The Woman That Got Away From Springfield’s Facebook Gangster – Nicole Lynn Miller

Meet Nicole Miller  / Nicole Miller

You may remember Nicole here from the below picture roaming around social media…
Its rumored that that is Nicole Miller and .

So who is this Nicole girl?

Three arrests for drugs, one for Retail Theft… Nothing too crazy and all few years old.

Well congrats to her for getting away from that Alleged Child Rapist, and for staying out of trouble!

Thanks for submitting your recent phone call with him to us, #DiarrheaOfTheMouth
NicoleLynnMiller NicoleLynnMiller1 NicoleLynnMiller2 NicoleLynnMiller3

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39 Comments on "The Woman That Got Away From Springfield’s Facebook Gangster – Nicole Lynn Miller"

  1. She looks normal im confused to why she would want to get with a straight scumbag monster like that one. Guilty by associatin i guess. U talk to him count me out. And anybody who drives him around to follow my family you done made my radar also. If you enable the sick child molesting guy that has threatened to rape a six-year-old kid and several other kids in our community you might want to take a deep long dark look in the mirror. This guy is obviously mentally sick you should probably be in McFarland’s or some other Mental Health Center that has padded walls and good medicine such as Thorazine so you will quit thinking these mental thoughts. May the Lord be with you but I am not I swear this guy is a product of the devil.

  2. What did she say? I can only imagine what he would say blaming everybody for everything else because he is a complete loser and can never leave his garage. I don’t even want to hear the conversation in his stupid voice. I hope he isn’t saying anything about me or my wife.

  3. I messed around with him years ago, before I knew he was the way he is. Trust me I’m aware of how horrible he is. And he threatened my kids and so on just like half the other people in this town..

  4. And half this town already knows about this. Its all been posted all over fb yrs ago. Old news.. And we didn’t have websites such as this to warn people about monsters such as him self. So trust me I know how bad he is, and how sick it was. Big mistake I made in my past. That I will live with for the rest of my life.

  5. DrunkenDave Detzburg | May 25, 2016 at 9:59 am | Reply

    Better look out, Springfield Exposed, Gangsta Jason will be looking to do a drive by on his ten speed because of all the bad press. (His rape van is “in the shop”, which means towed by the city due to inoperability)

  6. Omg…. Clearly she is still having connection with this man. I think he threatened to rape her daughter as well & she still has a connection with him to submit a conversation. How low can you get? I’m pretty sure she is still with “her man” she did this to him a few years back now she’s at it again with the same guy!

  7. Well Jasen is stating Nicole Miller raped him pretty much! Recording Coming Soon!

  8. Lmao! Really? Ok well if there is any kind of recording I can guarantee its not my voice… . Ok well now if u believe that. Carry on. Bahhhhaaa

  9. And really jasen u took that pic u idiot. And I’m pretty sure when I stopped fucking with u cause ur a syco u got butt hurt. And blasted me

    • smh he is crazy for sure! Thanks for the info!

    • He needs help! Fr fr, and anyone who wants to talk shit to me, cause he threaend my kids and family, yal have issues! Yeah I fucked him before he acted crazy.. All that came after wards. Lesson learned! Changed my number over and over… and moved to get away from his craziness.. He even stalked my friends. And hen made their lives hell. So talk shit cause ei made a bad choice yrs ago. Big deal…pretty sure who I sleep with I’d my damn buissness anyway! So find sumin better to talk about than who I fucked 3 yrs ago. More issues in this world. So get a life..

    • Sandra Olsen | July 3, 2016 at 1:59 am | Reply

      Hope you and your family stay safe from that creep.

  10. First of all miss Holly wood u are the biggest lying bitch iv ever met…yes I fucked jasen years ago…and hell no I haven’t spoke to his crazy ass…I have him Blocked on so many pages and have since the last time this all happened…and every one who needs to know that.. Knows it…. So fuck u.. And coming from a girl who also threatens children… Holly wood, I have lots of messages from u, if u don’t remember talking about how u wish my daughter was rapped and thrown in Springfield lake.. So u are no better than. Jasen…don’t be mad cause half ur family can’t stand ur ass…and all talk shit about u…cause u and jasen were buddy buddy when u both out me on blast…see I can admit what I did!! Can u??? And I don’t have to prove shit to u…I am very happy with ur brother . and will continue to be.. Pretty sad u already tried to lie and say I was somewhere Thursday, and got caught up..u are a lier, with nothing better to do than bad mouth people in Springfield…but where u at…exactly laied up… Bn a drama queen.

  11. Everyone runnin there mouth on jasen aint noone doing a fucking thing. God damn i cant wait to get back in springfield so i can have it recorded beating this dude ruthless. Whoever screen shottin shit for em send it up ive done sent it to him personally.

