These Judges are killing us! Your Local Facebook Psycho is at it again!

Wow I don’t even know where to begin with this one guys…

Remember last night we brought your a story on Jasen Manuele, and boy has it taken off into the whelm of social media!

Well today (8/31/2015), according to sources and court documents Jasen and his child bother Mellissa were seen together at the Sangamon County Circuit Clerks Office. Well at 1:30pm Jasen was seen walking into Order of Protection Court where he filed TWO Orders of Protections against two local citizens.

2015-OP-001647 – Against a Jayson Perkington
2015-OP-001648 – Against a Tonya King


Tonya King has an OP currently active against Jasen…  2015-OP-001043. The crazy part it he was just served the other week (08/17/2015).

How the hell did he pull that one off. I reached out to both parties, Jayson has not been served yet so he had no comment. I spoke with Tonya she said she heard about it and went to the sheriffs office to be served herself. She said she could not comment because she feared for her life, that Jasen has made several very serious threats and she doesn’t want to be put in harms way.

These Judges are killing us out here, how are victims suppose to feel safe, when their alleged attackers can just got get an OP against them too? Now this victim has to worry if Jasen is going to try and falsify documents and get her arrested for violating an OP.

I have nothing else to say… May God be with her, and protect her from this demon.

Here’s a few Facebook Memes that were shared with us about Jasen for your enjoyment.



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3 Comments on "These Judges are killing us! Your Local Facebook Psycho is at it again!"

  1. Jasen & Melissa are NASTY | September 1, 2015 at 8:50 am | Reply

    Wow!!… He’s so desperate… I think there is more than enough proof of Jasen being a psychopath. Dont worry Tonya. What stupid asd judge would grant him an OP… And Melissa fuckin RAY… Bitch you’re gross. You’re ugly, and you’re stupid.

  2. Nothing at all would surprise me with this low life mongrel…

  3. Poster child for blowjobs.

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