Theft of Property Over $10,000 & Possession Of Stolen Property – Nicholas A. Murray

Meet Nicholas Murray.

You may remember Nick here from our story (#SuckItFuckItHoe’s (Jennifer S. Puckett) Boyfriend(Nicolas Andrew Murray) Successfully Completes Boot Camp & Is Free BEWARE!! ).

Mr. Murray was arrested after his girlfriends house was raided by the Springfield Police Department on 5/12/2016.

According to the report a “source” indicated Nick in a burglary of a Dollar General Construction site.
Why is the City doing search warrants on county cases? Something doesn’t add up here guys….

Nick is currently on Parole with the Illinois Department of Corrections after completing the IDOC Impact Incarceration Program (Boot Camp) for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

His bond is currently set at $20,000, he DOES NOT have a parole hold on him yet. He has not been formally charged with any crime in relation to this arrest yet.



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29 Comments on "Theft of Property Over $10,000 & Possession Of Stolen Property – Nicholas A. Murray"

  1. Just waiting for the family to start commenting that “you don’t know the whole story”.

  2. Didnt this happen at tiffanys dourghty? Wasnt she brought into the interagation room for hours? Why is she free seems funny!

  3. Hey now he may be many things but he does have kids, and he just got out, though I do not agree with any things nick was doing better and he was getting ready to meet his youngest daughter which now isn’t going to happen, I’m just glad my daughter isn’t old enough to read all this..

  4. Him and tiffany are both out working the streets right now.Dudes a piece of shit junky all they all white trash

  5. Yall dont know shit so …. You know what it is lhfh

  6. Cant see three people talking lol too cute

  7. DrunkenDave Detzburg | May 16, 2016 at 2:01 pm | Reply

    I got no beef with an “honest thief”. Beats doing muggings or home invasions or some other bullshit. Next time don’t tell any body. ffs. This is why you should “operate alone” or with maybe one other stand up guy you know will go do a bit before he’d snitch.

  8. How fucking hard is it to get a job and not steal from people ffs? I can’t fucking stand thieves. People work hard for shit just to have some lowlife come and steal it. Fucking bullshit.

  9. As the world turns……

  10. He posted bond today. He was formally charged with one count of Felony Theft.

  11. Idoc. Said the state has no more money to feed anymore inmates just give them bonds lhh

  12. Thanks for removing that comment someone is trying to sway opinion

  13. I sure do recall a certain individual involved making a post not too long ago stating “Karma’s a bitch” and yep you were right, how’s it feel to get treated by “karma”?! And yes I do “know shit”, I know a lot more than you think.

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