  12. So this story gets even better “her man” aka my biological mothers son (I couldn’t dare want to be related to the piece of shit) seems to think I have some connection with Jasen Manuele…. The low life bastard that threatened to rape & kill me because JM stuck his genital in this girl. I don’t know how I’m to blame for her having sex with someone. JM wanted to get to “my bio moms son” & he got to me instead. I had to get harassed because of who she fucked?!?
    Now I’m getting harassed by “her man” which doesn’t bother me because with his past I think the judge will see who’s a better member of society when I file an OP on all these idiots! I got a career to take care of not little cum guzzling JM’s baby’s twats to worry about. He claims this has something to do with me Springfield Exposed??? He’s also stated that the recent conversation to JM is old? Do you mind clearing my name whoever runs this site so I can get this disgusting female off of her timeline & “her man” to loose my number!

  13. Also her mugshots do not look like she has green eyes. These makeup apps really do these woman justice! I wonder why she doesn’t show her teeth?

  14. Did she say I said I wish her daughter was raped?!? & thrown in the lake?! I would love to see those messages…. That is comedy I think anyone that knows me knows I’ve never hurt a child or spoke to one like that in my life!
    There’s another part she fucked up on “most of my family can’t stand me” let’s just set that straight! I CAN’T stand most of my family everyone knows they’re all a bunch of hating ass bitches cause I got my life together at a young age & moved myself to a great path in life. She wouldn’t know what that’s like. HATERS ARE LIKE MY MOTIVATERS!!
    No Nicole I did not fuck Jasen Manuele that was all you but he attacked me for it for having a similar name to “your man”. I haven’t claimed “your man” as being related to me since I was a very young age. He’s always been a little pussy bitch with his crack head mommy!
    Laid up?!? How many jobs have you had? & how many years have you been at them? Exactly you don’t work so who is laid up? If you were so happy why did you have Jasen Manuele’s dick in your mouth while you were with him!? Clearly you can’t keep your legs closed long enough to do so. You DO NOT have custody of any of the 3 different children you have by 3 different men…. Nice try though!
    You were there on Friday not Thursday. Can you get your stories straight or do you need to go shave your eyebrows again?
    Those aren’t contacts that’s the same app that hookers use to promote themselves to hit the meth pot holes. You girls all have a lot in common! Look at the eyelashes they are draw in with photoshop!

  15. Yes you admitted to fucking him… We get it but that has NOTHING to do with me? I’ll be seeing you

  16. I love Nicole Miller she got the dumb fucks in my family that I can’t stand to stay the fuck away from me. Her man doesn’t have any friends left either because of her. He had to call begging for my number to try and stick up for this whore when she can’t keep her legs closed for longer than a few months she’ll be on to fucking another guy behind his back. What loser to keep taking her back.
    I’m still waiting for a DNA test on her daughter that she claims is his son. He pointed out to me the 2 other guys she was fucking the same week she got pregnant. Then of course little miss Nicole had to show up stalking him & he punched her right in the face at bar oasis. My dumb ass helped the nasty cunt up. Should let my drink accidentally fall on her head & left her there like the rest of the trash on the floor.
    These 2 have an extremely healthy relationship as you can see. She’s fucking rapists behind his back, making false claims on who the father is of child, he’s punching her in the face in public… The list goes on.
    She has pot holes the size of grapes in her face & looks like she’s pushing 50. With the amount of makeup she has to put on every morning it makes sense why she can’t keep a job. She doesn’t have time to do anything after she’s finished putting war paint on her face.

  17. Damn. Holly Wood has something to say about nearly every article on the website, but she don’t like it if you put her on blast!

  18. Prince…. Who put me on blast? not the one on an exposed article. There’s a reason for that. Don’t get it twisted

  19. That bitch is a straight hoe. I fucked her yesterday to be for real and have been on and off while she’s been dating her new man. He would call and I’d be quiet in the background. If I wasn’t tearing it up I’d split. She straight roast beef. Holly wood lowkey fag and sucked dick for money. Jason sucked holly wood off and took anal that’s why he beat Nicole so much. To feel manly. They all pussy niggas and fake hoes 217 trash frfr

  20. Just no they call me Dbo on the east side

  21. Where u gangstas wanna meet? 6183154278

  22. tote b on me believe that

  23. Just sayin.. | May 27, 2016 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    Holly Wood needs jesus! It is very sad you publicly bash your family. Even if you don’t get along you don’t do that. Keep it classy…

  24. This is JM i threaten to rape kids so what i cant stand up to real men so i attack there kids. This might not make sense to sum but i have through alot. My uncle James Bowen used to sexually assault me as a kid i have had so many long nights with him in the garage i now live in. He is currently in prison now over hard drives filled with tons of children on them. He was a real man and took the charges though! He felt bad for touching me as a child and i love him no matter what. You guys want to judge me well u arent about that life bitch.

  25. And i hear someone wants to slap me with a double ended dildo GOOD LUCK with that lol

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