Things Need To Change! This City Is Falling Apart Fast!

I just want to say something about the guy panhandling yesterday. I drive this route alot. I stop there maybe twice day at that light. Even when he has been standing there holding a piece of card board with his lil white lie. Each time looking worse and worse. Not just him but many others. Majority are addicts. Ones starting to look like a zombie over on Walnut and Jefferson. But this specific one out of no where never spoken a word any other time with this shit eating grin. Sores on his face. He decides to say ”You got a good looking daughter Sir!” Just eyeballing her. You have got to be on drugs to say that to someone you obviously know I’s that little girls dad! You are out your damn mind. When I heard her repeat that and turn away as he kept looking at her I about through it in park. Seeing that she was even creeped just as much as I was!Best thing was just to get her away.I looked at her and said. That’s why you don’t give people like that money. Just as much as adults a 7 year old as well as younger are aware of drugs and addicts. Some people who give them money have children in the car. So her next remark was he had to of been on drugs dad. Its people’s who give them money fault that they stick around! Yeah our kids. They know what the hecks going on. When you give them money you are allowing our kids to see that every day. How about give your money to an organization that will help them. Get them off the streets! Get them clean. Give your change for a positive cause. Only the dumbest like this guy’s stands out there. More where he came from too. Remove one eventually the others will have to come out. Even if it’s one by one. The amount of money given to these people everyday is more then a lot of us make in a week. Our kids know that they are going to die and they are on drugs. Also they are blaming us parents. They are right though. Your money is going to a negative outcome. These people are holding a negative sign. I rather give my change to someone who is clean. Not on drugs holding a sign saying ” Be positive have a blessed day”. At least our kids would be seeing something positive. Those people more then likely are going to go do something positive with that money. Having your kids see you give money into organization that will help get this negativity off the streets is showing them positivity. Society in an all has been nothing but a bunch of negative crap. That’s why Springfield is the way it is. Our kids are being taught this. I think yawl could probably take all that money and do something positive for this city for a change!!! Your going to allow your children, nieces, nephews and grand children to watch you give your money to a negative outcome! Yet are the same people talking negative about Springfield! The Irony! Growing up in Texas there was a boys and girls club ! Our parents gave us there change to get out of their hair. We went and did positive things. 4 H club was biggest. They also helped around the community. They had activities every day. Staff that on duty to watch over and also guide us kids in a positive manor. As a town they got all the kids together to just go out and play. Everyone got a turn. Food was made not just for the kids but the families could join too. The community I lived in was small. This one here is way bigger. Remember this. When you give your money to those addicts. They are giving your money to a drug dealer. Where there is drugs there is violence. Majority involves guns. There for you are helping keeping this circle going over and over here in Springfield. You are involving our kids into this. Here’s an idea! Instead start a gofund me. We could put buckets around town for anyone to put change or money in. We can take that money to buy or build a place for our kids. Also to get this negativity of our streets and those people help. This should be be every where not just here. Do something positive for a change. Instead of changing everything negative! Your change can change our community!

Interesting… Whats Your Thoughts? -R

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5 Comments on "Things Need To Change! This City Is Falling Apart Fast!"

  1. Snarky McSnark | August 18, 2017 at 8:23 am | Reply

    Lemme tell yas, I know some “work for fooders” personally, and every fucking one gets an SSI check of $700+ a MONTH PLUS Link and full medical. Most have homes, even if they’re kinda shitty, most have payees, and lights, and AC, and some even have fucking cable tv. They use the begging money for dope and booze and free fast food. PERIOD. There may be a few that don’t, that really need the cash, I know of one couple with a dog that uses it wisely, and another guy with a dog, same thing, but for the MOST part they’re scamming folks.

  2. How about I’ll give my money to whoever I want and you fuck off.

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