

  6. Id be freaking tf out if I was ordered away from my kids. I wouldn’t know how to act

  7. Hope it gets better!

  8. We understand why she is acting the way she is believe me but there’s always a wrong way an a right way to do it …..

  9. Bahaha. Springfield keeps it classy around here

  10. Now there’s a last name I’m sure is listed many times in the county clerks office criminal files

  11. Jamie Love Bennett look

  12. Susie Dougherty | May 20, 2016 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    That’s my mother and she is not a bad person, you guys are so rude . Always some damn lies.

  13. Susie Dougherty | May 20, 2016 at 9:09 pm | Reply

    But guess what you see my last name . Yeah we’re not bad people you guys just think it is. And she’s never been a bad mother maybe if people stay off her ass and leave her n my brothers n sisters alone you guys wouldn’t be running your mouths.

  14. When “Da Boss” goes to jail she is suicidal… Smh

  15. This sites bull shit why put people on blast like that

  16. Damn. Tiff why you gonna threaten suicide? Lol ok

  17. take out the trash sangamon county!!!!!!!

  18. This shit is nothing but drama and I feel bad for who ever createdhis page for the first mad motherdfucker to put hOt lead through their house cuz y’all posting shit someone don’t like. I pray for ya.

  19. Tic tac toe 3 in a row tiff nick n suck it puck it doin drugs n having 3somes together damn if i was a junky tht would b the life lhhhhh

  20. Dang. Haters all over this sight. One sided circumstancel crap. What happen to due process. I’ve fought cases and most don’t. This sight is a low budget tabloid.

  21. And now her fourteen years old daughter is pregnant mother allowed it

  22. I love her moist mouth

  23. Still in and out of jail with your daughter and her child and bd living of her mother with her youngest still trying to get child suppprt/drug money from me. Seems to me slot of you pos on here need to eat your words.. Told ya so piece of shit…………….

  24. Snarky McSnark | April 8, 2018 at 8:16 pm | Reply

    All i wanna know is who can i contact for a “Mother-Daughter Three Way” that will be into it 100% and both over 18?

  25. Still don’t have any of her kids she left them all with her mom so she can run the streets and dope it up and still wants child support from me let her daughter and grandchild to live off grandma and the baby dad yet still wants drug money I mean child support. Done all I could and now it’s gonna fall on you. Dirty ass worthless junkie … just got arrested again huh can’t stay clean get a job. But yet wants my money knowing I have 4 other kids that live with me that I support wow and this state is as fucked up on dope as you are ……….

  26. Still running the streets looking like a troll don’t have any of your kids oh and my child support was terminated haha goofy ass herrion addict can’t do shit but run the streets and take dick …. btw don’t come back after me for drug money you won’t win !!!!! Drug bag pos family !!!!!

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