Tiffany Dougherty DEAD!!!! ???

Several People have emailed into to us to tell us that Tiffany Dougherty is dead according to her Facebook page.

Take a look!
There hasn’t been an obituary in our local news paper….

Maybe its just a Facebook Glitch, but then again she was in a SUICIDE SUIT in the county jail a few weeks ago..  See ( Tiffany Nicole Dougherty Arrested For Violation Of An Order Of Protection, On Suicide Watch In Jail! )

We will let you know more when we know it!

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43 Comments on "Tiffany Dougherty DEAD!!!! ???"

  1. Sarah Kaiser don’t u know this girl?

  2. Um yes???? N I don’t believe so

  3. I sure hope not. N if so this would be shitty for her kids to see or find out

  4. Surely this isn’t true… I’m very good friends with her Aunts, and just seen one of them today and they didn’t say anything about it. I just texted both of them.

  5. I hope not she seems like a great girl!!

  6. This is ridiculous. This isn’t true and she has kids on Facebook. Please take this down.

  7. Kate Rogers-Medley we are just reporting what her Facebook page says…

  8. Okay, but you know as well as I do if Tiffany Dougherty was really gone this town would all know. There is no reason to post this for her children to see.

  9. You act like shes a celebrity or something…

  10. No, I act like enough people know her that it’s not something that would need reported on this page. Her kids have facebooks and could you imagine seeing this as a child?

  11. Well I’m sure they’ve seen the “Remembering Tiffany” headline on her page for a week now, this is nothing new….

  12. Wtf …Not cool , Why draw more attention & Drama ?

  13. This isn’t true at all….

  14. Every1 has issues, kids shouldn’t have a fb & if that’s what SHE post to her own wall then y is it an issue that it was shared?!

  15. My daughter is not dead you goofy freaks!

  16. Keep up the good work Spfld Exposed.
    “You act like she’s a celebrity or something”…love that response. People really do act like that quite often around here.

  17. All you people make yourself look dumb asf. She’s not dead like my grandma just said. & its disrespectful to say her kids shouldn’t have fb or social media all her kids wanted one & they made on their own time so next time someone wants to talk down on my moma go ahead & say it to our face . And if you don’t like the fact them kids have one then get tf on somewhere no body’s worried about you. & for everyone else why are you in her business. It’s her life not none of your guys business I don’t see any of you raising 9 kids . I don’t see y’all trying to make things better. I don’t see any of you asking if she’s okay. Nope cause none of you people care . You just care about talking shit.

  18. Sum1 is upset! How tf is it disrespectful for me to say a kid shouldn’t have a fb?! Kids shouldn’t period!! There’s too much involved in it, just like this story. Why would any1 worry about me n my opinion cuz idc if ya do, I’m still gonna state it.

  19. I know about 20 people that wouldn’t know if she were gone, because we don’t know here. So much for your whole town would know thing, huh?

  20. Maybe the old her is dead! You know the one that would like to use drugs and give her purse with drugs in it to a 12 year old girl during a police raid. Or maybe the Tiffany that would rob her friends blind and still everything they had in a heartbeat. You know the one that would make sure you were out of your house and then break in and act like you are still friends. Or maybe the snitch in her died you know the one that gets in trouble and doesn’t tell anybody then sits down with her Uncle who was in the dirt team and tells on everybody she knows. If that hurt his dead wouldn’t that be kind of cool maybe she could become an actual productive citizen and get a job. The boss life isnt for her lol

  21. She is not so you can take this down

  22. It’s sad to get on my fb to see that y’all are saying my mom is dead now what if she was that would be rong so take in down and this is coming from her kid

  23. I don’t want to see this

  24. Take this down her daughter is at her dad’s and if u found out that ur mom was dead on Facebook I bet u wouldn’t be very happy u would want to find out from a family member and this is not true PS bestfriend this is not true don’t let anyone fool u all she is trying to do is get u back not kill herself y’all sound dumber than a box of rocks

  25. It’s real simple folks, if you do not like what this Facebook page reports…. UNLIKE THE PAGE 🙂 problem solved

  26. Frfr my friends mom is not dead y’all goffys are dumb what if it said on Facebook that you were dead what would you say I’m not dead tf we think you are so take it down now please

  27. This ain’t true. I just seen her at the county building today lbs

  28. Would love to hear more stories on this nasty bitch out here stealing letting her kid sleep around and get pregnant in and out of jail. Herroin addicted slut!!!!!!!!!! We all know it’s true !!!

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